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Author Topic: Drusilla Decasta  (Read 284 times)

Description: witch. Summer Sky to Purple Dusk. Played by Petrichor

Offline Drusilla Decasta

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Drusilla Decasta
« on: Feb 22, 19, 02:11:09 AM »
The Basics

Character Name: Drusilla Decasta.
  • Dru, which she prefers and insists people use. This isn't because she's above pretention, it's because it avoids hearing that damn "ian," she hates so much now that she's in the mountains.
  • Drusillian Ranosi, which is what she is going by in Askavi.
Age and Birth Year:  23. 171 AP.
Race:  Long Lived. Half Hayllian, Half Eyrien.
Caste:  Witch.
Birth Territory: Hayll, Terreille.
Home Territory: Askavi, Terreille.

Birthright Jewel: uncut Summer Sky
Offering Jewel: cut Purple Dusk

Role: n/a
Faction: n/a


Play By: Sara Sampaio.
Distinguishing Features: 



At her very core, Drusilla is duplicitous. She was raised in a family made wealthy on treachery and her worth was not in her being but her blood. The sole daughter of Terreille’s Black Jeweled Warlord Prince is a far cry from the nigh divine power of her parentage. No one is more disappointed about this than Drusilla.  All her life she’s been aware that her primary worth to her now gone family was as a connection to that power. Before her offering there’d been hope she’d wear a jewel Dark enough to add muscle to the Decasta legacy. Her failure to descend to the Green or even the Opal disappointed a family that operated as a would be dynasty instead of kin. Second in importance to her adoptive family was her ability to blend in with the Eyrien enemy.

In spite of begging for their removal as a girl, Dru was let known early on that her ability to blend in with the people she loathed was a special, and useful thing about her. She was told to endure the teasing and shame that came with the obvious point of her ancestry and learned well to hone the things about her that made her lies pretty and easy to believe. While raised in great wealth the young witch was trained to a purpose more than she was brought up with love or kindness.  That which she’s had in her young life Drusilla has largely gained through manipulation or intimidation. While the Purple Dusk isn’t a Dark Jewel it is the last of the truly Light Jewels and she is well aware that her Jewels make her more powerful than most people.

Most isn’t all, but it’s enough that the Lady Decasta is more proud that her adoptive parents, who died in Endevar’s escape, ever liked. Cunning, secretive by default, ambitious and proud Drusilla’s wings are perhaps the only really Eyrien thing about her besides her pride.

The appendages are weak from lack of exercise and regular binding. She is, and will always be, Hayllian in her soul. Whether or not her decision to free Endevar and see through her plot in Askavi will have any real effect on that remains to be seen. Drusilla was raised in conditions abusive and meant to make her more tool than girl. What she has most of all at her core is a deep fury with no easy outlet. There’s no craft to turn back time and no easy spell to undo a childhood gone sour.

When not focused on her ambitions, and the many flaws she justifies in their pursuit there is a mortal heart driving Drusilla’s stride. Beneath the layers of intrigue, suspicion and hate through which she was raised rests what goodness all the armor and venom she’s grown to survive have protected.  At times she can be kind. While she considers this gentility a flaw given how often the efficient route is the cruel one it still expresses itself in her life. Such moments are never guaranteed to last and more than once out of self interest she’s undone the progress of her own good deeds to get more or stay safe.  Drusilla is also possessed of a keen eye for reading an individual and while she often uses her empathetic knack to ill gains it is this insight into the joys and burdens in life that keeps that spark of occasional goodness from vanishing altogether.

Socially speaking the witch is a loner who doesn't make friends easily. Hayllian though the witch’s manners may be her temper is Eyrien in its entirety. Though very pretty Dru doesn't behave well enough for long enough to build lasting relationships with quality people for long. Most of the 'friends,' she had within Hayll were shallow acquaintances, the sort of people who forgive cruelty if the face it comes from is lovely enough or just has the right connections. The circles in which Dru was raised taught her that life is less who you are and more who you know.

Drusilla doesn’t know how to function well in a world that rewards the vulnerabilities of honesty and softness as she believes she was born to be sharp. While she is an ultimately unhappy person a lifetime of psychological manipulation and being embroiled in plots of intrigue has her unaware that another life is really an option let alone how to live authentically for herself. If there is a world for good people and a better way she doesn’t see a place for someone like her in it.


  • Having the Upper Hand. This like is more of a necessity for Drusilla to feel comfortable in any situation. Her life has from her earliest memories been focused around plays of power intricate and dangerous. To feel successful when she walks into anything be it talk of strategy or something simple as a date she likes to have something on the people or group with which she’s interacting. It’s not that Endevar Ranosi’s daughter walks around actively scheming. Because of how she was raised Drusilla prefers and seeks advantages in every situation and she particularly likes it when her position is not only secure but dominant. This particular like plays strongly into her natural tendency towards secrecy.

  • Horses. The only time Drusilla’s guard is ever consistently down is when she’s tending to her horses or riding through the countryside. With animals her ability to empathize and express gentle affection and kindness aren’t weaknesses but tools of training and bonding. Though she was often mocked by the other girls for having wings but preferring to ride Drusilla paid them no mind. Existing as herself in a world that spit words like half-breed and worse in her passing requires a certain amount of immunity to criticism’s sting.

    Leaving behind her two horses when she chose to free her father and flee with him was the only thing that really hurt her about seeing her childhood burn. She set them free in the hopes that they’d be taken in by a family who’d appreciate their breeding and temperaments if they didn’t hurt themselves and die first. As she explores her freedom more the witch will discover that this appreciation extends to most animals and even, to what will be her horror, children.

  • Reading. Drusilla is a voracious reader though she was a poor student. The witch was bullied much of the time she spent around her peers. By the time she grew better at managing and eventually ending this torment by becoming a witch with a tongue too sharp to cross Drusilla already vastly preferred the quiet of a novel to the company of others. She is not picky about what she reads and finds all information to be eventually useful. Even fiction is full of clever ideas. When she left home much of what she took from her personal effects were her favorite pieces of her small personal library.

  • Receiving Kindness. Nothing makes Drusilla more suspicious than unsolicited kindness. Growing up everything good in her life came with a catch. Even when someone is honestly just trying to be good to her, Dru becomes cold and distant in the face of too much help or kindness. It is her belief that anytime someone gives you something for free they’re just putting you into a debt the magnitude of which you can’t see until they use their gifts as overhead for unsavory favors or worse. Getting close to Lady Decasta is a difficult task that offers no reward for quite some time. Given her often caustic demeanor not many take the time to patiently work through the witch’s many defenses and tests.

  • Eyriens. Beyond the standard cultural bias against her kind with which she was raised, Drusilla has a strong prejudice those traits which are stereotypically Eyrien. She loathes hyper masculine warrior types and was never one to take interest in the Colliseum. The witch is least forgiving of these traits in herself and any close to her. The hatred is a deep, painful thing that has kept her from suppressing and denying her body’s need to fly. Instead she denies her birthright and suffers for it. The wings would work, it’s her will that falters. 

  • Parties. Disdain is a cultivated art for Drusilla and she finds it impossible to suppress in rooms full of people. At least that is what the witch thinks. In truth she has been raised and trained to read rooms, individuals, and social currents and moods to such a degree that large gatherings overwhelm her. While the witch’s highly analytical, often manipulative mind tends to serve her well it leads to being overwhelmed in these situations. There’s too much to process and not enough quiet with which to take it all in.

    While Dru’s origins contained many high society trappings she enjoys almost none of the social events. She even dislikes eating dinner with company, Drusilla prefers to read with a meal. Classical music from a crystal and passages written by classic masters of literary arts are far better company to her sensibilities than chit chat. When Lady Decasta does enjoy the company of others it is always with those from whom she feels she can get something she wants and preferably in groups no larger than three or four.


  • Endevar. Seeing the power of the Black when channeled through the rage of a Walord Prince with ten years of fury to avenge isn’t a thing easily forgotten. Dru likes to think she’ll never admit it but she’s terrified of what Prince Ranosi can do. Jealous as she’s always been of the dark jeweled and high of caste Drusilla isn’t sure anyone should have that much power. She’s glad the Mad Bitch in Shalador is dead. That day on the homestead is etched into her memory with uncomfortable clarity the witch regularly relives in nightmare. For the moment to be safe she must play the role of estranged daughter trying to have something real but she fears the times they’re truly alone.

    There are times where the act is easy enough that is makes her uncomfortable. Needing someone else or worse, trusting them, are the first steps to complacency that gets Light Jewelled bitches like her killed.

    When people want to get at a man like Prince Ranosi and they can’t get him directly they use those close to them. Her whole life was built as making her that exact sort of weapon against the Half Hayllian once Warlord Prince of all Askavi - a reign she helped end.

    Drusilla has a lot of reasons to fear her father, he knows well she played a part in his capture. Endevar wrongly has faith that this only happened because Drusilla was a young girl in terrible circumstances he remembers well. Lady Decasta worries what will happen the day he realizes that’s not the case.

  • Life in Askavi. Eyriens are everything she’s been raised to loathe. In Hayll the winged of the long lived are talked of like demons foul and corrupt. Their strange customs have been etched into her mind as monstrous and they’re easy things to believe. Many who tell these war stories have the scars to prove it. Hayll was full of sole heirs still trying to rebuild their family lines from scratch. What kind of people just let their Queen ruin everything? She hates them for being too weak to stop her but mighty enough to ruin everything.

    Though winged you’d be hard pressed for Drusilla to call herself Eyrien outside of necessity. The fact her own rash decision’s made it necessary for her  to embrace the history she loathes keeps her on edge. Being surrounded by a world so stark and devoid of the sort of beauty she grew up valuing strike is frightening for countless reasons. Dru is, except for a volatile man of awe striking power, alone in a world with nothing familiar she can hold onto. Being in Askavi is a lot like being caught mid free fall. While not a deathly situation for the witch who can fly, she’s never liked using her wings. Life in the mountains is going to be a regular test of who she has been versus who she might become.

  • Being Controlled. Do you know how easy it is to wind up in someone else’s control? The realm is full of ways one’s will might be taken, ones life confined. Pruul’s mines held several Blood of mindblowing strength, including the Mad Shaladorian Priestess Queen who held the Black. Her family kept Endevar Renosi in a spelled cell that was little more than glorified cellar full of chains. Anyone can be a mark. No one is safe.

    Her whole life was orchestrated as part of political chess. Now free, save for one terrifying bond to father of blood, she is highly suspicious of those around her. Dru is very aware that her lineage places her in peril and she’s scrambling for need of allies in a nation full of a people she was raised to hate. Caught between prejudice and self preservation, Lady Decasta is choosing the strength of allies. She just needs to find people who need something, anything, she can provide.

    Craft Strengths:

  • Deception Craft. You learn to lie in a home where all the nice things are conditional early and as a matter of reflex. Growing up beneath the watch of an exacting Black Widow who wore the Green forced Drusilla early on to get very good at lying with her whole being. When spinning the truth in with fiction the witch lies with her whole being. She’s trained it so that even her psychic scent, surface thoughts, and physiology mimic whatever story she is spinning.

    Life’s necessity has given Drusilla the skill and practice required to fool a Black Widow of Dark Jewel. Unless someone has a particular skill for delving for truth it’s very difficult to catch this witch in a lie through craft.

  • Counter  Craft. There is an art to the undoing of magic and Drusillan has learned it well and inherited an aptitude for this work from her father. While clever, she’s always been more manipulative and cunning than traditionally bright. This craft is a place of complex spellwork with which Drusilla excels. It is not the only one she’s bothered to master but with the exception of deception craft it is the only one with which she excels.

    While practicing with this craft she went to great lengths to get training with items and in practice. She can’t unweave the offensive spell work of the Darker Jeweled in the moment. However, experimentation with cursed or enchanted items has taught Drusilla that in those cases she can unweave them. In the process the witch is able to harness and store in a fine vessel a fraction of the power used to create the item and save it for herself to use for later craft or trade.

    Craft Weaknesses:
  • Labor Craft In defiance as a response to members of her family’s staff treating her as lesser because of her wings Dru’s refused to learn even the most basic bits of chore based craft for herself. She decided early on that if she was going to be treated poorly she was going to give them something to hate. Now that she will be living in considerably more austere environments this will be a regular source of frustration for the witch who will be forced to do some hard things the Landen way. When she does get some practice with the art it will quickly prove that her jewels are so inneficient with travelling this rarely used path it’s better for her to do them the mundane way. Dru’s going to need to get considerable means to live in the custom she prefers without having to do things she believes beneath her for herself.
  • Emotional Manipulation. Manipulative as Drusilla can be she has tried and tried again to master the art of using her words and psychic scent to alter the mood of the person she’s trying to acquire something from. When she tries it just flops. There’s something about the witch’s sharply competitive and untrusting nature that sours the work required to pull off this subtle and technically commanding type of craft. The only exception to this flaw is her use of seduction craft. All attempts to push less carnal buttons well are easy to spot and block for all but those truly inept at psychic defense. Chicanery and sex are how Dru must go about getting her way when it’s needed or even if she just really wants it.

    Life Story


    Adoptive Mother: Anthia Candelaria-Decasta. Purple Dusk to Green Jeweled Black Widow. Deceased.
    Adoptive Father: Batista Decasta. Yellow to Tiger Eye Jeweled Warlord. Deceased.
    Biological Mother: Amanita Matius. Yellow to Summer Sky Jeweled Healer (natural) Priestess (trained). 125. Raej, Terreille.
    Biological Father: Endevar Ranosi Red to Black Jeweled Warlord Prince.


    If not for the life-ruiningly fun fact of who her father is, Dru’s life would be great. She exists as living proof a depth of a parent’s Jewel is promise of nothing special. Destined to be ordinary in ways her Hayllian shaped pride finds a limitless source of frustration it’d be easier to carry not walking in the shadow of a God.

    She would’ve been raised by a loving Healer named Amanita who would’ve given her many brothers and sisters to love. Instead when she gave birth the sister of caste she chose to serve as midwife was bought out by Endevar’s family. Lady Marison was paid off to hand the baby off to a servant of the Decasta’s who spirited the child away

    Amanita was left to grieve a child she believed stillborn. Endevar was told the same and grieved. He was with his lover when the Healer recognized herself pregnant. The playboy Black Jeweled Warlord Prince meant to do right by his child. Ambition of those who’d stolen Prince Ranosi from his family ruined that could’ve-been family’s future. Unable to exist with her grief in Hayll, Amanita moved to Raej and there found faith. She did not reach out to Endevar when he took Askavi’s throne.

    The baby was given to the care of a branch of the family that lived far from any city. When taken in the official story became that the infant was the daughter of a local witch’s cousin who lived outside Dreaga. The single witch died in childbirth and with no father known the baby would’ve become a burden on a family who already had little to spare. The girl who corroborated their story, like all their collaborators, was paid well and had her mind reinforced by the family’s Dark Jeweled Black Widow, who happened to be the girl’s new mother.

    Drusilla was named for a great aunt no one much cared for with not thought to her Eyrien roots. Those chosen to serve as her parents held little interest in the half-bred bastard before she was old enough to start forming memories. When she  received there attentions, everything was conditional. Rewards were granted but always less than those around her. Love was shown but privately. She was raised more asset and was daughter only in name. When she begged her parents to have her wings she removed Dru was denied. She was never allowed to forget her place.

    After the casteless girl made her offering and came away with a witchling with the Summer Sky she was told the partial truth of her origins. Drusilla was told that a few years after adopting her they’d received a letter from a friend of her deceased mother’s claiming she knew who their adopted child’s father was.

    By then Endevar Ranosi was a murderer many times over and proud ruler of the enemy, they’d noted gravely. It was best for her not to know until they were sure he couldn’t demand rights of paternity.

    In the story’s telling it was stressed how lucky Drusilla was that she’d been saved the humiliation of her bloodline’s sins. The greatest sin of how she was informed of her origins was that the witch was told her mother died in her birthing. When asked why not given over to her father’s care she was lied to again and told that after Amanita’s death, he’d wanted nothing to do with his bastard daughter. In fact, she was told, he wanted her given over to an orphanage.

    Times Anthia was feeling cruel, Drusilla’s ruthless mother would remind Drusilla that before she was breathing she’d already ruined a life. Though there are people she mourns who died in Endevar’s escape, Anthia isn’t one of them and neither is Batista. Their deaths were sweet for the witch who lived through many abuses in their home.

    She was spared publicly carrying her father’s legacy and lived at ease knowing he knew not of her. At times growing up the amount of gratitude Dru had for  that fact caused her to ache. At times that brought hot tears of rage to her eyes when she tried to summon hate for the ways they wounded her so she better fit their needs.

    While allowed to carry her adoptive father’s name, Decasta, she was never equal to most members of the high born Hundred Families line. Bastista was, when Endevar still called himself Gabriel, a distant relative at best to the Warlord Prince. It was not strange he received no announcement when they adopted a low born halfbreed. Why would they rub their joy in his fresh grief?

    The fact the great disappointment sired a bastard only added to the list of sins his once family could attribute to his name.

    Drusilla was always reminded in ways large and small of how her heritage made her lesser than the aristocratic family that took her in. That’s what happened when your Grandmother was the woman who ruined two worlds. Early on she was taught to accept little because that was more than she deserved. She was even forced to endure a certain amount of disrespect from the house’s staff who all lost family in Ranosi’s war.

    Her education and lessons focused heavily on matters of state. At twelve she was informed the reason she was never allowed to remove the wings she bound and hid at every turn was because who her father was made them very important. At thirteen she was expected to participate in a plot to rip her sire from his throne and place him under Decasta power.

    What was expected was made clear again and again and again. Her life became devoted to perfection of the role she played in the Family’s elaborate schemes. It was a role she’d been groomed for her whole life. With more than one Dark Jeweled Black Widow among their ranks the Decastas were well poised to play long games. Those remaining continue the tradition and it’s important for Drusilla’s present safety that they believe her dead with the rest of her adopted family branch.

    That year of her first moon’s blood she was, out of necessity, placed in controlled peril. At thirteen Drusilla was tortured. When it began she wasn’t scared, she knew it would end. For their ploy to work the suffering continued until she began to believe it might never end. What was still an innocent girl died in her through those hours. Considering her age it took an impressive amount of time for her mother, the Black Widow, was certain the garments and blood soaked items with which Endevar was to be lured had  the exact right sort of fear.

    Some childhood’s end abruptly, Dru’s ended that day. She was never the same, and the traumatizing events leading to her father’s capture forever twisted the way she looks at the world. When it was done she was healed instantly. The witch’s body carries no scars from the ordeal. Only scratches on her chalice remain as testament to the event; there are no cracks or missing pieces but the experienced changed her psychic landscape forever.

    Besides, much of Dru’s blood was required to perform and focus the spell that would be used to turn Ranosi’s own power against him and hold him captive of their bonds and his might. The items she wore throughout the prolonged torture were used in the trap sent to lure Endevar.

    When he was caught it was days before Drusilla was even allowed to meet the man, the ruler, the vessel for power she couldn’t imagine that was her father. Even then there was little she could uncover about Endevar that would make her think him a worse monster than Batista who was an expert in cruelty for cruelty’s sake.

    It took a uniquely awful pair to raise a girl for torture and matters of state too vile for those of pure breeding and  true aristo heritage and because of them Dru grew up cultivated by ambition without kindness.

    The coming of Endevar into her life began what has been a persistent obsession mixed with a fear that never wanes in his presence. Dru has just gotten use to the thrum of terror that howls in the back of her mind in the moments where Prince Ranosi reminds her much of the man who brought ruin to the place she’d grown up. Being used to it is the same as comfort but a determined witch can endure anything. Dru is very determined.

    Over the next seven years she visited often. Around Endevar Ranosi the world changed.. Drusilla told him little of the outside. The conversations she pushed the Warlord Prince into were uncomfortable, macabre and often perverse. Drusilla’s only ever really learned to cope with her pain by forcing it on others or bringing it forward in self inflicted wounds. It wasn’t long into his time kept from the Realm that Prince Ranosi let her know that her mother still lived when he left Hayll and that he’d been told she was stillborn. More lies were uncovered in their talks.

    The family always knew of Endevar’s unfortunate affair in which he’d sired an heir out of wedlock. Her origins were never the mystery she’d been lead to believe.

    At the tender age of 13 the topography of Drusilla’s reality flipped and inverted itself. She was more thing than girl and barely better than a slave raised through the army’s ranks for family and nation.

    She withdrew further into herself and became a secretive young witch who acted out but was careful to not get caught. Dru was caught in a space between wanting to punish her family and not lose what approval of theirs she managed to hold together. Over the years Endevar patiently won over the child he’d long thought dead. Though her fear of him has never abated Drusilla began to visit her father more and more in the months approaching her offering.

    The sudden rise in her visits and apparent, though largely forged, warming towards Endevar as a parent was no coincidence. Since shortly after her virgin night, Drusilla began sleeping with the family’s lawyer. Warming his bed allowed her access to family secrets she’d never be privy to if she didn’t steal looks at private documents and pay careful attention to his pillow talk. 

    Prince Calendaria, unaware his cousin’s home held a Black Jewel captive, believed himself in love with the witch who doted on him so well when they could steal away together. Lady Decasta adored what tidbits he shared that help her build a foundation for her place in the powerful family that she demanded space in after bleeding so much for them.

    After a tryst that left the Prince spent Dru let herself into his office. There she had to rip herself from the edge of a cold spiral upon discovering an amendment to the will her mother and father jealously guarded. Within she discovered herself completely overlooked save for a passage noting she shouldn’t be lain to rest within the family’s mausoleum.

    Drusilla always has possessed a vicious temper. In those cold moments before she wrote Genero a note of complete fiction explaining a convenient reason for her sudden exit the Lady  already decided to loose the beast of her father’s rage. She spent the next few weeks preparing for the moment she’d use her blood and the magic of counterweaving Endevar’d been teaching her since her seventeenth year to see him free.

    Her will and blood bound him.

    Her will and blood freed him.

    Her will and blood unbound a god and she still wakes up screaming in the grips of horrible awe from the stains his vengeance marked on her soul. With Endevar, her psychic scent reminding him of their bond the only reason she survived his purge of yet another arm of the Decasta line, Dru made her escape.

    Through the cursed Pruulian desert where so much as a whisper of craft can bring ruin they travelled towards fucking Askavi. Drusilla is pleased that Anthia and Batista aren’t alive to know how right they were about her needing her wings one day.

    They will help her disappear long enough to regroup and figure out the next move of a plan she didn’t really think through. While Dru isn’t exactly loyal to Endevar but she is sure that he’s loyal enough to protect her and a good enough cover for now and that makes her his ally of the moment. The Black Jeweled Warlord Prince has no idea how traitorous the winds of his daughter’s soul are. While she’s come to care for him in a strange way that is as much reverent fear of his power as it is a daughter’s want for love Drusilla still looks out for herself as number one.

    Hayll believes her dead and things need to stay that way so for now she’ll stay beside Endevar and do as she’s told while waiting for a better opportunity to unfold.

    Show Us What You've Got

    Character in Play:

    Off at the capital Endevar, Dad, Daddy when she needed him to think her frightened and coming around to his way of thinking, was making his grand announcement. In a tavern sitting in a room that may have been less lush than those the Decasta’s afforded their staff Drusilla wast just fucking waiting.

    Not overburdened with patience or inclination towards obedience she stirred restless in the fear of uncertainty. Back and forth across worn wooden floors the witch paced and tried to help her breathing find a pace resembling relaxed.

    When that proved impossible Drusilla decided to defy Endevar’s commands and get a drink. She was a grown woman the disappointingly light glint of her Purple Dusk that signified but a single descent proved it. Since finding out she was the daughter of a thing like Endevar she’d been sure that the Green would be her Jewel of Rank.

    That particular disappointing sting would be fresh for awhile. It was hard to get over so fresh off seeing what the Black, just a fraction of it, can do. Her only consolation as one of the perhaps newly poor was that she could get drunk cheaply. Eyeing the bar she saw a sea of unfamiliar local labels.

    Biting her lip she took a seat at the bar and allowed her wings to shift nervously as her eyelashes fluttered and she wet her lips. “What’re you doing here without an escort?” Sneered the barkeep she’d found handsome until he’d opened his mouth. There was nothing attractive about a backwards attitude. In Hayll it was understood that a girl couldn’t exactly have a fun date or night out with some overprotective relative or guard in tow. Askavi was so fucking backwards.

    Drusilla didn’t allow a whisper of her irritation to bleed through her psychic scent. Instead she bowed her head contritely, conveying a false but flawless sense of a shyer maiden’s nerves. She wasn’t scared, she wanted to grab him by the balls and remind him her Purple Dusk, personally disappointing to her as it was, far outranked his fucking yellow.

    But she wanted a drink and no trouble more. “My father’s coming back soon,” a partial truth she conveyed with sincerity. “I’m just very hungry and I don’t want to sit at a table alone until he arrives and I just can’t wait to eat. Honest I’ll tip well if you just let me take my meal near you and you keep an eye on me. I’d be so grateful.” The tavern portion of the inn was relatively empty and Drusilla was an appealing thing to look at who knew well how to work the mood of a lonely man.

    Why did this character became inactive? Disability complications.

    What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again? Write her, including soloing if I need to.

    What are your plans for this character? Dru is going to become more active in Askavi, attempt to participate in the court, and get involved with individuals of questionable morality.

    Number of previous Reactivations: Several due to disability complications.

    Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) : Age

    Player Name: Petri.

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