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A Black Jewel has obliterated the longstanding Eyrien rulership of the Territory. As the Rihlanders begin to reclaim their homeland they do so under the stern gaze of their "savior". Three separate peoples struggle to both claim their own identities and become a unified nation, but old hatreds are difficult to shed.
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Author Topic: The Exchange  (Read 3676 times)


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The Exchange
« on: Feb 04, 18, 11:22:15 AM »


Even with a Black Jewel claiming dominion over Rihland the Exchange still thrives.

The group came into being shortly after Drakkar Eventide took control of Askavi, Kaeleer in the year after the Purge. While Drakkar put into place the Prohibitions, there were ingenious Rihlanders and half-breeds that saw an opportunity not to just rebel, but to make a profit from defiance. While many rebel groups have formed from the Exchange over the last two centuries and been squashed, the Exchange remained in no small part because the Eyriens who ruled the Territory simply thought it not worth their time to dismantle.

Crime had a tendency to pay, after all.

If someone needed alcohol, drugs, a sordid night out, or to get smuggled out of the Territory they went to the Exchange. The last two few decades had been particularly profitable for members of the group, especially their leadership. While Drakkar Eventide and Kirian Svetlana kept the borders closed there were plenty of Eyriens who wanted goods from outside of the Territory, and it wasn’t unheard of for the winged overlords to look the other way as long as they got a kickback.

Goals and Organization:

It should never be confused that the Exchange is motivated primarily by profit. While there are some Rihlanders with a patriotic bent, most of those individuals transitioned into the Reclaimers at the end of the Eyrien reign. Kalvar’s ascendence changed the Prohibitions and so too has the Exchange changed. The group has modified its goals in the last two years as Johannes Gudbrandson took over and with its change of leadership, some of its methodology and accounting has evolved with the times. While they are still the black market of Rihland, they have heavily shifted into legitimate business as well. It can be expected that within each major city one might find that their local market or trade center has ties to the Exchange. With the right word, be it a phrase, gesture, or otherwise, one can discover that their local fruit seller actually has far more available to sell and not all of it even considered illegal.

While previously the Exchange had worked in completely independent cells, they have started to become more centralized. Johannes has a number of lieutenants that report to a figure that no-one, save for those very trusted lieutenants, knows the identity of. This figurehead, known simply as ‘The Boss’ to everyone in the Exchange, is shrouded in mystery to purposely obfuscate his identity. The lieutenants conduct business, take their cut, and pass the rest up to ‘The Boss’ for redistribution.

Currently there are four major operations of The Exchange:
   -Legitimate Trade

Because the borders were locked down until the last two years, The Exchange serves as the best facilitator for legitimate trade. This last section of the Exchange is perhaps the most profitable, as they have established routes and contacts with neighboring Territories that bring in new and desired goods, while exporting some of Rihland’s bountiful natural resources.

The Exchange is the one place in Rihland where racial identity does not matter. Be you Glacian, Rihlander, Half-Breed, or Eyrien, as long as you are good at your job and able to keep quiet, you can go far in the organization.

Those with higher positions within the organization are expected to be loyal to the Exchange only. However that has not always been the case, as the Exchange once aided the Rihlander rebellion before the destruction of the Eyrien Territory Court. Those ties led a number of the younger members towards the Reclaimers and their cause. Should one find themselves part of another organized group aside from the Exchange they must be careful as the ‘The Boss’ does not take kindly to such and the effect it could have on business as a whole. The quickest way to see yourself out, if not dead, is to serve another before the Exchange.

To that end the Exchange does not favor any one side of the current conflicts within Rihland and expects the same of its agents. It is just as likely to help the Eyrien Rebellion as it is to help the Reclamation or see some other motive of the Territory Court pushed forward. Conflict is money and as long as there is struggle between the various groups the Exchange will be there to profit and make a business out of it.