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Established February 2010
by Jamie, Gina & Bowie.

* Plot Information for Rihland

A Black Jewel has obliterated the longstanding Eyrien rulership of the Territory. As the Rihlanders begin to reclaim their homeland they do so under the stern gaze of their "savior". Three separate peoples struggle to both claim their own identities and become a unified nation, but old hatreds are difficult to shed.
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Author Topic: Ebon Varos  (Read 1021 times)

Description: The Black Fortress. Capital of Rihland

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Ebon Varos
« on: Feb 23, 17, 03:53:02 PM »

Ebon Varos is a mountain fortress that has stood for over a thousand years. Serving currently as the Territory Capital, it was built into the mountain range that serves as a border for Rihland, Glacia, Nharkava, and Little Terreille. The long mountain range is fairly uninterrupted from the southernmost tip to the other end of the Territory. In the past it has served as the staging grounds for invasions into other Territories, back when the Eyriens were still continuing their campaign of global domination.

The fortress is over a mile high from the foot of the mountains upon which serve as its base. A single road leads up to the entrance of the fortress, which is not easy to traverse and usually needs the assistance of Craft.

Only two winds connect to the landing pad of Ebon Varos; a Purple Dusk and a Red. As such most individuals who wish to reach the fortress must do so by carriage, which has two flights a day.

Very few Eyriens live still in Ebon Varos, though it is obvious that the fortress was made for them. Not only is it more easily accessible through direct flight, but the hallways and rooms are built with winged individuals in mind, with larger rooms and hallways, as well as ceilings. There are multiple windows throughout the structure that allow for easy exit.

The fortress can house a thousand people individually, as well as holds a large communal barracks. Kalvar, since moving in, has taken the Queen’s Chamber that once belonged to Kirian Svetlana.

Deep within the fortress lies a shrine placed in a cave. There are two points of entry -- one a skyway overhead that provides light and warmth, and the other is through the fortress itself. Here the majority of worship is conducted, and the idols and hallmarks of Eyrien religion have started to give way to the Rihlander icons of worship.

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