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Author Topic: Pruul: The Next Chapter  (Read 913 times)

Description: Territory Story-Arch Characters

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Pruul: The Next Chapter
« on: Mar 12, 18, 11:45:07 PM »
Pruul: The Next Chapter

Pruul has been irrevocably changed by the Rains, brought for seven nights and seven days by the Mineborn. But ending The Great Drought was not without consequences. The rain has incensed the Sandworms, previously only found in the deep desert. They have begun to spread, further and further each day. They have made travelling across the desert increasingly perilous and many Tribes have been attacked. As the worms get closer to the few major cities in Pruul, their numbers multiplied, some worry that travel will become impossible. And without Winds to connect the territory, what will happen to the great people of Pruul if they are marooned within their own land?

Perhaps there is still hope. Perhaps that hope rests in the hands of Healers, one from each Tribe and Clan, that might one day possesses the ability to control these creaters—for good or evil.

The Major Players:

The Future

Medium Difficulty
The Young One
Shuri al-Tair
Rose to Purple Dusk (unrolled)
Suggested PB: Letita Wright
Age range: 18-21

Shuri is the youngest of the Healers that believes she can make a difference. She grew up as an orphan, using her talents to heal horses as they fell ill from travelling. She grew attached to the creatures and some say she loves them more than she loves people. This could not be furthure from the truth, however, because Shuri’s gift for healing is strongest at sensing pain. Not just open wounds, but the pain of anxiety, frustration, and anger. It plagues her, everywhere. Everywhere but the desert. The prospect of never being able to cross it again is more than she can bare.

Plotlines: Shuri views the Sandworms as ultimately an animal, even with their reputation for senseless killing. She wants to treat them humanly, study them, and learn how Pruulian can coexist with the creatures. This devotion to the Sandworms as creatures gives her a unique edge. 

The Brave

The Brave One
Amarrah al-Kalurops
Healer (Warlord)
Rose to Summer Sky. (These Jewels are not rolled.)
Suggested PB: Mahlagha Jaberi
Age range: 25+

Amarrah is from a tribe of warriors and she trained as one all her life. She is a proud protector of her people, including her two twin daughters. Their father was lost in a Sandworm attack recently and she is dealing with her grief the only way she knows how: by fighting. If there is even a chance that she could control one of these great beasts she will grasp it and make the Sandworms suffer, just as her family and Tribe have. This duel desire for revenge and safety is a potent combination, equipping Amarrah with a perspective that could ensure she could be the greatest warrior her people have ever seen.

Tips and Notes: This character could easily slip down a path filled with hate and pain, the purity of hope she has for her people diminished by the rage she feels for the creature that took away her love. In her mind, if she could kill every sandworm, she would. Could that consume her?

The Foolish

The Foolish One
Gemmarah al-Hague
Opal to Red Healer. (These Jewels are not rolled.)
Suggested PB: Up to you
Age range: 21+

Gemmarah is fueled by the desire to obtain power, by any means necessary. She was picked up in the desert by her tribe as a toddler, her parents killed as they tried to make it to Onn. The Hague, among the least xenophobic of Pruulian Tribes, adopted the young Healer for her Birthright was dark and it promised great possibilities for their Tribe. Just because she was adopted did not mean she was accepted though. Mercilessly taunted and bullied, she grew bitter and alone. Now that her Tribe might be helpless, marooned in the Onn, she wants to rise up and…not help them.

She wants to learn the true extent of her abilities and then sell them to the highest bidder. She wants to show the world that just because she was not born in Pruul does not mean she cannot save it…or destroy it.

***Entire backstory is up for change. This is just an idea to jump off of.

Tips and Notes: Gemmarah has never truly known love and until she does her nature will remain stormy and spiteful. Slowly, through the comradery of sisterhood she might build with the other Healers, perhaps she will finally find a home. Or perhaps not. Only time will tell.

The Doomed

Medium Difficulty
The Doomed
Zae al-Bakka
Summer Sky to Green Healer. (These Jewels are not rolled.)
Suggested PB: Maryam Zakaria
Age range: 30+

Zae is full of hope and light. She is perhaps the sweetest Healer you will ever meet. She had an idyllic life, given what she desired just as she gave others what they desired. Skilled in Sandworm trauma healing, she is able to pull someone back that has a gash taken out of their stomach. She has saved countless lives and seen the damage these creatures can cause to her people. With this in mind, she has begun to study them for the past few years, learning their anatomy from the few dead carcasses that have been captured with memory crystals.

And, although it hurts her, she has taught herself how to reverse heal. She believes that the Craft could be the key to taking down these creatures and it colors how she views her ability to control the creatures. If one can control them, even for a moment, one can connect enough to plant a tumor that would obliterate them forever.

Tips and Notes: Zae is the most advanced healer of them all, training for years and studying the Sandworms in depth. She has a wealth of knowledge and unique ideas. Although the idea of hurting a creature upsets her, she will do anything she needs to in order to keep more of her people from falling under her healing hands.

Be warned: this character has a tragic fate.

The Ridiculed

The Ridiculed One
Fate al-Izar
Purple Dusk to Sapphire Healer. (These Jewels are not rolled.)
Suggested PB: Sarah Shahi
Age range: 21+

Fate is not a traditionally trained Healer. Raised in the streets of Onn, she sold her self-taught skills for money to keep herself alive. She did not have any family, no home, no future. That was until the Rains came. They changed everything. She joined the al-Izar and found a family, a people that saw the potential in her and not just the crimes she had committed in the past to get by. She would give anything for her new Clan, including her life. That is why she has volunteered to serve her people the best way she can, through her self-taught skills. While the others might ridicule the Healer, Fate believes in herself because the al-Izar believe in her. After all, from darkness can come the most beautiful light.

Tips and Notes: Fate has not had any formal Healing training, but she is still naturally very skilled. She is brave, smart, and wants to show everyone that a street rat can change the world. That her Clan is not a patchwork of the desperate, but a seed of hope for the future.

OVERALL NOTES: These characters will embark on a very dangerous mission to save Pruul. They risk bodily harm to themselves and their Jewels. Please approach this plot knowing there is very real consequences to embarking on this journey. Additionally, these are starting concepts and 12 healers will be available, so PM me if you have other ideas.

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Re: Pruul: The Next Chapter
« Reply #1 on: Mar 13, 18, 03:52:59 AM »
Okay I GUESS I'll make one. Put me down for ~The Foolish One~ (though will probably change the first name) and we'll see what happens! May DM you with an inquiry or two~ <3

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Re: Pruul: The Next Chapter
« Reply #2 on: Apr 29, 18, 12:36:33 PM »
This thread can be achieved.