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Author Topic: Dhemlan, T Want Ads!  (Read 2757 times)

Description: Vote for Drama!

Offline DragonGirl

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Dhemlan, T Want Ads!
« on: Aug 31, 18, 05:08:55 PM »
Election Bureaucracy
Difficulty Level: Advanced/Major Plot Movers

Registrar of Voting and Candidacy
  • A well-respected Priestess who had spent a lifetime overseeing the census and records at the Archive, was chosen to monitor the voting itself and arrange for her sisters to prepare for the elections. She is a neutral party that both those who proposed and opposed the idea of the elections agreed upon. With little to gain or lose no matter the outcome, she is set on seeing this race run smoothly, fairly, and without backstabbing, and has been given the power and authority to see this done.
Head of the Judicial Election Oversight Coven

  • Working under the Priestess, this woman’s job is to screen all candidates and make sure that there is no Craft-meddling in the election. She has been given permission, along with a specially appointed Judiciary Coven, to request an inspection of any candidate’s mind for tampering, and to audit any vote.
Head of Security for Election Season
  • This male has been tasked to oversee the security of the candidates and to investigate any attempts against them. This is a real fear especially since there are Jeweless Blood and Landen in the race and it would be effortless for them to be picked off. This male could have a Bonded Queen but not one that is running.
PR and Transition Manager
  • He is perhaps the most important person in this election. He has been tasked to prepare the transition team to bring the new ruler, whoever he or she may be, up to speed as soon as the elections are over. He is also to hold all the possible debates and maintain the morale and widespread support for this election. A PR God and big personality, he will be keeping the eyes of the Territory focused on these elections instead of the rampant starvation.
Difficulty Level: Advanced

The Queen: Joana Palomo
  • Jewels: White to Rose
  • She proposed the election and is campaigning hard both for herself and for the success of the system itself. Queen of the province of Ilbeda, she is running on a platform of fish, tithing for the aristo as well as the poor, and the expansion of the Academy to take in more students. She is a charismatic, energetic and put-together ruler but her Light Jewels and relative youth make her a questionable choice for Territory Leadership, and there are those those who believe that the architect of the system should not be running, for how can she avoid twisting this election in her favor?
The Landen
(unless someone else really wants them)
  • Where the Blood are divided, the Landen see this as their chance for a power grab. They have all united behind this man or woman, whose older age and vast experience in farming make them a strong candidate. Unless one of the Blood candidates manages to sway some of the Landen voters, there is a not insubstantial chance that even with each of their votes only counting as 3/5th, they will still win the Territory. The Blood see this and for perhaps the first time truly comprehend the power of Landen numbers. Unfortunately, while united, there is actually a great despondency among the Landen voters. If they all voted there would be no question of winning. But many, perhaps even most, do not intend to. This will be the hardest part of the battle for this candidate.
The Healer
  • Suggested Jewels: Yellow to Summer Sky
  • She is a master of infrastructure and forward-thinking. She is a pro at getting people moving and working. What she lacks in charisma and public speaking she makes up for in a great resume and a solid foundation of support among the working Blood of Dhemlan. She will be fighting an uphill battle given that she has neither a lot of money or an easy way with people, but sometimes it’s the person willing to work the hardest, not be the flashiest, who will win. This character should be older and come from a working-class background.
The Hearth Witch
  • Suggested Jewels: Summer Sky to Green
  • She’s a mother, a fabulous cook, a neighbourhood treasure. Everyone in her small village knows her and they put together the funds to help her campaign. Though it is unlikely that she will win, she might be able to gain enough support to really tilt the election one way or another by backing another candidate later in the race. Still, it is not hopeless! Her relatively Dark Jewel might actually keep her in the running longer than she, her family, or her village expects.
The Scholar
  • Suggested Jewels: Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk
  • This male or female knows what works and what doesn’t. They have studied political science and think this election is interesting, but probably doomed to failure. They want to get into the government and streamline and reform it. Their books and research means that they have authority when they speak and have already swayed a lot of the academic minds of Dhemlan to their side. Reason is their primary weapon and it is a powerful one, though they will have trouble swaying the less educated echelons of society and might become frustrated by the way these groups follow those with more charm, even when they blatantly lie.
The Warrior
  • Suggested Jewels: Opal to Sapphire
  • Dhemlan needs the discipline and safety that this man can provide. He has the Conquistador vote and probably that of the Hidalgos too. He is a valiant, almost mythological figure from the Great War and would lead the Territory the way he lead soldiers into battle: with honor and from the front lines. Unfortunately, trauma from the war and some nasty battle wounds make many worried that the stress of travel and the elections might be the straw that breaks this older man. He has a young Queen daughter who is just about to come of age in Sarque as well, so some might be concerned that he is planning to let her rule through him if he is elected. Still, his reputation is excellent and if he survives it though and can keep up with the energetic youths running against him, he could well prove to be a strong and good leader.
The Revolutionary
  • Suggested Jewels: Rose to Opal
  • This person wants change and wants it now. NOW. They are campaigning on wild hopes and dreams: Knock down the aristos, spread the wealth, end the starvation of the poor while the rich still eat multiple courses at every meal! Dhemlan must get rid of the old guard and see the youthful and idealistic rise up! Does this man or woman know what they are talking about? Only in the most basic sense. They have not truly thought through their ideas but if the right mix of people backed them and toned down their dreams with some common sense they might be exactly what Dhemlan needs if it wants to survive in a changing Realm.
The Ambitious One
  • Suggested Jewels: Summer Sky to Purple Dusk
  • He or she will say whatever you want to hear. Empty promises and a huge well of money and charisma gives them power in this election. They are ready to bribe, threaten, dispose of, or blackmail whoever they need to for the chance at fifty years in power. To anyone behind the curtain this is obvious, but in front of it, this is a man who gives to the poor, kisses babies, had a beautiful, idyllic family and seems like the perfect, upstanding citizen to speak for both the common folk and the aristos. He is everyone’s best friend and will be the ruin of Dhemlan if he is elected.
Other Concepts
  • Anyone can run as long as they meet the criteria. If you have a concept, drop me a line and tell me all about it. Anyone who runs has a chance at winning or at least shifting the campaign promises and support of other candidates!
Politicians, Supporters, Students, Reporters
Difficulty Level: Easy to Advanced

Parliament Members & Politicians
Legislative Branch’s Landen Tie Breaker
  • This character is the main backer of the election in the Legislative Branch of the Government and will be working alongside Joana to further the idea of the elections themselves, not just their own candidates. This is a distinguished politician with a long history of leadership and service and will be up against a lot of pushback.
Queen of Atholi: Lupe
  • evilQueen(™) by Dash, coming to a Province near you Summer of 193
Priest Prince of Sarque: Mamoru
  • And champion of the mixed-blood by Reid, coming to a Province near you Summer of 193
Queen of Gravardi

  • This lady was entirely Broken in the War or Purge and has seen rulers come and go and is intent on keeping the peace between those in favor of this election and those who are not. Pragmatic and sensible, she has no interest in running herself but she’ll be damned if she’ll let the Parliament not appear united in this time of change.
Black Widow of Visanda
  • When the Queen ruling them died, the Judiciary Committee of Visanda stepped up and appointed one of their own Caste to govern the Province and sit in the Executive branch of the government.
Campaign Aids and Managers
  • These can be anyone, or teams, of any Caste or strength!
Election Team
  • Under the one of the four officers listed above, they will be traveling the Territory holding smaller debates, conducting security, auditing polls, getting people on board with the election and explaining it to those who are still confused. Chance to travel widely.
Grizzled Veteran
Financial Backers
  • Got a candidate you want to see win? Got a lot of money? Invest in the future!
Sub-Plot Leaders
Have an idea? DM me!

Alexi’s Rogues
Please contact Kenna if interested!
  • The Red Jeweled Master of the Guard for Isadora was freed from her clutches, but not before she broke his chalice. Now, the famed warrior has become a ghost. Or a boogeyman. The men that he once commanded at court followed him into his madness, cutting off Antholi from the rest of Dhemlan. Alexi and his rogues think it is time for Queens to stop ruling. They have failed for thousands of years now and it is time for a new order. One that Alexi can control and make sure never spirals out of control again. Martial law is far better for his province. They attack anyone coming into the Province, killing them in blitz attacks that the Warlord Prince was known for during the Great War. This has become problematic for the rest of Dhemlan, as Atholi produces much of the food for the territory. It limits shipments in and out of the Province by expensive Wind coaches which makes trade difficult.
Second in Command
  • Also ringed in Isadora’s court, this male follows Alexi like he is a god, having fought with him in the Great War and served with him in Isadora’s court. He is more brutal than Alexi and often encourages the darker impulses of the Warlord Prince.
Black Widow of the Rogues
  • This Widow has fallen in love with Alexi. They knew each other at Isadora’s court and she found out that he had been forced to wear a Ring of Obedience. She specializes in offensive maneuvers and often hits their marks with terrifying webs.
Queen of the Rogues
  • When Alexi left Isadora’s court, he kidnapped traveling Queen. He intended to use her as ransom, if they were ever caught in a tight situation, but the two grew to care for each other and the Queen, after hearing of all the evils Isadora had committed, began to share Alexi’s vision that maybe a world where all castes shared power would be better.

Joana’s Court
Please contact DG if interested! All contingent on Joana going through as envisioned.
  • Joana Palomo is a fisher Queen and ruler of Ilbeda. She is a powerhouse of a politician but is only this productive and successful because she has surrounded herself with competent, trustworthy people what she works well with. Jo’s predominant skill as a Queen is less leadership and more a knack for pairing the right person with the right job and getting out of their way. To that end, she has a very active Court and everyone is expected to work just as hard as she does. Firm but not cruel, Jo leads from the front and relies on her people to fulfill her dreams and ambitions.
Priestess BFF
  • Dark Jewel Suggested.
  • They are cousins, she took Joe through both her Birthright and Offering and has been by her side throughout her lifetime. Only thirty years older than Joana, these two act more like sisters than cousins. While they share most of their fundamental worldviews, this Priestess isn’t scared to tell Jo when she’s making a mistake or acting foolishly, and isn’t scared to whack her across the back of the head if she’s being stubborn about something.
Triangle Members
  • Her Master of the Guard has been with her since the days of her Phantom Court.
  • Her Steward was one of the people she met during the decades after the Purge as she helped rebuild Ilbeda.
  • They are loyal and have seen Jo grow as a Queen and as a woman, but how they express that loyalty is up to the writer. They could be Bonded or not.
Court Seer
  • She and Jo… clash. Not that they don’t trust and like each other, but this Seer SEES the Queen for what she is and has noticed her ambition. Jo knows that this woman is always watching her, waiting for the day where she sets her morals aside for the sake of her ambition. If and when that day comes, her Seer WILL hold her responsible the fear of this is often enough to keep Joana from taking the easy but not entirely ethical path.
Court Healer
  • Does she technically heal members of the Court? Yes. Does she like to to it? Not so much. This Healer is all about systems. She and Jo concocted this election idea together and she has been the quiet power behind the throne helping Jo work out the kinks in her proposal.
  • After Joana’s father died, her mother, Jiakarta, returned to the sea. Here she has remained as a fisherwoman until the day her daughter announced her intention to run for Territory Rule. Now she is in a political sphere she doesn’t entirely understand, trying to support a daughter she loves but can’t entirely grasp the motivations of, and thrust into a game she has never learned to play.
Home is behind, the world ahead, And there are many paths to tread
Through shadows to the edge of night, Until the stars are all alight.
Then world behind and home ahead, We'll wander back to home and bed.

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Re: Dhemlan, T Want Ads!
« Reply #1 on: Aug 31, 18, 05:51:52 PM »
I would like the mother if I may....
I am who I make myself to be and I am the only one who doesn't know who that is.

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Re: Dhemlan, T Want Ads!
« Reply #2 on: Aug 31, 18, 06:04:54 PM »
I'm going to change my claim from the ruler of Visanda to the Warrior. Thanks!

Offline Caryn

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Re: Dhemlan, T Want Ads!
« Reply #3 on: Sep 04, 18, 10:42:31 AM »
I'd like to relinquish my claims.

Offline Dash

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Re: Dhemlan, T Want Ads!
« Reply #4 on: Sep 04, 18, 11:29:25 AM »
I will take The Ambitious One.
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Re: Dhemlan, T Want Ads!
« Reply #5 on: Sep 11, 18, 11:40:15 AM »
I am releasing my claim on the Warrior.

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Re: Dhemlan, T Want Ads!
« Reply #6 on: Apr 15, 19, 11:02:52 AM »
I’d like to claim the Queen of the Rogues and Joana’s Court Healer, pretty please.

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Re: Dhemlan, T Want Ads!
« Reply #7 on: Oct 15, 19, 05:43:22 PM »
Wanted Ad Clean up

Is this Wanted Ad still open? Please update accordingly and reply to the thread if it should remain open. Otherwise we will archive it as part of the Wanted Ad Clean up process.  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker