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Author Topic: Agneta Nilsson  (Read 1225 times)

Description: Witch. Yellow to Rose. Played by Wrenstar.

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Agneta Nilsson
« on: Jan 16, 19, 03:49:01 PM »
The Basics

Character Name: Agneta Nilsson
Nicknames: Nena, Netty (her sister is the only one who can get away with this and even that is met with a groan nowadays)
Age and Birth Year:  24, b. 170
Race: short-lived
Caste:  witch
Birth Territory: Glacia
Home Territory: Rihland

Birthright Jewel: uncut Yellow
Offering Jewel: uncut Rose



Play By: Abigail Breslin
Distinguishing Features:


Personality: Agneta was a happy child that grew into a warm and light-hearted young woman. She is rarely seen without a smile and generally seems to radiate a quiet energy. A social woman, she enjoys being around people - though isn't particularly loud with her interactions. Sure, she enjoys chatting, and if you really get her going good luck at ever getting her to stop, but she's just as content to listen or participate in a more evenly balanced conversation.

One of the cornerstones of her personality, at least regarding her in a social aspect, is her awareness of other people. She pays attention to people - in part because she cares and in part because she's just naturally very observant and what her father has always called "rather thinky". She has no problem adjusting her approach to people, be it shifting to give them their space or launching right in to become their BFF of the Moment. As such, she does tend to become fast friends with people and her easy casual closeness with people often makes it seem like she's all fluff and no substance. Just a flighty, friendly little witch without much underneath.

On the contrary, there is a whole lot underneath her friendly face. The light-hearted woman, the friendly face, the approachable girl - those are not facades. She really is that person, honestly and truly, and is more than happy to spend four hours sitting on a bench at the park talking with you about the latest fashions and the surprise twist in the latest issue of one of the serials she reads. But she also sees, and thinks, and plans and plots and schemes almost constantly. Her mind is always working and whirring and she really can't help but participate. Her sister calls it meddling - but Agneta prefers "scheming" for a few different reasons, and no, she doesn't consider it nefarious at all, despite the general connotation of the word. The way she sees it, "scheming" is a branch from "schematic" - a plan and a process, a puzzle of how everything fits and works together in many moving parts. Agneta can see those moving parts, and since she can see them, she can affect them. She has never been content to just be an observer in life, but her chosen role of participation is one behind the scenes. From the rather frivolous ventures of girlhood matchmaking all the way up to organized smuggling and the manipulation of communications on both large and small scales, Agneta sees patterns not just in things but in people - and it is in people that she excels the most.

So there is the friendly girl, there is the schemer, and then there is the dreamer.

Agneta Nilsson is rather a bit of an idealist. She believes that good will win and has a strong moral code of compassion, hard work, and unerring dedication. When she finds a cause to work for, she throws her all into it. She believes in doing what is right, which doesn't necessarily mean following the rules, and was always taught that when in doubt she should follow her heart and be honest with herself. She believes in a world where people don't have to fear persecution and enslavement just because of the color of their Jewel.

Her family worships Mother Night just as devoutly as the next Glacian, but has never been comfortable with the notion that being light-Jeweled meant that you were intrinsically flawed or seen as unworthy. After all, you were granted your Birthright at somewhere around eight years old - and how could Mother Night really judge a child's soul so decisively before they even had a chance to grow and know Her if they didn't even know themselves yet?

  • 1 - Nature. There's just something incredibly peaceful about being out in nature. There are no politics. There is no hate. There's this beautiful balance between law and chaos that Agneta just can't help but appreciate. She feels most at peace when she's out among the mountains or the trees, and it's honestly where she does her best work. Its where she can think, where she can focus, where she can just... be.
  • 2 - Singing. Nena has always loved music. She enjoys listening to the folk tunes of her homeland, and dancing with her friends and families the traditional dances at all the festive celebrations. When she loves most, though, is singing - both on her own and with other people. It feels good, and it always comes right from her heart - an honest expression of anything and everything dwelling deep within.
  • 3 - Scheming. A witch with an exceptionally sharp mind, Agneta can't help but analyze the world around her. Not only does she need to know how things work and why, but she can't help but want to affect them. Her sister would call this "meddling" but Nena doesn't see it that way. The way she figures, life is a participatory event - and there will be things that affect her no matter if she likes them or not, so she might as well be prepared and have the upper hand when at all possible. There's a reason she started out so young helping her parents with their... less than legal activities.
  • 1 - Raised voices. Nena is not a skittish person by nature, but yelling or raised voices set her on edge. She finds it rude and aggressive, and cannot (will not) take anyone seriously if they feel they need to shout about whatever they're saying. If you start yelling at her she's going to abruptly end the conversation and inform you that when you're ready to grow up you can come find her again. Even if the person is legitimately being intimidating/frightening, she will not allow herself to cow to them and will instead regard them in cold silence if self-preservation demands her hold her tongue on a snarky rebuttal. Or at least she'll try to.
  • 2 - Condescension. Agneta is light Jeweled, pretty, young, and rather chipper and bubbly as a person - which seems to make most people think that she's some kind of a ditz. She hates it when people underestimate her because she has light Jewels, or likes pretty things, or playfully sips tea with her pinky finger up because she read about it in a book and it sounded funny. Treating her like an idiot or a child is a surefire way to get on her bad side.
  • 3 - The indifference of good men. There's little that she hates more than the phrase 'It is the way it is'. Her response will always be 'So change it'. Just because you aren't actively hurting someone, just because you quietly sympathize and murmur your sympathies, does not excuse you from injustice.
  • 1 - The Midnight Keepers. Agneta's apprehension about this not-so-secret collection is not reserved only for the vicious boogeymen of the Summit. Oh she has a healthy respect for the Summit, but she is also incredibly wary of anyone boasting the signet of any of the other branches. Perhaps they call themselves males of service, trained to serve and protect their particular type of female, but they're also a highly interconnected network that is everywhere, with far too much influence and specialized training (and conditioned allegiance to whoever is currently pulling the strings of the Dark Religion and its many followers) to ever be considered benign.
  • 2 - Accomplishing nothing. Both in the grand scheme of things and on a smaller scale, Agneta fears a feeble impact. The idea of working so hard and sacrificing so much only to accomplish nothing, or be pushed six steps back, is infuriating and frustrating and at the worst of times, terrifying. She doesn't want to be insignificant, and more than that - she can't stand the thought of being helpless in the face of something that affects her or someone she loves.
  • 3 - Her family's capture. Agneta is sweet and a bit of an idealist, but she isn't stupid. Her family has been illegally smuggling people and goods to and from Glacia since she was a kid and there would be absolutely no mercy for them if they were every caught. She loves her family fiercely and worry over them is one of the few things that will keep her up at night.
Craft Strengths:
  • 1 - Fine Telekinetic Craft. It's actually her aptitude for fine and precise telekinetic craft that aids her in the detail and manipulation of her whimsy craft. She has very precise control over threads of her power, and can move and shape them exactly as she needs them to. She can move objects around, multiple at a time, exactly how she needs to as if she were lifting them with her own hands. One of her most impressive tricks when she was younger was tying a perfect bow with a length of ribbon in mid air.
  • 2 - Whimsy - Visual Illusions. While it's still very clear that her illusions aren't in any way real, as they're fairly transparent and are only detectable by sight, she has become rather good at adding a lot of detail to the images and is able to maintain and change them at will in the moment. She is a rather visual person, and has developed this skill through constant use - making little images of her thoughts and plots in the same way someone might talk to themselves.
Craft Weaknesses:
  • 1 - Aural Shielding. Agneta needs to rely on someone else to shield sensitive conversations or risk the remedial security of whispers. She can craft a basic aural shield, but it doesn't block out all the sound and has, on occasion, accidentally funneled the sound to actually amplify it. Because of the risk of this, she never uses them.
  • 2 - Passing Through Objects. This is both passing solid objects through each other, and passing through objects herself. If the objects are small and fairly thin she can probably do it, but otherwise there's a fair risk of one getting stuck in another. She really needs to see both where the object stars and where it's going in order to even have a chance at success.
Life Story

Mother: Amelia Nilsson, Blood Female | b. 145 AP
Father: Derik Nilsson, descent Tiger Eye Warlord | b. 147 AP
Sister: Agatha Nilsson, White to Tiger Eye witch | b. 169 AP


Agneta grew up on a small farmstead in Salo Province, not too far out from the mountain's base. At first, she really just thought her parents had a lot of friends who liked to pass through and visit. They'd come, sometimes one at a time, sometimes in groups of three or four, and stay the night in their basement or in the barn. They'd all eat dinner together, and Nena would try to make them smile because they always seemed so nervous and scared, while her older sister Agatha shyly kept to her room or her favorite armchair near the fireplace.

She was seven when she realized that her parents' "friends" usually only ever visited once and then never came back, and it was mighty curious that they were all "just stopping by on their way to visit relatives" whenever she asked where they were going. Being a curious little thing who liked to discover things for herself, instead of asking her papa (because some part of her knew that he really wouldn't tell her the truth anyway), she decided to follow the next "friend" who visited to see where they went next.

Never in her life had she ever seen her mama and papa look so scared and so relieved as when she was returned to them almost twenty-four hours after she took off on her little reconnaissance mission. The Yellow Warlord she'd followed had met up with two other people a mile away from their farmstead, at the base of the path that lead up through the mountains and across into Askavi. She was caught (of course she was caught) but it was too close to sundown for them to be willing to split the party so that one of the guides could take her home. She camped with them that night and one of them took her back in the morning, to her parents' cries of gratitude.

Agneta also got a very firm tongue lashing and was grounded for a month and had to do all of hers and Agatha's chores for two weeks.

But she also had questions, and she would not accept her parents' attempt to dissuade them. Eventually, her papa sat her down and explained that while they were happy here in their home, there were other people in Glacia and in Askavi too, that weren't happy. Those people needed help, and since they were in a position to aid in some way, it was their duty to do so. Agneta was a smart child. Even if she didn't fully grasp the scope of whatever it was, she knew that it was big and that it was important, and that her family was making some sort of difference. They were doing good, they were helping. Eager to help too, Agneta demanded a part to play. No father is going to allow his seven-year-old to actively aid in the illegal smuggling of people (and substances) back and forth over a sometimes hostile border - but Derik knew better than to just say no to his precocious and far too impulsive younger child. Instead, he gave her the Very Important Job of being the Happiness Witch. The people who came through were often scared and uncertain, some of them were even hurt. So Agneta's job was to make them smile, even once. It would life their spirits and help them get across the long road ahead.

For several years, Nena embraced this Very Important Job. But she also started to do more. Little things at first, like preparing extra travel sacks and packing handmade triple-thick socks in each one - or making special treats for them to take on the way. She started to get to know the people she'd never really seen when she was younger, the ones taking the people back and forth along the mountain path. Some called themselves smugglers and some called themselves the Underground. Some didn't call themselves anything at all and just shrugged. Some didn't want to talk to her and she rolled her eyes when their backs were turned.

In these years, there was often just as much product that was being moved through their farm as there were people - more, even, some years. Agneta was a clever little witch and started coming up with ways to hide the stores better. When she was fifteen, she actively approached her parents with a few adjustments to their little system to eliminate some unnecessary risk. They hadn't been caught yet, but times were getting more and more dangerous - and more and more they were transporting people rather than things. Her father, very familiar with the sharpness of his daughter's mind and willing to consider her ideas, listened - and then enacted them. Over the summer, they dug a basement under the barn to store not only the goods, but extra supplies they would give to those attempting the pass. Agneta set up a complicated networking system for messages to get to them and come from them - so that the people they were helping wouldn't actually know who they were and where they were going until the moment they set foot in their farmstead. She also recommended them keeping a presence in and around the closest big town - both to be more freshly in touch with the state of things, and so that they wouldn't seem a suspicious gaggle living out on the fringe.

It was thanks to Agneta's processes that her family was able to keep this going for so many years safely - even as more and more Light Jeweled persons fled Glacia and the persecution of those those poor souls became a pressure of real, near danger on her family's operation. It was also thanks to Agneta, her contacts, and her clever protections, that they had enough warning that their securities had been breached and someone was coming for them. In less than an hour of receiving the message, Agneta and her whole family had packed up their essentials and fled. By the time anyone would have arrived to investigate their farmstead, they had already made it to the Territory known now for the past few years as Rihland.

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:

Agneta always knew that one day she would traverse the path herself. After all, it was kind of a natural progression. Her family aided some smugglers using the path, they let people hide out who were coming to and from Glacia using the path, they kept their awareness open regarding who else was using that path - so it only made sense that one day she too would find herself making the five-day trek creeping through the mountains to get from Glacia to Rihland. Honestly, she even suspected that the day she'd finally be taking that path would be instigated by a need to flee the Territory themselves, rather than just help someone else do so. She really wasn't a defeatest by any means, but as much as she enjoyed whimsy she was rather logical in her core.

It was really a matter of time because someone caught the scent.

"Nena-girl, come on. We've got to get going."

"Hm, oh, yes. Sorry papa." Agneta pulled herself out of her thoughts and smiled over at her father. He looked stressed, and older than she remembered him being only a week ago. His hair was thinning and his hands shook as he pulled his hat on and secured the flaps down over his ears, then wrapped his scarf thrice around the bottom half of his face and his neck. It was cold outside, and winter was not ideal for making the trek - but they really didn't have any other choice.

With one last look around the room she'd slept every night in for as long as she could remember, Nena hefted her pack over her shoulders and followed her father out into the living room where her mother and sister were double-checking what they were bringing. They made sure that each of them was carrying some of the food, so that if they were separated or if something happened they would have a better chance of surviving on their own. The grim possibility of that was uncomfortable for Agneta, but she didn't try to push it away even though it scared her. They would just have to be vigilant as they made the crossing. There hadn't been time to send for help - and only their father had ever actually made the trek before.

"Do we really have to go?" Agatha murmured quietly for maybe the third time, her expression tight and her eyes full of tears. "When can we come home?"

Agneta went to her sister and hugged her, then picked up her hat from the couch and tugged it onto the other woman's head - just like when they were little. She didn't blame her sister for being scared. If she was honest with herself, and she nearly always was, she was scared too - but she couldn't let it conquer her. "Hopefully not too long. But we've got to go now, okay? Besides, think of it this way, maybe when we get to Rihland you'll finally be able to meet a boy with a cute smile that can chase away all memories of Hans Vikksen." She winked, and won a little smile from her sister at the mention of her ex-boyfriend.

"How is it that I'm the older sister and you're the one comforting me, Netty?"

Nena grinned and hugged her sister again. "Cuz I'm a loon, Sissy, you know that."

"Come on, girls. It's time to go." Their mother was waiting for them at the door, holding their father's hand and trying to look as calm as possible - masking her fear with the determination only a mother can really muster for the sake of her children.

Agneta kissed her sister on the cheek, an affection that Agatha returned, then both witches checked their gear and followed their parents out the door, not knowing when or if they would ever be able to return.

Player Name: Wrenstar

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Re: Agneta Nilsson
« Reply #1 on: Jan 16, 19, 03:49:54 PM »
General Random pls, and 5 family/ally rolls

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Re: Agneta Nilsson
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Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with an uncut Yellow Birthright Jewel, and were gifted with an uncut Rose Jewel at your Offering.



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Re: Agneta Nilsson
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Ready for Review :)

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Re: Agneta Nilsson
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Re: Agneta Nilsson
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