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Author Topic: Kir Artrios  (Read 2017 times)

Description: Landen Male. Played by Gavin

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Kir Artrios
« on: Feb 15, 17, 03:41:53 PM »
The Basics
Character Name: Kir Artrios
Nicknames: None. His name is short enough.
Age & Birthyear: 423 (Born 228 BP)
Race: Long-Lived Landen
Birth Territory: Tanner’s Crossing, Fell Valley, Askavi, Terreille
Home Territory: Tanner’s Crossing, Fell Valley, Askavi, Terreille

Role: Village Elder
Faction: Tanner’s Crossing


Play By: Jay Hernandez
Distinguishing Features:

Spiky black hair, cut short for ease of handling. Six feet tall, powerfully built. Most of his expressions look like he’s glaring, even when he’s happy or relaxed.



Kir Artrios loves Tanner’s Crossing and the land it stands upon. The land has fed generations of the Artrios line for over four-thousand years and, if he has his way, it will do so for four-thousand more after he’s gone. Kir is no Blood Queen, able to open his veins and heal the land, but he feels connected to it all the same. He tills the land, nurtures the soil, and plants the seeds so that the harvest will grow. Kir enjoys the hard work of keeping the land going, finding it more fulfilling that he ever did the mining that brought his family their original fortune.

Then the Eyriens arrive, take their tithes and part of his harvest to fill their bellies and power their jewels. Then they take those jewels and use only a part of their amazing power to mount a token defense against the Jhinka that kill his people, or heal the truly sick among the Landen that need their help. The rest of the time, they fight each other to see who is the best killer among a race of battle-maddened psychopaths and claim that they’re doing their jobs.

Kir despises the avarice and apathy of the Blood, and it grows harder to hide it every time he's in the same room with one. Sasha, his late wife, would lament his dour outlook on life. She can’t, though: Sasha’s dead because the Blood failed him and his people when he needed them most. He will never forgive them for that betrayal, but he forces himself to look past his own pain, He has no use for the Blood, but his people need their their protection and their power to in order to continue with their own lives.

He leads the Landen in Tanner’s Crossing while keeping in contact with other villages throughout Askavi. He teaches children how to take care of animals and what goes into keeping the land as healthy as possible. Now and again, he tells them stories about the first days after Tanner’s Crossing was founded, stories told him by his own father, who learned them from his father, who was of the founders of the village. Kir likes children and teaching, mostly because he has none of his own. It comforts him to know that the traditions of his people will live on after he’s gone, especially with what he has planned.

At the end of the day, his connection and love for Tanner’s Crossing keep the loneliness at bay. Sasha’s been gone for three years and it feels like just last night that he helped her to the window so that she could see the stars one last time. When he isn’t working, attending meetings, or teaching the children of the village, Kir sits in the dark inside of his home with a bottle of vodka and stares at the window where Sasha’s telescope sits collecting dust.

Those are the nights that hurt the most and the ones that make long life such a burden.

Those are also the nights that solidify his desire to keep the Landen from ever again depending on the Blood to save them.


  • 1. Tanner’s Crossing: Kir’s great-great grandfather helped to found Tanner’s Crossing thousand of years ago. While he’d never use his status to intimidate others, Kir takes deep pride in his family’s heritage and it saddens him that he doesn’t have any children of his own to pass that legacy to. He balms that sadness by teaching the children of the village whatever he can in order to keep them out of trouble and make sure that the things he’s learned about farming and being a good person aren’t forgotten.

  • 2. Self-Reliance: “Any man with two hands has a fighting chance.” That was the creed his grandfather lived by and the one imparted to him by his own father throughout his youth. Kir never asks anyone to do something he would never do for himself. More importantly, Kier never asks anyone to do anything for him that he can already do for himself. He doesn’t like owing people favors or depending upon them to keep their word. The last time he did, he lost his wife so there’s little chance of getting him to believe that someone will keep their word to him without a lot of proof in advance.

  • 3. Sex: Kir sees sex as the perfect way to release stress after a long day of dealing with other people’s problems and issues. There’s nothing like focusing on another person’s desires and fulfilling them, and having the same done for him turn.

  • 1. The Blood: A single Blood, now and then, can be helpful. The Blood as a race are manipulative, self-serving creatures with few redeeming qualities. Kir has never had an interaction with the Blood that he can point to as positive. They take his people’s money and food, and give them the bare minimum of the protection that the Landen are owed through the ancient pacts. Kir wants self-determination for the Landen, but he knows that the Blood will fight it because they can’t stand not having the upper hand.

  • 2.Living Alone: Sasha, his wife, died three years ago and, despite the best attempts of family and friends, Kir still lives alone. He’s politely, but firmly, chased out all of his relatives that wanted to stay and “keep him company” while silently pitying him. Now that they’ve stopped trying, Kir realizes that the house is too damned quiet and big for just him. But he can’t bring himself to admit it because it’s admitting that he can’t get by on his own.

  • 3. Cooking: Sasha handled all of the cooking in their home, while he handled gatherig all of the ingredients. Now that she’s gone, Kir has burned nearly every meal he’s made since. If people weren’t always inviting him over to their homes for dinner (which is really just a way to keep him from sitting alone at home, he realizes), Kir would starve to death inside of a week. Even boiling water ends in disaster, so Kir tries not to do it.

  • 1. The Jhinka: These animals are fearsome, even more than the Blood. Kir has never seen one up close, but he narrowly escaped an one of their swarm attacks at the Bostoyk Mines in his youth. When he looked back, he saw the Jhinka’s fury as they destroyed that mining town.  His older brother, Dimitri, died that day along with his father and may of his friends. This event drove Kir to give up mining and take up farming. Kir is not a praying man, but he’s more than once caught himself praying that the Jhinka never fall upon Tanner’s Crossing.

  • 2. Illness: Illness terrifies Kir beyond words. Sasha was in great spirits one day during the spring three years ago. By summer that year, she could barely muster up the energy to leave the house. She died in his arms that fall. They still have no idea what happened to her, especially since no one else in the village was affected. Kir lives in terror that someday in the future, he’ll suddenly take ill and die before anyone can help him.

  • 3. Being Forgotten: Kir is not an old man by Landen standards, but he worries daily about what his legacy will be along his people. He has no children. His family founded Tanner’s Crossing, but he’s the only one who lives here now. He tries to teach children about how to care for animals and the land, but more and more of them appear uninterested. Kir’s afraid that, when he dies, that everything he’s learned will die with him. The history of his family and Tanner’s Crossing with die with him. If all of that goes away, did he ever really exist? The idea keeps up him at night and drives him back to the bottle.

    Personal Strengths:
  • 1. Kir speaks truth to power: He isn’t afraid to tell someone when they’re screwing up or not holding up their end of a bargain, be they Landen or Blood. This has lead to more than few arguments and it’s one of the things that Sasha always warned him about when she alive.

  • 2. Kir keeps his word:. He knows intimately what it feels like to place faith in someone and be let down.  He vowed to himself that he would not be the person that let other people down, but raised them up.

    Personal Weaknesses:

  • 1. Kir holds grudges: even when not doing so would be more beneficial to him. He finds it hard to let go of his biases and long-held angers because he doesn’t want to appear weak or gullible.

  • 2. Kir hates being challenged: He expects that, when he speaks, people defer to him because he’s a Village Elder and he knows what he’s talking about. When that doesn’t happen, irritation sets in, followed by anger.

    Life Story

    Mother: Viktoria Artrios, d. 160 AP
    Father: Constantin Artrios, d. 160 AP
    Siblings: Dimitri Artrios, Age 528 (Born 333 BP)
    Tamara Artrios Age 300, (Born 105 BP)  Adoptable
    Byeli Artrios Age 200 (Born 5 BP)  Adoptable


    Sasha Artrios d. 189 AP


    Kir Artrios is the second born son to Constantin and Viktoria Artrios. Constantin was a prominent miner in Bostoyk, small village in the mountains of Fell Valley, Askavi, Terreille. Their money allowed them to live well in the small village of Tanner’s Crossing, founded by their family nearly four thousand years ago. Kir, like his older brother Dimitri was sent to work in the mines when he turned twenty. The Eyriens of Asavki ruled much of the known world during that time, but the prosperity of the Red Queen’s people didn’t extend to the Landen of Askavi. Kir noted that the Eyriens had the determination and the power to conquer the world outside Askavi, but refused to martial that strength to wipe out the threat of the Jhinka. They demanded tithes and crops to feed and arm their armies, but those armies did not give back to Landen that supported them.

    Kir considered this unfair, but every time he brought it up to his father, the old man refused to hear of it. Constantin commanded him never to speak those words in the village, and especially not in the presence of the Eyriens who patrolled their villages. Kir hated being subservient to the Blood, but he respected his father and didn’t want to bring trouble to his family. He took care of his younger sister, Tamara, when she arrived two centuries later, followed by his youngest brother Byeli in the century after that. He became a foreman at the mines in Bostoyk and worked with his brothers to keep the mining community thriving.

    It was during his time in Bostoyk that he met Sasha Rayn, a botanist who’d caught his eye when she came to visit her brother. She refused his requests to have dinner with his family three times before she gave in. After that, they were inseparable. The Purge came and went for the Landen, but Sasha and Kir supported each other when the monstrous Jhinka destroyed Bostoyk, killing both of their brothers and Kir’s father in the attack. Kir and his younger brother, Byeli, barely escaped the slaughter.

    Kir was forced to make the trek back to Tanner’s Crossing and inform his wife of the tragedy. As the new family patriarch, Kir purchased several acres of land and started a farm. He and Sasha built their home on the farm and sought make Tanner’s Crossing a prosperous town for the Landen.

    The Blood had other ideas.

    In the wake of the Purge, Askavi suffered from a lack of Queens. Lands went years, sometimes decades, without the gifts of the Eyrien Queens. That didn’t stop the hunting camps and the Districts from increasing the tithes and demanding more of the harvests each year. When Kir explained their plight to the Eyriens who came seeking their food, they dismissed his claims. Kir’s mere disdain for the Blood grew into an intense dislike that he barely manages to cover with civility whenever he deals with them. When his mother passed away twenty years ago, Kir became one of the elders of the village. His connections with Landen across Askavi along with his willingness to challenge the Eyriens on their hypocrisy earned the respect of the other elders and many of the villagers.

    Sasha fell ill in the Spring of 189 without warning. She usually bounced back from sickness within days, but as days became weeks, and the weeks turned into months, Sasha grew further and further ill. The local doctor, Valeria Bok, was a friend of Sasha’s and did everything she could to help, including reaching out to an Eyrien Healer that she knew in a village in the neighboring District. The Healer sent word that she’d arrive within three days to assist.

    Three days came and went.

    Sasha lingered on for another five before dying in Kir’s arms.

    The first year nearly saw Kir become a shut in as things on the farm went downhill. It was only the constant attempts by his family and kind neighbors that kept Kir from crawling into the bottom of a bottle of booze and never coming out. While he now appreciates their efforts, back then, he raged at everyone for trying to help. Sixteen months passed before he was able to sit in a meeting with the elders without excusing himself to go and break down. But the business of the people needed to be done and Kir realized that the world couldn’t stop just because he wanted it to.

    Not when the Eyriens are still taking advantage of the Landen community.

    He’s spent the last year traveling all over the Territory, speaking to the leaders of other villages and learning about the troubles they’ve faced. Food shortages, Jhinka attacks, and lack of work are hurting his people and the Blood either do not care or they are unwilling to help. Kir has decided to start his campaign in Fell Valley, attempting to get the leaders of his District and the Province Queen to acknowledge the contributions of the Landen. It’s been slow going and Kir worries soon that he’s will need to take drastic action to keep the Landen from being destroyed along with the Blood.

    The idea of independence from the Blood has been floated in whispers before, but no one’s ever acted on them.

    Kir believes that such drastic members may be the only way to finally make the Blood respect the Landen and treat them as an equal people.

    Show Us What You've Got

    Character in Play:

    The day was over, the sun had set, and the house was nearly pitch black. Kir sat in the living room in his favorite chair with a bottle of vodka and poured himself a finger of the liquid. It wasn’t his first glass of booze that night and it certainly wouldn’t be the last. Some nights it was the only way he could get to sleep, either drifting off in the chair or, on the nights he could manage, dragging himself down the hall to the bedroom and melting into his bed to catch a few hours of dreamless sleep before rising to start the day anew.

    Sometimes, the booze even made him forget the empty space on the other side of the bed.

    Kir took a drink of the clear liquid and let his gaze wander along the walls of the room. Sasha’s paintings hung along the walls, most of them the flowers and fields that she loved so much. Kir had meant to take them all down and put them away, somewhere out of sight, so that he didn’t have to look at them. If the paintings were gone, he didn’t have to think about her, about how quiet their house was without the sound of her singing. When he didn’t think about Sasha, he didn’t think about how empty his life had become without her. She was truly the best thing about him, the one who kept his social when he’d have spent all of his time working or drinking or just sitting in his house and turning into an old man, like his father.

    When he didn’t think about how empty his life was, he didn’t drink to forget about all of it.

    His eyes settled on her telescope, the one she used to look at the stars at night. Sasha loved that damned thing, loved the stars, maybe more than she loved him. It was the first of her things he’d meant to pack up and give away after her funeral, but every time he approached it, his feet became lead and it grew harder to breathe. Every time he thought about throwing it away, Kir’s knees buckled, driving him to the ground and crushing him beneath the weight of guilt and pain that he couldn’t drink away, or fuck away, or cry out of his soul.

    He loved Sasha so much that he wished he could hate her for leaving. But he couldn’t hate her, not even if he spent every day staring at that old telescope. He couldn’t hate Valeria for not saving her, because she’d tried.

    He could, however, hate the Blood for abandoning her to death.

    And he could hate himself for believing in them.

    Kir poured himself two more fingers of the clear liquid and sipped it in silence in the darkness of his home.

    I’ll never trust the Blood again, Sasha. I promise you that. But I’ll never let them make someone suffer the way you did, either.

    He threw back the rest of the drink in one go and then sat in his chair the rest of the night, going over what he needed.

    Sleep didn’t find him, after all.

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    Player Name: Gavin

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Re: Kir Artrios
« Reply #1 on: Feb 20, 17, 01:05:48 AM »
Ready for Review.

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Re: Kir Artrios
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