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Title: Drakkar Estaroth
Post by: Drakkar Estaroth on Dec 22, 16, 11:25:32 PM
The Basics
Character Name: Drakkar Estaroth
Nicknames: His name is Drakkar. He will not be lessened with nicknames...except by Kestian.
Age & Birthyear: 2023 (Born 1828 BP)
Race: Long-Lived (Eyrien)
Caste: Warlord Prince
Birth Territory: Living Lake, Askavi, Terreille
Home Territory: Askavi, Terreille

Birthright Jewel:  uncut Blood Opal
Offering Jewel:  Broken Red

Role: Warlord Prince of Askavi
Faction: The Blood Seekers


Play By:  Baptiste Giabiconi
Distinguishing Features:

Drakkar’s body is a testament to a life devoted to warfare and combat. His hair is long and flowing, some of it covering the lattice of scars around his neck and wings. His golden skin is no longer smooth and supple, but crisscrossed with scars and abrasions from numerous combats and sparring matches. Numerous Healers have offered to reshape and mend his flesh to remove them, but Drakkar would no more remove his scars than he would remove his arm or break his Blood Opal.  It would dishonor him and the warriors he’s killed along the way.

Most days, Drakkar looks like ten thousand miles of bad road leading right toward the doorstep of Hell itself. Just as often, he looks every inch the tall, imposing Warlord Prince who may just rally Askavi to rage against its extinction from forces both internal and external.



Drakkar is a warrior, meeting the world as it is and not the way he wishes it to be. He does not mince words or waste actions. He is a Warlord Prince and most of the world to him, unfortunately, breaks down to a series of targets and objectives for him to accomplish or destroy in order to protect what is his. His people. His men. His family.

His place is at the front of his War Camp, drilling his men as close to perfection as he can reach until it is time for him to lead them into battle. In battle, he can be found at the head of the attack and in the thick of the action. There is no other place for a man who would call himself a warrior or a leader. Drakkar is both and accepts that placing himself in the greatest danger is the Price for earning the loyalty and trust of those who follow him.

These are the lessons he teaches to his warriors in the Blood Seekers, because he intends to leave them better than he found them when his time comes to return to the Darkness. His men are not perfect and they will never be perfect, but that is not the point. When battle is joined, the choices come down to two: Kill or be killed.

Drakkar chooses the former to avoid the latter for himself and all of his people.

Drakkar is always in motion, either pacing back and forth like a caged beast, or flying through the skies on the path to his next target. If forced to sit, he fidgets, taps his foot or drums his fingers. These things, while only minimally soothing to him, usually put others on edge. Those who have a problem with his actions can find him. He doesn’t hide and he doesn’t lie down for anyone. Enemies receive no mercy or consideration, save how quickly they must die.

He is patient when it suits him and capable of playing a long game,  but Drakkar often prefers to leave that for the Princes who push papers and write laws. Tact, while pleasing to others, angers Drakkar because it keeps people from saying the things that must be said when they require saying.

Drakkar’s hierarchy of respect becomes extremely clear if one spends any time in his presence. Elder warriors and his fellow warriors from before the Purge receive his attention and respect. Even when he disagrees with their views, Drakkar respects  those views through service to their people and the experience of life. Next comes those who have treated him fairly in the past. He does not forget those who have aided him or helped someone in his command. Earning Drakkar’s friendship is a difficult thing, but for those who do, they have a friend who will stand with them in bad times and good. His enmity, on the other hand, will last as long as he does and Drakkar does not leave enemies behind him to plot his demise.

Inwardly, Drakkar is torn about how to help his people. The other territories have bankrupted Askavi for the crime of winning the war they engaged. His people need food. They need Queens to heal the land. They need relief from the Jhinka attacks that appear better coordinated and stronger than ever before. His first and greatest impulse is to fight until all of Askavi’s enemies lie dead and broken at his feet. But poverty and hunger are enemies that don’t come to any battlefield, ready to engage in combat to the death. For every counter-attack he can create against a physical enemy, he finds himself on the back foot against the greatest enemies Askavi faces.

So the talk of peace when Askavi should be preparing for another war burns his belly and makes him want to crush skulls. Peace has cost Askavi its strength and Drakkar is tired of watching his people suffer.

Drakkar criticizes anything he finds incorrect. His tone and words are sharp, but in the end, he is trying to help. He does not have patience for the easily wounded and he is not above using force to put an upstart in their place. He lost his Red long ago, long before even some of these young bucks came slithering from between their mother’s thighs. He has beaten men and women with darker jewels than himself and fought in every Territory in Terreille. He will not be spoken down to and he will not be discounted by some warrior with a fraction of his experience solely because he was lucky enough to stand deeper in the Abyss.

Despite his aggressive mien and his polarizing nature (he has found that people love or hate him, with little gray area) Drakkar will fight and die for every last member of his race still living in Askavi. No matter their faults or issues, he carries an enduring respect and pride for the ones who stayed. These are the people who have suffered through the centuries of oppression from the rest of Terreille. Drakkar carries a deep-seated rage toward those Eyriens who left during the war or after to hide among the short-lived in other Territories. It is weakness for a hunter to adopt the methods of prey to survive.

He doesn’t make the laws for his people, but if he did, he would take the wings from everyone who deserted Askavi at the war’s end.


Title: Re: Drakkar Estaroth
Post by: Gavin on Dec 29, 16, 07:05:21 PM
Hello, I'd like to use my banked BO-R roll from here for Drakkar:

May I also have 5 Family Rolls, please and thank you?
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Per the use of your banked roll...

Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with an cut Blood Opal birthright Jewel, and were gifted with a cut Red Jewel at your offering.

( & (


And your five Family Rolls...

1. Tiger Eye - Summer Sky
2. Tiger Eye - Rose
3. Yellow - Rose
4. Rose - Purple Dusk
5. Rose - Purple Dusk
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All right.

Time for something new (for me, at least).

I will break Drakkar's Red and add +10 to his Birthright.
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At player request, including +10 to Birthright.

Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with an uncut Blood Opal birthright Jewel, and were gifted with a BROKEN cut Red Jewel at your offering.


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Ready for Review.
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This application has been reviewed!

Check your private messages for feedback. When you have made the requested changes please reply to this post and let us know you are ready for the next round!

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Ready for Round 2.
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Title: Re: Drakkar Estaroth
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Weighed by Mother Night...

Your dark ally has risen from the Darkness twice blessed with an uncut Opal Birthright Jewel, and were gifted with a cut Sapphire Jewel at your Offering.

( & (