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Established February 2010
by Jamie, Gina & Bowie.

* Plot Information for Rihland

A Black Jewel has obliterated the longstanding Eyrien rulership of the Territory. As the Rihlanders begin to reclaim their homeland they do so under the stern gaze of their "savior". Three separate peoples struggle to both claim their own identities and become a unified nation, but old hatreds are difficult to shed.
Culture of Rihland
Ebon Varos
Rihlander Religion
The Reclaimers
The Exchange

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Author Topic: Culture of Rihland  (Read 3984 times)

Description: Map, Culture Reference, Statistics

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Culture of Rihland
« on: Feb 10, 17, 05:50:59 PM »
    Capital: Ebon Varos
    Population: 1.9 Million
    Population Breakdown: 95% native to Territory. 5% from immigration (mostly Glacia)
    Caste Breakdown: 15% Blood to 85% Landen. 70% of population is Rihlander, 25% Eyrien, 5% Glacian refugees.

    Abundance of Priestesses. Very few unbroken Eyrien Queens. All other castes and jewels well represented.

    Major Exports: Oil, coal, timber, iron ore, copper, zinc, graphite, salt, lumber, metals, paper, fruit, meat, leather.
    Major Imports: Manufactured goods, Luxury goods.


    Markoth and much of Belaya tend to be temperate with a great deal of rainfall throughout the year. Ideal temperature for farming and agriculture. Vyrkov and the areas around the many mountain ranges tend to be colder and more arid. Ebon Varos is known to constantly have a dark set of storms around the mountain range.


    Provinces and Districts:

    Capital City: Vekeldorf
    Districts: Avorla, Scythia

    Capital City: Kanonberg
    Districts: Altai, Svendai

    Capital City: Tremen
    Districts: Sullar, Kondyar


    Rihland is a Territory of three distinct cultures that are mostly segregated: Rihlanders, Eyriens, and Glacian refugees. The native Rihlanders are a short-lived people who tend to be tall and fair-skinned. They have eye color that is typically blue or light brown, with brown and blonde hair and very fair skin. They are a people who emote often, who laugh loudly, who work hard and play harder. They enjoy good beer and hearty food and they are fierce in their friendships, their loves, and their fights. Men and women are treated fairly equally, with female laborers, lumberjacks, craftspeople, and warriors (except for Queens). Even Queens are taught the basics of combat in order to protect themselves.

    Since the Purge the Rihlanders were treated like second-class citizens in their own Territory and held captive by the Eyriens in power. Their Queens were kidnapped and used as little more than gardeners, unable to hold proper courts or wield true power. As such most Rihlanders do not understand court politics or structure. They are an agricultural, communal people who focus on family and oral tradition as they have no libraries or much in the way of written record. They have only now been able to have their freedoms returned to them and are exploring the ways that they can reclaim their culture and begin planning a future of their own.

    The Eyriens are a long lived people who came to Rihland thousands of years ago. They are an arrogant people. They see themselves as superior to all other races, including other Long Lived races. Those who are not of pure Eyrien blood are seen as lesser beings or mongrels. Regardless of Jewel strength, an Eyrien will think themselves superior to non-Eyriens.They have the typical long-lived features of straight black hair, golden eyes, golden skin, and no facial hair. They typically wear their hair long. Though they ‘ruled’ the Territory for thousands of years and waged war from it, they mostly left the Rihlanders alone as the two groups lived in separate parts of the Territory. When the Purge struck the Eyriens conquered the Rihlanders and used them as cheap labor, forced their Queens to serve, and broke up any Courts that they had.

    There are sharp gender lines between Eyrien males and females. Eyrien males are fierce warriors trained from before their Birthright in the ways of war. After their Birthright ceremonies they are removed from their families and parents and made part of Eyrien Hunting Camps to be taught the ways of war and how to hone their Craft for battle.

    Eyrien females, in sharp contrast, are not taught any skills for battle. It is seen as a purely masculine arena, and instead they are taught the ways of politics, economics, agriculture, and finances. Eyrien females are independent and taught to be self sufficient, and their roles are respected and revered.

    The Glacians who have come to live in Rihland are either refugees or the children of refugees trying to escape the confines of the Dark Religion. They are a polite, closed off people who speak with poise and calm and are practiced with not revealing their emotions and thoughts. Glacians are fair haired and typically pale skinned with very bright eyes and slim builds.

    Despite their separation from their homeland, some cultural matters have not left them. Female children are cherished more than men, and it is extremely looked down upon for a male to have access to the feminine arts. Queens and Priestesses hold a special reverence. The Rihland Glacians see Dark Jewels with a special reverence, and Light Jewels are still a mark of shame (though this trend is changing). While the discrimination that was present in Glacia is not as represented in the community that has been built in Rihland, it is still a pervasive conditioning that has not yet been thrown off.

    Half-Eyriens have an especially difficult life.Those raised among Eyriens are treated as mongrels and unworthy of their Eyrien blood. Those raised among the Rihlanders will always bear the marks of being part of the oppressors. Before Kalvar’s ascendance Half-Eyriens were nominally part of Eyrien society, but given lackluster roles and positions, usually guardians and watchdogs of the Rihlanders.

    Appearance References:
    Rihlander: German, Danish, Dutch
    Eyrien: Long-Lived
    Glacian: Norway, Sweden, Finland

    The Prohibitions:

    A set of laws put into effect after the Purge, this codex of laws has been enforced on the subjugated Rihlander population. As Glacians became part of the population they too were put under these laws. Up until Kalvar’s rule they did not apply to Eyriens, but with the change in leadership he has made them universal throughout the Territory.

    • No Drugs or Mind Altering Recreational Craft: This law bans almost every drug from the Territory for purchase, possession, or distribution. For a time the Exchange offered webs or brews that would achieve the same result but they too have been banned. Note: This law used to prevent the consumption, purchase, or sale of alcohol as well. When Kalvar became Territory Ruler he removed this segment of the prohibition.

    • Red Moon Houses Highly Regulated: Prostitution is nearly illegal. One must have a valid license to operate in a Red Moon house. No more than one male and one female allowed to engage in a transaction at a time. Absolutely no homosexual behavior is allowed.

    • No Gambling: Even simple card games are seen with suspicion.

    • No Same Sex Unions: This translates beyond just marriage as well. No homosexual behavior is tolerated.
    The first violation of a Prohibition tends to be a fine. Second violation often has individuals being sent to a “Rehab Town” where they are confined by Widow’s Webs placed upon them that prevent them from leaving and counseled by a Priestess how to mend their ways. Third violation is punished by loss of body, land, or jewels. If an individual violates a Prohibition a fourth time they are executed.

    The Courts are responsible for upholding the Prohibitions and those who do not do so risk being replaced by the Prince of Rihland.