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For nearly two centuries Askavi floundered, brought low in the wake of the Red Queen’s war. The institution of one court with its Two Queens and the end of restitution payments promises a brighter future. Still, War knocks on the Eyrien’s door from all sides and the people fight against the need to meet it.
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Author Topic: Drakkar Estaroth  (Read 4185 times)

Description: Warlord Prince. Blood Opal to Broken Red. Played by Gavin

Offline Drakkar Estaroth

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Drakkar Estaroth
« on: Dec 22, 16, 11:25:32 PM »
The Basics
Character Name: Drakkar Estaroth
Nicknames: His name is Drakkar. He will not be lessened with nicknames...except by Kestian.
Age & Birthyear: 2023 (Born 1828 BP)
Race: Long-Lived (Eyrien)
Caste: Warlord Prince
Birth Territory: Living Lake, Askavi, Terreille
Home Territory: Askavi, Terreille

Birthright Jewel:  uncut Blood Opal
Offering Jewel:  Broken Red

Role: Warlord Prince of Askavi
Faction: The Blood Seekers


Play By:  Baptiste Giabiconi
Distinguishing Features:

Drakkar’s body is a testament to a life devoted to warfare and combat. His hair is long and flowing, some of it covering the lattice of scars around his neck and wings. His golden skin is no longer smooth and supple, but crisscrossed with scars and abrasions from numerous combats and sparring matches. Numerous Healers have offered to reshape and mend his flesh to remove them, but Drakkar would no more remove his scars than he would remove his arm or break his Blood Opal.  It would dishonor him and the warriors he’s killed along the way.

Most days, Drakkar looks like ten thousand miles of bad road leading right toward the doorstep of Hell itself. Just as often, he looks every inch the tall, imposing Warlord Prince who may just rally Askavi to rage against its extinction from forces both internal and external.



Drakkar is a warrior, meeting the world as it is and not the way he wishes it to be. He does not mince words or waste actions. He is a Warlord Prince and most of the world to him, unfortunately, breaks down to a series of targets and objectives for him to accomplish or destroy in order to protect what is his. His people. His men. His family.

His place is at the front of his War Camp, drilling his men as close to perfection as he can reach until it is time for him to lead them into battle. In battle, he can be found at the head of the attack and in the thick of the action. There is no other place for a man who would call himself a warrior or a leader. Drakkar is both and accepts that placing himself in the greatest danger is the Price for earning the loyalty and trust of those who follow him.

These are the lessons he teaches to his warriors in the Blood Seekers, because he intends to leave them better than he found them when his time comes to return to the Darkness. His men are not perfect and they will never be perfect, but that is not the point. When battle is joined, the choices come down to two: Kill or be killed.

Drakkar chooses the former to avoid the latter for himself and all of his people.

Drakkar is always in motion, either pacing back and forth like a caged beast, or flying through the skies on the path to his next target. If forced to sit, he fidgets, taps his foot or drums his fingers. These things, while only minimally soothing to him, usually put others on edge. Those who have a problem with his actions can find him. He doesn’t hide and he doesn’t lie down for anyone. Enemies receive no mercy or consideration, save how quickly they must die.

He is patient when it suits him and capable of playing a long game,  but Drakkar often prefers to leave that for the Princes who push papers and write laws. Tact, while pleasing to others, angers Drakkar because it keeps people from saying the things that must be said when they require saying.

Drakkar’s hierarchy of respect becomes extremely clear if one spends any time in his presence. Elder warriors and his fellow warriors from before the Purge receive his attention and respect. Even when he disagrees with their views, Drakkar respects  those views through service to their people and the experience of life. Next comes those who have treated him fairly in the past. He does not forget those who have aided him or helped someone in his command. Earning Drakkar’s friendship is a difficult thing, but for those who do, they have a friend who will stand with them in bad times and good. His enmity, on the other hand, will last as long as he does and Drakkar does not leave enemies behind him to plot his demise.

Inwardly, Drakkar is torn about how to help his people. The other territories have bankrupted Askavi for the crime of winning the war they engaged. His people need food. They need Queens to heal the land. They need relief from the Jhinka attacks that appear better coordinated and stronger than ever before. His first and greatest impulse is to fight until all of Askavi’s enemies lie dead and broken at his feet. But poverty and hunger are enemies that don’t come to any battlefield, ready to engage in combat to the death. For every counter-attack he can create against a physical enemy, he finds himself on the back foot against the greatest enemies Askavi faces.

So the talk of peace when Askavi should be preparing for another war burns his belly and makes him want to crush skulls. Peace has cost Askavi its strength and Drakkar is tired of watching his people suffer.

Drakkar criticizes anything he finds incorrect. His tone and words are sharp, but in the end, he is trying to help. He does not have patience for the easily wounded and he is not above using force to put an upstart in their place. He lost his Red long ago, long before even some of these young bucks came slithering from between their mother’s thighs. He has beaten men and women with darker jewels than himself and fought in every Territory in Terreille. He will not be spoken down to and he will not be discounted by some warrior with a fraction of his experience solely because he was lucky enough to stand deeper in the Abyss.

Despite his aggressive mien and his polarizing nature (he has found that people love or hate him, with little gray area) Drakkar will fight and die for every last member of his race still living in Askavi. No matter their faults or issues, he carries an enduring respect and pride for the ones who stayed. These are the people who have suffered through the centuries of oppression from the rest of Terreille. Drakkar carries a deep-seated rage toward those Eyriens who left during the war or after to hide among the short-lived in other Territories. It is weakness for a hunter to adopt the methods of prey to survive.

He doesn’t make the laws for his people, but if he did, he would take the wings from everyone who deserted Askavi at the war’s end.


  • 1. The Rut: Drakkar welcomes his Ruts and finds no purpose in protecting anyone from them by hiding or attempting to mitigate them. The Rut is a facet of a Warlord Prince’s life that he cannot avoid, and is thereby a facet of the lives anyone who lives near a Warlord Prince. He’s his truest and most powerful self (minus his Offering Jewel) in the throes of the Rut and while on the Killing Edge. His Ruts are more frequent since losing his Jewel of rank; Drakkar considers this the Price that Terreille must pay for Witch’s stealing of his full power.

  • 2. Askavi: The mountains and runs of his home are the reason behind everything that Drakkar does. He loves flying above the forests and lakes of every District and Province. He loves the rush of wind in his ears as he soars through the Runs, the feel of doing battle on the soil of his homeland. The sounds of women screaming his name in the air of his homeland is unmatched anywhere else in Terreille. No other land possesses the beauty and brutality of Askavi. No other land is so deserving of Mother Night’s grace and protection.

  • 3. Small Children: His caustic demeanor does not hint at it, but Drakkar has a deep and abiding love for small children. His daughter, Xanian, was the light of his life and the only reason he might lay down his weapons and allow Hayll to live, in order to protect her. The two times he’s cried in his life were on the night of her birth and the day of her death. Whenever he sees one of the small children at play in the villages he visits, he’ll stop and provide them with a small trinket or a piece of candy. The parents of those children so gift consider it a gift that a famed warrior like Drakkar would take notice of their child.

    Drakkar is quick to correct them that children are the blessing.


  • 1. Lying:  Drakkar views lying as a flaw in the soul. He speaks sharply. He criticizes and finds fault. He attacks people and even kills when he must. Lying, however, is anathema to him which is why he prefers his place with the Blood Seekers over service to a Court or a Queen. Politics is built on lying out of both sides of one’s mouth and Drakkar does not engage in it. He has little respect for those that do.

  • 2. Hayll: A land of weepy poets and sexual deviants, Hayll is everything that is bad about the long-lived and everything wrong with Terreille. Given his choice, Drakkar would institute one final Purge to scour Hayll from the world, to rip down their cities, and to better their bloodlines by pumping as much Eyrien seed into their women as possible.

  • 3. Queens:  The Red Queen ruined their people and the dual Queens of Askavi will do the same with their weak ways. Don’t they understand that balance is needed to save Askavi from ruin?  Askavi dies without Queens, yet everyone would still bow to the first Queen who swore she could save the land. Drakkar’s dislike of Queens is well known throughout Askavi. The Court with Two Hearts to him is an abomination that cannot be allowed to humble Askavi into oblivion.


  • 1. Losing his Blood Opal: The loss of his Red jewel left a wound in Drakkar’s soul that has only festered since the Purge. His only fear now is the loss of his remaining power. His military record and leadership has united a number of his fellow Warlord Princes and some of the Priestess rulers of a various Districts behind him, but he must constantly (he thinks) prove his ability. The loss of his Blood Opal would strip him of his ability to lead, and perhaps his life. From there, it would only be a matter of time before his allies throw their support behind a new leader who does not have Askavi’s interests at heart.

  • 2. Peace: Drakkar has been engaged in warfare his entire life. His life is steeped in violence and colored on the blood of the lives he’s ended. Askavi must engage in warfare to remain viable. But if Illyrian Kriat has her way, his people will be de-fanged and beaten into submission. Worse yet, they’ll be defenseless when Hayll finally attacks.

  • 3. Another Purge: Askavi was never defeated in the Great War. Witch used her power to reduce the Blood’s numbers and force them to earn the right to survive. Yet Drakkar has never seen such terrible power before or since then. His Jewel of Rank broke despite his great strength. The most powerful Eyriens he knew and respected died with ease. Witch’s wrath was indiscriminate and the bulk of it fell upon Askavi, who only did what they were best at. Another Purge will fully crush Askavi and extinguish the Eyrien race.

    Craft Strengths:

  • 1.Breaking Jewels: A person’s inner web is a difficult place to reach, but Drakkar finds it easier to make the other person do the work. Drakkar has a supernatural sense of the level of power contained within the Jewels of another Blood. Using this knowledge, Drakkar innately understands how to time and perform his attack, both Craft-based and physical, to press his opponent into draining their reservoir of personal power, and then pushing beyond it at the risk their jewels.

  • 2. Combat Strategy: While Drakkar is a strong personal combatant, his ability to manage a group of warriors is supernatural. This Craft allows Drakkar to instinctively position himself in the best place to assist others during large-scale combat. When one man attacks, Drakkar recognizes the best place to flank their opponent and divide his attention. When another man parries an attack, Drakkar is there to follow-through with a counter-attack or deliver a lethal strike.

    Craft Weaknesses:

  • 1. Sight Shielding: Drakkar says that he does not hide from his enemies, but it is more accurate to say that he cannot hide from his enemies. He is utterly incapable of the sight shields that would allow him to move invisibly and strike unseen or escape after dealing damage.

  • 2. Sending Psychic Threads: Drakkar cannot send, only receive, psychic threads from others ever since the loss of his Red Jewel. He was mid-thread with his brother at the time of the Purge, flying home to Living Lake to assist in warding off a Jhinka attack. Black Widows have informed him that the part of his mind responsible for sending those threads is damaged, but not beyond eventual repair. Drakkar is wary of letting someone have access to his mind, so he deals with the handicap. Attempting to send a psychic thread causes Drakkar intense pain, as though someone is carving into his skull with sword. He responds to all threads verbally.

    Life Story


    Mother: Tanian Estaroth: Rose to Purple Dusk Black Widow - died in the Hayllian attack on Askavi (Age 2980)
    Father: Ronnar Estaroth: Purple Dusk to Blood Opal Warlord - died in Shalador Campaign (Age 3897)


    Rellian Estaroth - Rose to Purple Dusk Healer - died in the Purge (Age 2908)
    Bandar Estaroth - Tiger Eye to Rose Warlord Prince- died in the Purge (Age 2705)
    Xerian Estaroth -Tiger Eye to Summer Sky Healer- died in the Hayllian attack on Askavi (Age 2504)
    Patrar Estaroth - Yellow to Rose Warlord member of the delegation to Hayll (Age 2206)

    Carian Estaroth - White to Tiger Eye Witch (died in attack on Askavi) (Age 1941)

    Xanian Estaroth - White to Yellow Priestess daughter (died attack on Askavi) Age 847

    Lokar Estaroth: Rose to Purple Dusk Warlord  (leader of the Thousand Skulls War Camp) Age 3505


    Drakkar Estaroth stank of Warlord Prince on the day of his birth.

    Ronnar and Tanian Estaroth were surprised by this latest pregnancy that added a fifth child to their brood. Having already raised another Warlord Prince in their son, Bandar, and three other children besides, the veteran parents felt confident in their ability to fold baby Drakkar into their family. His siblings came ready to meet their new brother on the day of his birth, each whispering to him their love as they held them, save Bandar himself, who had to leave the area as his territorial instincts kicked in and he saw Drakkar as an interloper.

    They expected things to be difficult for a time. Bandar’s temper caused many sleepless nights and raw tempers in their eyrie. But Bandar’s moods eventually became predictable enough that everyone understood when to avoid him and when he was safe to approach.

    Drakkar’s moods made Bandar’s seem tame by comparison.

    Drakkar demanded attention, demanded to be notice when he entered the room. If he wasn’t, he made everyone in that room pay for it. He tested boundaries and then broke them. He disobeyed his parents and his siblings routinely. Tanian feared that her little boy would not reach his Birthright, so great was the anger that he provoked in his father and in his eldest brother. His brother Patrar spent more time with him than anyone, save their mother, and when Drakkar thinks on the most influential people in his life, it is often his middle brother that comes to the top of the list.  Rellian, his sister,  talked about how she looked forward to Drakkar’s movement to the Hunting Camps for training, as it would finally allow the family a few years of peace.

    Drakkar’s Blood Opal gave the boy a sense of belonging, as he was no longer the only family member without a jewel. He left for the Hunting Camps soon after, but not before hugging each member of his family and vowing that he would make them proud of him.

    It was not easy at first.

    Drakkar was used to structure from his time with his family, but the Hunting Camps demanded that he direct his deep rage toward honing himself for the oncoming war. His first instructor in the Camps was none other than his paternal Uncle, Lokar, a long-time teacher and Warrior. He gave Drakkar menial tasks to start, designed to instill discipline and attention to detail. He failed in some of those tasks at the start, but eventually learned to clamp down on his temper enough to work as a team with other warriors. He began to enjoy the training and stayed up many nights with his newfound brothers, sparring and seeking ways to better themselves. They all vowed to come together and form their own camp when the time came.

    He received the Red at his Offering and believed that it was the Darkness telling him that his purpose was to bathe in the blood of his people’s enemies. He spent three centuries in the Hunting Camps, teaching younger Eyriens and fighting against the Jhinka in Living Lake Province. His ability to coordinate smaller forces against larger groups earned him a place with the Blood Seekers, an elite War Camp headed by the Warlord Prince Velar Andros. Velar and Drakkar took an immediate liking to each other and Drakkar modeled his own behaviors after the powerful warrior.

    He met his wife, Carian, shortly before his departure for the war. Drakkar loved his wife passionately and she was the only person who looked forward to his Ruts more than he did.

    Drakkar was named Velar’s Second-in-Command of the Blood Seekers prior to the initial attack on Raej. The War Camp lead the vanguard that drove into Raej and captured the territory, leading to the treaty of Vaal. The Blood Seekers remained in Raej for a century before they were assigned to aid the border skirmishes in Shalador. While the Shaladoran tribes caused the Blood Seekers no end of annoyance and issues, they also enjoyed minor success. The short-lived barbarians that the did capture received no mercy from Drakkar or his fellow warriors.

    By this time, Velar’s son, Tavar, had joined their War Camp and Drakkar welcomed him as a brother among their people.  His daughter, Xanian, also came of age during this time and the Warlord Prince believed that perhaps, after the war he could return to Askavi bathed in honor and join a Court as a Master of the Guard.

    The Dhemlanese Resistance cost him several of his good friends and prominent warriors. Drakkar took his revenge in full, making sure that he broke any Dark Jeweled fighters that he could find, especially the women. Once Dhemlan was subjugated, he was commended with a sword from Prince Andros, whose wife had recently given birth to a son.

    Dena Nehele’s subjugation was a personal highlight in Drakkar’s existence. He believes that no fewer than five women bore children sired by him, but he has never been of a mind to find out. Velar left him in command in Dena Nehele until a Queen could be sent to administer the Territory, occurring with the Treaty of Dusk. While Drakkar loved Askavi the most of all the lands he’s been to, Dena Nehele’s beauty is a close second to his homeland. Once a leader had been chosen for the Territory, Drakkar remained for two centuries to ensure that there was no further resistance or treachery from any resistance.

    Hayll’s cowardly attack on Askavi claimed both his wife and daughter. The receipt of the news was the first and last time that Drakkar ever felt bereft of purpose or reason to live. Neither feeling lasted long, though, as the dam that leashed the greatest part of his rage felt lifted. Velar asked him to lead the Blood Seekers in the vanguard attack that would engage Hayll’s soldiers while another force attacked Draega proper.  Rather than rape the Hayllian women he came across, Drakkar put every man and woman to death as repayment for his family’s lives. Even today, killing a Hayllian is even more enjoyable to him than killing any other Blood.

    Once Hayll was sacked, Drakkar headed home to bury his family. He further learned that his mother and older sister, Xerian, were killed by the Hayllians. Filled with more hate than ever, Drakkar tore into the Jhinka of his homeland with abandon, perhaps hoping to be claimed in battle rather than endure the remaining centuries without the people he loved. He was in flight and communicating with his uncle by spear thread when the Purge struck.

    Pain blossomed inside his skull and the world lit up like a thousand suns, throwing him into the Living Lake. Even as he struggled to the surface, his body barely obyed his commands and it felt as though he’d lost his wings. His body was damaged, yet whole, so it took him several second to understand what happened.

    His Red was broken.

    He tried to reach for that power and found it simply...gone.

    He wandered for several days, unable to string together more than two coherent thoughts at a time until Lokar and Patrar found him. When he woke again a week later, Patrar and Lokar informed him that the damage to their homeland was incalculable. The Red Queen, Savian Dakane-Ranosi, was calling all Eyrien warriors home and trying to assess the damage. Despite winning the war they’d started, the Askavi war machine was being forced to retreat.

    Worse yet, his brother and uncle remained as Drakkar’s sole living family.

    The times since the Purge have been hardest. The few Queens Askavi has are either too weak to nourish the land or have chosen only their favored people and left the rest to die. But Drakkar refuses to let his people die slowly and by degrees. The reparations demanded by the rest of Terreille are insult, but one that will not last forever.

    Someday, they will rebuild from the wrath of Dreams Made Flesh’s attack.

    Someday, his people will rise again.

    Drakkar is now scouring the Hunting Camps for promising young warriors to bring into the Blood Seekers. He is also cultivating relationships with various Province and District level leaders, encouraging them to sharpen the defenses of their Landing Pads and the routes into and out of their areas. The Jhinka's raids are growing more frequent and better coordinated, a fact that has not gone unnoticed by the other Rogue Camp leaders with whom Drakkar maintains contact with. He is unsure what this means, but believes that their old enemies are starting to gain true intelligence. This deeply unsettles him and he needs to know more.

    His fellow warriors are angry. Terreille has grown fat off of their reparations while Askavi can barely feed its people. Diplomats have been sent to lands that Askavi conquered by might of the sword to beg for the right to stop paying them. Drakkar hears their anger. He feels that same anger in his heart. The Court with Two Hearts seems unwilling or unable to address the plight of their people and content with bowing and scraping for the right to exist.

    If they will not stand and fight, then perhaps both hearts need to be cut out in favor of new leadership.

    Show Us What You've Got

    Character in Play:

    Drakkar Estaroth tucked his wings tight to his body and let himself fall from the sky of Fell Valley. As he did, four other shapes mimicked the action. The group of Eyrien warriors fell, fell, down through the night sky speeding toward the grassy forest floor. Draakar unfolded his wings just above the treeline, streaking down toward the band of warriors they’d been informed that were in the area. Drakkar focused his craft through his Blood Opal--his lone remaining jewel-- to enhance his sight. He searched for the leader of the group and found him, based upon the description he’d been given from several of the other war leaders.

    Drakkar landed several feet away as the other warriors came to attention, ready to dispatch this new threat if needed. The tension among these men was already palpable upon Drakkar’s landing and the Warlord Prince suppressed the urge to grin as his brothers landed and took up positions at his flank.

    The tension only grew stronger.

    Prince Eristovar.” he said, manipulating his voice to make it loud enough for all to hear without booming.

    My name is Drakkar Estaroth, of Living Lake. I would have words with you regarding the Court with Two Hearts.” Drakkar said, his tone indicating that it was less than demand but more than a request.

    Prince Estaroth, you are known to me.” Eristovar said, moving only a few steps in Drakkar’s direction. Drakkar noted the stiffness of posture and how closely another Warlord Prince, by the scent of him, watched the precedings.

    I wish that I could assist you just now, but my men and I are leaving this area.” Eristovar said.

    I will not take up your time, Prince Eristovar. I have only one question for you. Has there been any word from our delegation to Hayll?” Drakkar asked. Eristovar’s expression became stony. He did not answer immediately and Drakkar’s anger kindled, sparking fire in his chest. He’d heard that the Court with Two Hearts was rife with politics and back-biting, but he’d hoped that such matters were left among the females of the Court. As he looked at Eristovar, however, he knew that the next words out of the man’s mouth would be a lie.

    There has been no word, Prince Drakkar. But I invite you to come to the Court in two days’ time and Lady Kriat will be happy to meet with you--

    JHINKA!” one of Eristovar's men yelled.

    The forest erupted in a chorus of roars and battle was joined.


    Drakkar’s warriors made their way to his side with alacrity, joining shoulder to shoulder and tucking their wings. The Jhinka snarled their rage and rushed forward, intent on tearing the Eyriens to pieces. Drakkar met the first one, slicing clean through his leg with a single downward stroke of his weapon, then ducking a backhanded blow score the creature on the back. Another swung for his skull with a club, a blow that would kill a defenseless man in a single move. Unable to dodge it, the Warlord Prince settled for a hasty parry that knocked the Jhinka off-balance and rattled Drakkar’s bones.

    Combat devolved into a series of single encounters in which the Jhinka died messily, though they inflicted a number of wounds on Drakkar’s men and Eristovar’s people. Drakkar turned and saw one of Prince Eristovar’s men on his back, searching for his weapon as one of the Jhinka leaders advanced on him, intending to end his life.

    Just my luck. Saving a peacock from his own folly.

    Drakkar drew back and flung his sword across the distance between himself and the raider in what would be a mortal strike.

    The Jhinka leader’s head snapped in Drakkar’s direction and, faster than the Warlord Prince believed was capable, it dodged the blade when it was merely a second from its intended target.

    The blade froze in mid-air behind the creature as something shimmered into focus.

    No, not, something.


    Prince Eristovar looked down at the blade in his chest, then up at Drakkar. The Jhinka leader roared in triumph and ran, as three of his living compatriots attempted to follow him. Drakkar stared at Eristovar as he fell to his knees, mouthing something that Drakkar couldn’t read or hear. The world slowed to a crawl.

    Drakkar wasn’t sure when he reached Eristovar, but the Prince was long dead, his eyes staring up at the sky.

    His men looked at Drakkar, some in hatred, others with barely-restrained fury. The Warlord Prince landed nearby, walking forward to find Drakkar standing over his body while Eristovar’s men held their weapons at the ready.

    The Blood Seekers, for their part, stood behind their Captain, weapons at the ready.

    Blood Seekers, hold.” Drakkar said, raising his hand and looking over his right shoulder to speak to his men “They are not our enemies. Certainly, they will see--

    The other Warlord Prince surged forward and drove his fist into Drakkar’s jaw, dropping him to the ground.

    Save your words for Lady Kriat, murderer.” the Warlord Prince said, his voice thick with rage and the desire to end the man before him right now.

    You’ll need them.

    Petitions (if any): N/A

    Player Name: Gavin

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Re: Drakkar Estaroth
« Reply #1 on: Dec 29, 16, 07:05:21 PM »
Hello, I'd like to use my banked BO-R roll from here for Drakkar:

May I also have 5 Family Rolls, please and thank you?

Offline phinneas

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Re: Drakkar Estaroth
« Reply #2 on: Dec 29, 16, 07:10:19 PM »
Per the use of your banked roll...

Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with an cut Blood Opal birthright Jewel, and were gifted with a cut Red Jewel at your offering.



And your five Family Rolls...

1. Tiger Eye - Summer Sky
2. Tiger Eye - Rose
3. Yellow - Rose
4. Rose - Purple Dusk
5. Rose - Purple Dusk  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker

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Re: Drakkar Estaroth
« Reply #3 on: Dec 29, 16, 07:25:34 PM »
All right.

Time for something new (for me, at least).

I will break Drakkar's Red and add +10 to his Birthright.

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Re: Drakkar Estaroth
« Reply #4 on: Dec 29, 16, 08:08:55 PM »
At player request, including +10 to Birthright.

Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with an uncut Blood Opal birthright Jewel, and were gifted with a BROKEN cut Red Jewel at your offering.


character tracker

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Re: Drakkar Estaroth
« Reply #5 on: Dec 31, 16, 08:19:09 PM »
Ready for Review.

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Re: Drakkar Estaroth
« Reply #6 on: Dec 31, 16, 08:33:13 PM »

This application has been reviewed!

Check your private messages for feedback. When you have made the requested changes please reply to this post and let us know you are ready for the next round!

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Re: Drakkar Estaroth
« Reply #7 on: Dec 31, 16, 08:49:14 PM »
Ready for Round 2.

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Re: Drakkar Estaroth
« Reply #8 on: Dec 31, 16, 09:12:24 PM »

Offline Dash

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Re: Drakkar Estaroth
« Reply #9 on: Dec 15, 17, 01:14:58 AM »
Weighed by Mother Night...

Your dark ally has risen from the Darkness twice blessed with an uncut Opal Birthright Jewel, and were gifted with a cut Sapphire Jewel at your Offering.


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