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For nearly two centuries Askavi floundered, brought low in the wake of the Red Queen’s war. The institution of one court with its Two Queens and the end of restitution payments promises a brighter future. Still, War knocks on the Eyrien’s door from all sides and the people fight against the need to meet it.
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Author Topic: Kiarian Vasiliev  (Read 682 times)

Description: Black Widow. Green to Red. Played by Erica.

Offline Kiarian Vasiliev

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Kiarian Vasiliev
« on: Aug 19, 18, 06:22:54 PM »
The Basics

Character Name: Kiarian Vasiliev
Nicknames:her name, and only her name.
Age and Birth Year:  202, b 8bp
Race: Long Lived (Eyrien)
Caste:  Black Widow
Birth Territory: Askavi, Terreille
Home Territory: Askavi, Terreille

Birthright Jewel: Cut Green
Offering Jewel:  Uncut Red

Role: Court Seer
Faction: Black Forest Province Court


Play By: Kangana Ranaut
Distinguishing Features:
  The first thing that people notice with Kiarian is color.  She rarely wears monochromatic colors as more than a bit of trim.  She prefers bright reds, greens, blues, and oranges.  She prefers to stand out, and draw the eye almost despite what the observer may wish.  The second thing that people notice is the way she draws attention to her eyes.  Her makeup is ALWAYS designed to make her seem a bit more intimidating, powerful, than many of their males are willing to view their 'delicate feminine' castes.


One of the first words that comes to mind when someone observes Kiarian for a few moments is simply intense.  Even when she remains still and observes someone, it is clear that she is truly seeing them, studying them, weighing in her mind whether they are to be trusted or laid out on the floor at her Queen's feet.  Auralian is a study in control, elegance, and class. The Queen's court seer is known more for a reckless sense of abandon and zest for experiencing life even while being feared for how absolutely thorough she is in the performance of her duties.

Despite these differences, the care between the two of them is obvious.  Kiarian is ruthless and unapologetic when it comes to safeguarding her Queen.  She takes her duties to the Court seriously, and no matter how she dresses or looks, she will drop even the most sensitive of her projects to ensure that Aura is protected.  She goes out of her way to make her Queen smile, to hear her laugh, to see her truly relax under all the pressure. 

She is driven to make sure that Auralian can help shape Askavi in the future.  She wants to be one of the hands that helps bring their people to a state of trulyliving and not just surviving.

And she's stubborn enough to do it.  It is both her greatest strength, and the often lamented weakness that her father has repeatedly tried to train out of her.  How does one stop a Red Jeweled Widow?  Her brother always said 'you don't... just get out of the way'.  She has 'always' agreed with him.

If any could hold the leash to the Red Widow, it would be Auralian.  If Auralian asked her to accept a Blood Bond, she would do so without question. Since the moment she first laid eyes on Auralian, she knew the Queen was key to healing many of the Wounds that Askavi has festering.  She knew that Auralian was stronger than the young Queen knew, and she knew that Auralian needed her.  Anyone who gets in the way of that will likely end up either in great pain, or dead.  Or both.

Kiarian does not care about the opinions of others when it comes to herself.  She is who she is, and she will do what she wishes to do.  She accepts that this causes trouble for her, but sees that Price as being worth the gift of being able to be herself.  It helps that she is a Widow, and most people are unwilling to try to apply the same level of care to keeping Widows 'delicate' as they do the other females in the Territory.  Even so, she will snarl in the face of any male who tries to caution her towards following the typical route of feminine delicacy.

She is a Black Widow, a female who holds the descent of the Red, and she is Eyrien besides.  Aggression and passion are in her bones, and trying to lock that behind a false sense of passivity is beneath her.  If the only way to shake that tradition to its foundations and change her people for the better is to serve in a Court, so be it.  If someday she will have to become the Leader of the Coven to push for more, then she will do that too.

Another War is brewing, despite the recent wounds inflicted by Dreams Made Flesh.  The Jhinka rise, and the Warriors of Askavi must rise to defend their home.  She will ensure that her people survive the nightmares still on the horizon. And she will dance and laugh on the graves of her enemies as she does.

  • 1.  Snakes - She finds serpents adorable; and better yet, she loves how useful they are for the creation of many tonics, scents.. and yes, even poisons.
  • 2.  Spell Working - There is something calming and meditative about creating webs and laying spells.  There is little else that can give her the same sense of purpose or peace.
  • 3.  Foreigners - So many of her people despise those without wings.  She, however, finds foreigners of all flavors fascinating.  Even Hayllians, though she remains fairly quiet about that.  Their ways of thinking, their food, their manners of dress - all of these things titillate her mind and expand her view of the Realms.

  • 1.  Warmongers - Eyrien, Hayllian, or Raejian; there is no excuse for clamoring for bloodshed outside of an immediate need for defense.  Taking an entire territory, or realm, to war over greed or a sense of superiority is what has brought Askavi so low in the first place.
  • 2.  Lack of Compassion - Hating an enemy is one thing but holding onto grudges for centuries is just not healthy.  Nor is it healthy for a Territory to treat their own people poorly.  She has seen many Eyriens sneer at those whose wings do not function properly, or at those whose wings have been removed. This is despicable.
  • 3.  Traditionalists - Tradition is fine and dandy as a guideline; but clinging to tradition when it is obviously harmful is stupid.  Seeing males insist that females shouldn't fight irritates her beyond belief.  The males are outnumbered - the ladies should learn how to defend themselves.

  • 1.  Children -  No.  Just...  no.  The idea of being restricted from using her Craft for so long is terrifying.  The idea of having to rely on someone else to safely drain her Jewels.. the idea of having to risk death to bring another into a world like the one they currently reside in?  Just... no. 
  • 2.  Extinction - It is entirely possible, though she knows that many would vehemently deny it.  So many of their kind died in the Purge.. the aftermath of which was chaotic and violent.  With the uptick in Jhinka intelligence and attacks, more of them die every year.  Add in starvation and it becomes obvious that Askavi IS dying.  They are weak, and if the other Territories decided to invade, the Eyriens would eventually lose.
  • 3.  Aura's Secret -  Should the Lady Auralian's secret be discovered, she could be shamed and brought down from her throne.  There are not nearly enough Queens now as it is.  The thought of people rising against Auralian for enjoying her own form of stress relief worries at her constantly, and so she does whatever she must to protect her.

    Craft Strengths:
  • 1.  Poison Craft - She is a Widow, and handy with poisons... but over the years she has developed a particular knack for sedatives and poisons that will fog the memory of those that imbibe them.
  • 2.  Item Enhancement -  She has always had a knack for making items that 'hide' things.  As such, the items she enchants are always articles of clothing, or small pieces of jewelry, that can effectively disguise the scent of the wearer and alter the sound of their voice.
  • 3.  Black Widow Webs (Advanced) - Kiarian has gotten very good at the weaving of Widow's Webs, but where her skill truly shines is in her ability to hide that the Webs exist at all. Her webs, once activated, are extremely difficult to sense or track.

    Craft Weaknesses:
  • 1.  Jewel Shielding - She survived the Purge with her Birthright involved.  But she did not survive it painlessly.  When her Virgin Night was coming around, it was a Priestess who warned her family that they needed to ensure they found at least a Sapphire Jeweled member of the Blood to see her through, as her ability to guard her Jewels was so thin that a focused attack from a few Light Jeweled would likely manage to damage or Break her.
  • 2.  Mind Healing - After the Purge, most of the powerful Widows were Broken or Dead.  Finding instructors to teach her any of her arts was often difficult, and so Kiarian was unable to find an instructor to give her more than the basics in the arts of Healing Minds.  Sadly, when she DID find one, they discovered that her touch was far too forceful for such delicate work.  She would cause far more harm trying to fix the damage than she could possibly help, though she is able to diagnose issues and thus send such victims on to actual healers.
  • 3.  Shielding - Kiarian can't maintain Shields for long, and so typically doesn't bother.  She relies on using reflexive shields to keep strikes from hitting - but she has to know those are coming, as Shielding for more than a few moments at a time drains her rapidly.

    Life Story
    ** Jewels Rolled And Adoptable
    Mother: Savilian Vasiliev - Tiger Eye to Rose - Witch; age: 1022, dead at the Purge
    Father:  **Marcanar Dobremov - Rose to Opal - Prince; age: 1218
    Brother: **Radevar Vasiliev - Summer Sky to Green - Warlord; age: 654
    Nephew: **Saviar Pryak - Tiger Eye to Rose - Warlord; age: 28

    Mentor: **Cecilian Kyrinsi - Summer Sky to Opal - Black Widow; age 547
    Best Friend: **Iselian Presyk - Purple Dusk to Sapphire - Witch; age 202

    Pet Snakes:  Two Pruulian Vipers, female.  Draka and Temnota.

    She can still remember exactly what that day was like.  It's been burned into her memory.  She still wakes in a sweat some nights from the sheer terror of that day.  The Purge was the Price of the Realms for all the horrors of the Great War - many of which her own people had committed.  Even knowing that she still hates Witch for it.  Witch could have killed the people fighting.  Witch could have punished those truly responsible, rather than unleashing an indiscriminatory killing Storm that Broke her father, nearly drove her insane, and killed her mother.  Even all these years later, there is an immediate touch of Rage whenever she thinks of the Purge and the death of her mother.

    She was eight years old, and she watched her Mother die trying to shield her little girl from the death storm.  She watched her father's Opal Break as her mother fell dead from the weight of the Storm.  She felt the pressure of that Storm press on her mind until she felt the fractures begin to spread.. and just when she thought that she would go mad from the pain of it... it was gone.

    Her father held her as she screamed out in pain for hours.  He couldn't even tend to her mother's corpse right away as he feared that his daughter's chalice might shatter in her pain.  Radevar managed to return home shortly after the Purge, helping them to bury her mother and find help for his baby sister.  Harder than it sounded, really, as so many of the Mind Healers were dead or Broken. 

    The enormity of what had happened to their Home was laid bare to their eyes as they sought out a Mind Healer... and it took them three years to find one capable of truly pulling Kiarian together again.  Her snaketooth had come in while they sought out assistance, and her Birthright ceremony made the need for such healing to become all the more clear.  Only Radevar and Marcanar were allowed to touch her in all that time, and only they could reach out to touch her thoughts without worrying about her lashing out in defense.

    The Coven moved her family closer to her Mentor, a Broken Widow named Cecilian.  While her Summer Sky was not strong enough to contest with the birth right of her young student, it was also not threatening enough to earn a backlash from the young girl as she worked with her.  Cecilian became a second mother, in her own way, as she helped Kiarian drag herself back to true stability. 

    But those three years left their mark.  Her brother and father worried as they saw how intensely Kiarian did everything.  She didn't care for conservative attempts at new Craft.  She didn't dip her toes into the lakes, she dove for everything.  When they flew, she was the sort to perform wild acrobatics.  When she practiced her Craft, she was the sort to accidentally set fire to things and unapologetically start fixing things after they burned down or broke. 

    When she asked her brother how his Green had Broken, he refused to tell her.  When she came to hold him with tears in her eyes only a few days later, he realized that keeping secrets from his sister might not be possible.  She had seen how an enemy had shattered his Green, a Red Hayllian who left him screaming on the battlefield shortly before the Purge hit.

    She'd become very good friends with a girl by the name of Iselian Presyk, and she knew within a few days what Iselian's deep secret was.  Her mother had been taken during a raid by Hayllian brutes, and had chosen to keep the progeny that resulted.  Fortunately for Iselian, most could not tell that she was a half-breed.  She had beautiful wings, and was just as devoted to her Eyrien heritage as any winged child would be. 

    But Iselian's mother was not an idiot, and did not hide her heritage from her once she was old enough to understand why she must keep it to herself.  Kiarian promised to keep the secret quiet, provided that Iselian was willing to be her friend.  She did not explain why, though the reason became clear when she grew older.  After all, she needed assistance with her Virgin Night, and she knew that Iselian would gain her Offering before Kiarian did.  She knew that Iselian would have the Sapphire because of a dream that had played out in her head after meeting her, and her vision proved correct.

    So when her father started fussing about her Virgin Night, and ensuring that she came through in one piece, he found himself stumped.  Most of the Males old enough to see her through were Broken, and so many of them were not actually dark enough to protect her Green Jewel of Birth.  He even suggested taking her outside the territory to see if they could find someone trustworthy to accomplish the matter.  She refused.  Her father told her that getting her Virgin Night accomplished safely would be easier in a Territory that had more people who were Unbroken.  She told him that her Virgin Night would be accomplished easily by a Woman of her own Choosing.

    When she brought a female with the Sapphire to meet her father, he was upset.. but he relented in the face of Kiarian's insistence.  As she'd Seen, the woman got her through her Night unscathed.

    She SAW many things after her Offering, and as her training in her Caste concluded.  Things that alarmed her father, and had him trying to convince her that she should avoid Public life.  She saw their people dying of starvation and being invaded by golden-skinned warriors.  She saw a mountain crumbling in the fury of a Black, and a desert drowning in blood. 

    Marcanar had lost the love of his life to the Purge, and he was unwilling to risk the lives of his children.  Seeing that the starvation was growing worse, that violence was inevitable, he considered their options.  Her father even suggested that they leave Askavi... but she refused immediately upon his hesitant probing..  Askavi needed her.  She could feel it.  She knew, deep down, that her father was simply afraid to risk the lives of his children.  She couldn't blame him - but neither could she allow that fear to rule their lives.

    It took many years of living her own life, for her to get the vision that had her meeting Auralian Ruslana.  The vision of a Queen staring at her with hope, of a broken mask that had to be mended, of a party filled with thrusting bodies - it teased at her mind when she slept until she finally relented and got herself an invitation.

    A good thing she relented, really.  Auralian had a mask that was fit with a web to disguise her caste, her scent, and even her appearance.  It was damaged in some of the ... activities... at this party.  Being who she was, Kiarian caught the flicker of a failing enhancement before anyone else did.  She followed the female into another room, where the woman's scent of panic was starting to flicker on and off.  Without a word, she shielded the room and snatched the mask from the Queen's hand before setting to repairing it and setting it on the woman's face again.

    "Not a word shall pass these lips, Ril."  She smiled, setting her fingers to the Queen's collarbone in her solemn promise... and from then on, appointed herself as Auralian's guardian.  She let the Queen play her games, even assisted at times.  She made sure that the female had what she needed to disguise herself and guard her secret.

    Auralian had just gained her Court.  Kiarian didn't so much 'ask' to be Court Seer as she just showed up one day and started performing the job.  It did not take as long as some would like for Auralian to make it official.  Those few who would have truly protested died of heart attacks or in their sleep within the first six months.  No one could ever prove that Kiarian was behind it.. and Kiarian always laughed whenever someone alluded to the deaths.  There were more important things to worry about.

    The last ten years have been a whirlwind of activity.  With the Jhinka threats growing, and the pressure from other territories rising, Kiarian can feel the weight of her nightmares pressing closer.  Auralian isn't ready.  Her family still pressures her enough that the Queen's confidence is not where it should be.  Wretched people don't even seem to realize what pain they are putting their precious Queen through, and if she could have it her way she'd cripple them all for causing Aura such distress.

    Alas, she knows the Queen would never forgive her if she did such a thing.  So she bides her time, watching and making clear her displeasure in private.  Where others expected Aura to 'behave' at all times, Kiarian instead went out of her way to ensure that Aura knew such walls were completely unnecessary when they were alone.  Few could ever hope to penetrate her shields, and those few weren't likely to attempt it any time soon. 

    The grounds of Askavi are not producing as well as they once did.  The people are on rations, and the tithes required by the Territory Court are slowly but surely strangling each Province and District.  It is becoming clear that the threats are not not just a simple choice between Jhinka or Hayll... the Landen and Jeweless might very well rise up in well-deserved frustration.

    Askavi could fall from an internal threat that no one truly has planned for, and the acknowledgement of it BURNS her.

    With the Master of the Guard dead, and Aura choosing to beg within the walls of Gravesend, Kiarian is even more intense than usual.  She can feel the pressure of that Nightmare breathing on her neck.  Her visions are a tangled mass of torn wings and pools of blood.  But she is still uncertain as to WHO starts the murder - and without knowing WHO, she can't prevent it. 

    Show Us What You've Got

    Character in Play:
    Her hands curled around the mug in front of her.  Warm tea, an herbal drink that had been supplied by the herbs of Askavi's forests.  It wasn't the best tea, but no one had the money anymore to import better teas anymore.  She blew a bit of steam over the mug as she fixed her gaze on the male sitting uncomfortably in front of her.

    Her earrings were warmly glowing as she watched him, the air fairly thrumming with power.  The male stiffened, his wings flaring a bit as he felt something tighten around his leg. 

    "I wouldn't do that, if I were you."  She said it as simply as if she was warning him to watch his step.  His eyes moved down, widening at the sight of the large pale serpentine head lifting up off his thigh.  "Draka is mine.  I'd be most cross with you if you harm a single scale on her hide."  She smiled, taking another sip from her tea.

    "Of course... I'm already fairly cross with you.  You are not interested in ensuring that Lady Ruslana succeeds.  You are more interested in teh better rations that comes with being one of her guards."  She seemed to fix that gaze even more steadily on him as he shifted his weight.  Discomfort and fear made him just that much more fun to spook.

    Oh the enjoyment she would have making this boy piss his pants every time she glared at him.  Her lips twitched upwards, a hand reaching up to scratch lightly under the chin of the second serpentine head that popped over her shoulder.  "However.. Despite my distaste for your motivations.. you are acceptable.  Because we both know.."

    She leaned forward, watching as the male's eyes widened in caution.  He wouldn't remember the sheer amount of fear in an hour... the tea she'd given him would ensure that.  A poison of her own making - one that would fog the memory and make him more amenable to her demands, her compulsions.  Her own wings flared up, stretching above her as she gave him that oh so toothy smile.  "That you will do everything in your power, even die, to keep my Lady safe.  Because if you don't, and if so much as a hair on her head is harmed because you couldn't do your best.. your life and death will belong to me."

    The gulp as the male realized she was serious made her smile.  Her right hand stretched out, curling under his chin.  Watching him hold oh so still, seeing the way he fought off the shiver and chill she gave him.. it had her laughing.  "Oh yes.  I would make sure you pay for Failure.  Now as for the job.  Discretion.  Protection.  Loyalty.  If you cannot manage all three, this is your opportunity to leave, Lord Brynteri." 

    Auralian Ruslana gained another unfailingly loyal male that day - one who even offered to be Bound by Blood Oath to protect her.  When Aura gave her 'that' questioning look.. she merely smiled and went back to sipping at her tea.  Obviously enjoying a job well done.  Let Aura be the well behaved one.. she needed a monster to do the dirty work.

    Kiarian was more than willing to oblige.

    Why did this character became inactive?  Tenkou disappeared, and Kiarian was originally written for her.  Took me some time to plot out a future for her.

    What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again?
    Words are planned on an interterritorial basis, and I'm really looking forward to them.

    What are your plans for this character?  Kiarian is going to become involved in plots with her family members (Fayrian, Sunar, Elenor, Theo, etc.) 

    Number of previous Reactivations: 0

    Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) : None, unless someone thinks I should make any.

    Wanted Ad Fulfillment (if any): 
    Wanted Ad Link:
    Wanted Ad Sponsor: Tenkou

    Player Name: Erica

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Re: Kiarian Vasiliev
« Reply #1 on: Aug 19, 18, 06:23:29 PM »
Reactivating Kiarian, Round One GO

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Re: Kiarian Vasiliev
« Reply #2 on: Aug 20, 18, 02:15:30 PM »
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Re: Kiarian Vasiliev
« Reply #3 on: Dec 02, 19, 01:37:28 PM »

Kiarian has been blessed with Advanced Black Widow Webs

You may add this specialty to this character's existing Craft Strengths section, with an accompanying Craft Weakness for balance.  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker