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For nearly two centuries Askavi floundered, brought low in the wake of the Red Queen’s war. The institution of one court with its Two Queens and the end of restitution payments promises a brighter future. Still, War knocks on the Eyrien’s door from all sides and the people fight against the need to meet it.
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Author Topic: Vakarian Volstagg  (Read 627 times)

Description: Healer. Broken White to Broken Rose. Played by Reid.

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Vakarian Volstagg
« on: Jan 22, 19, 01:34:56 PM »
The Basics

Character Name: Vakarian Volstagg
Nicknames: Vivi
Age and Birth Year: 2016 (b. 1821BP)
Race:  Long-lived Eyrien
Caste:  Healer
Birth Territory:  Askavi, Terreille
Home Territory:  Askavi, Terreille

Birthright Jewel: uncut White
Offering Jewel: cut Rose

Role: Ruler
Faction: Snow Cliff Province


Play By: Sofia Boutella
Distinguishing Features: Vakarian is a bit paler than your average Eyrien; she has a Raejian great-grandmother.


Vakarian finds purpose in her frustration with Askavi's culture and the status quo. She challenges them by striving for fairness in a world that she believes is wholly unjust. She's an idealist, but that idealism is tempered by her realist's view of what the Eyriens have made themselves. A true Healer, she believes violence is not the answer, but a question. Repression of the violent urge, channeling it into good works, is the answer. While there is space for violence in defense of life, her life philosophy is not one that permits striking the first blow. Faced with a population that doesn’t always agree with her common-sense ideals, she will argue fiercely for what she believes is the right thing to do, but she will never be the first to strike.

Vakarian despises propaganda, and people who lie or puff up their own egos in defiance of the truth and facts are utterly disgusting to her. The Great War was run on the momentum of a great machine built up on lies of Eyrien superiority, and Eyrien blades were sharpened by the pervasive myth of their dominance. She would rather hear bad news delivered honestly than good news delivered among lies and false stories.

She values education highly, against the cultural mores of Askavi, and places much value on the experiences of others. She is a highly critical listening ear, often trying to poke holes in stories to find out the truth. Not everyone likes to spend time with her, precisely because she doesn't have time for boasts.

Though Vakarian is a person of principles, she clings on to her grudges for far longer than is reasonable. The Great War is now two hundred years gone, and active expansion ceased even before that. But she still remembers seeing her brothers off to war, and still sees good Eyriens, men and women and children, suffering in the aftermath. The violent hate in her heart that she feels for Savian Ranosi and those who long for a return to the bad old days cannot be understated.

  • The Truth - Listening to Vakarian talk, you’d be forgiven for thinking of the Truth as a goddess all on its own. Vakarian really, truly believes that there is an absolute truth out there, something unaffected by psychology and circumstance. She believes that one day she’ll find it, and it’ll be transcendent.
  • Writing - Vakarian is always writing. She copes with her inability to use Caste Craft or do anything with her driven instincts to heal through writing long polemics on whatever crosses her mind. She’s an author, with an established relationship with a Dena Nehelean publishing house, and draws a not-insufficient amount of her personal income from her work. Not everything she writes is for public consumption, though, as she also writes plenty of journal entries to herself.
  • Illyrian Kriat - She spent a large amount of time in Gravesend after her time in the court of Savian Ranosi. In that time, she came to know the Queen of Gravesend, now the Queen of Askavi. She has no small amount of faith in the Summer Sky Queen’s ability to rule, and is an ardent supporter of the Gravesend Court. Or she was, until a man from the hunting camps took over Eristovar’s side of the Triangle.
  • Warriors - She sees the use in a small, highly-trained defensive force. Vakarian doesn’t want to create a society incapable of defending itself from Askavi’s enemy, the Jhinka. But she does see a large problem in having a large standing force of warriors with nothing to do except stomp about and claim that they defend Askavi from unfriendly forces. The reason most of the Realm is unfriendly towards Askavi is because of those very warriors.
  • Editors - Working through Short-Lived publishing houses as she does, it’s highly likely that whatever editor is looking over her latest piece on Askavi during the War or in the post-Purge era has only ever read about the society in which she has lived. It also just annoys her to be corrected on relatively minor errors of grammar that she used for narrative effect. She knows it’s a dangling clause! It’s meant to be!
  • Warlord Princes - Not necessarily related to her dislike of warriors. Vakarian despises anyone who thinks violence is a necessary part of Eyrien culture or of any culture. She rejects out of hand essentialists who argue that a Warlord Prince’s innate savagery shouldn’t be channeled into a more beneficial, less violent form of service. She feels indemnifying Warlord Princes for their actions during a Rut is tantamount to creating a loophole for rape and assault. She doesn’t trust Warlord Princes and she doesn’t permit them to serve in her Court.

  • Bearing another child - A Broken witch can only carry one more pregnancy to term, and though Vakarian longs for a child to raise she will never permit herself to become that close to another man. It nearly killed her to see her firstborn’s throat cut in front of her eyes, and she knows she remains unpopular. She couldn’t do it again.
  • Her ‘just desserts’ - Vakarian is not popular among the warriors of those hunting camps that specialize in battle-adjacent skills. She is, in fact, very unpopular. While camps with specialties that are more useful to rebuilding Snow Cliff’s economy and populating Courts and public works have enjoyed assistance and favor from the Province Court of Snow Cliff, she’s been doing everything she can to close down the camps that focus on skills that are useful in war. She doubts it will be much longer before someone comes to kill her for it.
  • The destruction of her home - Vakarian has lived in the same place since nearly her birth. Even after her hundred and fifty years in Gravesend, the eyrie high up in the cliffs of Askavi’s mountains was waiting for her: abandoned and empty, full of spiders, but still hers. The library is one she’s built over the course of her long life; it would gut her to lose it.
Craft Strengths:
  • Psychic Sensing - Vakarian retains the ability to detect, with some clarity, Jewels up to her former Descent depth of Rose.
  • Emotional Projection - A relic of bygone days, when appearing calm and in control was vital for her work. Vakarian projects a constant comforting presence.
Craft Weaknesses:
  • Vanishing and Conjuring - Vakarian finds this Craft physically painful.
  • Witchfire - Vakarian can't maintain witchfire long enough to light a candle.
Life Story

Mother: Ourian Volstagg, Blood female, deceased 450BP
Father: Andradar Sifon, White to Rose Warlord, deceased 450BP
Partner: Helian Fors, Yellow to Tiger Eye Hearth Witch, deceased 450BP
Daughter: Merian Volstagg, Birthright Tiger Eye Healer, deceased 450BP

Vakarian Volstagg was born in Snow Cliff Province, large for her premature age and obviously a Healer. She grew up in one of the tiny snowy towns hearing stories about the brave warriors of the camps. The defenders of Askavi were her imaginary companions, when they weren't her father or her brothers or her patients. She took her White birthright and Rose descent from the altar, and immediately entered service in one of the communal eyries.

There, she developed a love for history. Askavi is the home of a long-lived people and the eldest warriors often longed for someone to share their stories with before they passed into the Darkness, stories that were so long ago the short-lived no longer even spoke of them in histories. Vakarian was always happy to be an audience for them. Sometimes warriors told different tales of the same battle over their long lives. Through her friendships with these old men and old women, she developed a love of teasing out the truth from these many tales: the truth, or as close as she could get.

Vakarian was eight hundred years old or so when the Great War began. It was the first true war of her lifetime, and she was excited to see the great warriors of Askavi in action. Only her time in service at a communal eyrie wasn't enough; she spent time refining her ability to heal broken bones and torn flesh. There was plenty of that to do, since Snow Cliff bordered Shalador--the one Territory that was successfully defending itself, and even pushing back--and she worked hard to earn the right to see the warriors in action. By the time she was permitted to go with a squad to heal them on the battlefield, Askavi had begun its final war with Dhemlan.

She never saw the battles themselves except when the bloodshed was already over, but the things she saw on those killing fields horrified her. Not the blood and guts; that didn't matter. It was the raping of the conquered peoples, the callous way the Eyrien warriors stole from those they'd defeated, and sold off their wives and children to be slaves. It was abhorrent. It was everything she'd been told Eyriens weren't. It flew in the face of Protocol and in the face of Vakarian's own morals.

After fighting so hard to get out into one of the armies, Vakarian left her assignment as soon as she was recalled. She began to raise a ruckus, and at first she was unsuccessful, but as she continued to decry the war effort, other disillusioned Eyriens came to her. She was becoming a threat, and as her social star rose, she came to the attention of Savian Ranosi herself. The Red Queen invited Vakarian to serve in the Territory Court of Askavi in 470AP. It was not the kind of invitation she could refuse.

She served in the Red Court for ten years, during which she took up with Helian Fors, a Hearth Witch of Savian’s fifth circle. In 439, Vakarian gave birth to a daughter, who she named Merian. In 440, Savian released Vakarian from her contract, which was a mistake. Savian believed that Vakarian would be more interested in her budding family than in fomenting internal unrest. She was wrong. Vakarian went right back to her rabble-rousing ways.

One night in 450BP, Savian had Vakarian’s family executed and her Jewels broken. Vakarian was permitted to live as a lesson. It was an unsuccessful gesture; Vakarian was found by a Black Widow returning to Gravesend, and brought through the webs for healing.

She remained there for a hundred and fifty years, recuperating from what was done to her. There she began the first draft of her first book, a memoir about her time in Savian’s Court, and befriended Illyrian Kriat. But she couldn’t countenance remaining hidden and safe when the Territory outside Gravesend’s webs was suffering, and back out she went.

This time she was smarter. She no longer tried to foment rebellion. Instead, she simply tried to convince people to follow a better way, a smarter and kinder path. It wasn’t always easy; she was only one person, and a Broken Healer didn’t have the charisma of a Queen who promised victory. But Vakarian had survived so much she felt she had a purpose, a goal, and that there was a need for what she had to offer, even if that offering was no longer based in Craft.

By the time the Purge struck, more Snow Cliff warriors had returned home than from any other Province. When the sun rose on a Province with no Queen, Vakarian took over. That was no easier than anything else she’d done. Using her time spent on the battlefield, her time spent watching a well-functioning Court in Gravesend, she built a leadership structure that could function without her, that supported her goals. There were multiple attempts to force her to step aside, but she was well-protected by a Court that saw the point and purpose of what she’d spent so long trying to teach them.

In her spare time, she wrote books, dozens of them, though only four saw wide publication. She kept the first copy of each publication back for her friend Illyrian, who she considered to have taught her everything she knew. When Gravesend emerged from its webs, she was among the first to offer fealty to the Court with Two Hearts.

Under her hand, Provincial funding to the hunting camps rose in proportion to the benefit they gave to the Province and the areas around them. Camps that turned out half-savage warriors received less; camps that taught well-rounded escorts, guards, and providers got more. Its nearness to Gravesend and to the fertile land of Shalador has made Vakarian’s Province one of the more fortunate ones, and agriculture is less dire there than elsewhere. The cliffs and peaks of northwestern Askavi are still rich in lumber, and Vakarian keeps the forests replanted as best she can to keep that money flowing.

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:
Vakarian’s home had been in her family for generations, all the way back to the very first witch to wear the family name. Her Raejian great-grandmother had walked these very halls for the duration of her short life. Up until the night Savian took them from her, Vakarian’s mother, father, lover, and daughter had walked them too.

Oh, sometimes she regretted not taking the first warning. She should’ve been in an eyrie bustling with men and women, her family. Instead she was surrounded by books, half-finished manuscripts, and letters: her only children. It took her mind off the aches and pains of every old warrior who came to her in her role as the ruler of Snow Cliff Province, the things she could still sense even though the power to do anything at all about it had long fled from her fingertips. Another thing that Savian had stolen from her.

She stretched out her arms and the great dark span of her wings, the book open on her lap. It was the first one she’d published: In Savian’s Court: Ten Years of Living Dangerously in the Territory Court of Askavi. Sometimes she liked to re-read her own work, especially when working on new manuscripts. Especially when she was preparing to go to Gravesend. Even years after Illyrian’s ascension to the Territory seat (alongside Gillian Yatskaya, who would hopefully be found soon) it was still strange to think of Gravesend as any kind of capital. To her, it still felt like a safe place. It’d been a refuge from all the bullshit wars that the males in the hunting camps said were necessary for Eyrien advancement.

War wasn’t necessary. In time, she was sure Illyrian could make even the hawks of the hunting camps see that. And in the meantime? Vakarian had her own ideas.

Player Name: Reid

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Re: Vakarian Volstagg
« Reply #1 on: Jan 22, 19, 01:36:04 PM »
May I please have a general random roll and five ally rolls?

With Gavin's approval for Askavi historical involvement/rulership of Snow Cliff and Phe's approval for Gravesend/Illyrian mentions, Vakarian's just about ready for review :3

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Re: Vakarian Volstagg
« Reply #2 on: Jan 22, 19, 02:13:42 PM »
Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with an uncut White Birthright Jewel, and were gifted with a cut Rose Jewel at your Offering.



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Re: Vakarian Volstagg
« Reply #3 on: Feb 06, 19, 10:49:33 PM »
Askavi historical info good on my end.

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Re: Vakarian Volstagg
« Reply #4 on: Feb 10, 19, 03:23:12 PM »
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Phe's Characters!

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Re: Vakarian Volstagg
« Reply #5 on: Feb 10, 19, 03:57:55 PM »
Ready for review

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Re: Vakarian Volstagg
« Reply #6 on: Feb 10, 19, 04:48:20 PM »
Added to the que.
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Re: Vakarian Volstagg
« Reply #7 on: Feb 13, 19, 10:52:47 AM »  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker