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Title: Ruler & Succession Requirements
Post by: Jamie on Jul 20, 10, 04:51:45 PM
Ruler Requirements & Succession

Below are the specific requirements for a Ruler to meet on both the In Character and Out of Character levels. Rulers are the backbone of the RPG and drive plots within their Territory. They are expected to be active in delivering plots and moderating the activity in their Territory while creating a fun plot environment in which to write. The position extends to more than just In Character writing as there are many Out of Character expectations that accompany it.

Keep in mind that at Blood Rites Rulers represent plot moderators. We count on the rulers to maintain the plots of their Territories and work to include everyone into the overall Territory plot.

Territories Open for Succession

The following Territories are available to rule. Any questions or plot specifications should be directed to a member of the Staff.

Open Territories:

In Character Requirements

To rule you must have reasonable plot in place. Queens traditionally rule followed by Warlord Princes. Be it Landen, Jeweless Blood or a Jeweled Queen, you must have a feasible ruling plot in place. For Territory Leaders, your petition will cover this. For Province and District Rulers, the Review Council Member in charge of the character review and Plot Leader will have to agree to your appointment. 

There are no Jewel restrictions on ruling, only plot restrictions, but be mindful that Blood society is matriarchal and Queens are inherently meant to rule.


Out of Character Requirements


Ruler Petition Process

Using the form below you will need to present a ruler petition to the staff for review. You will go through several rounds of revisions with the staff, as this is standard in all ruling petitions. The revisions will ensure that the petition is best suited to fit in with the overall theme of the board.

Responsibilities of the Petitioner:


The Petition Process:


Ruler's Petition:

Please fill this petition out thoroughly detailing the plot points for the Territory. Make sure to relate the plot and it's impact to all characters involved and across all levels of writing.

Code: [Select]
[b] Writer's Name:[/b]
[b]Writer's Contact Information:[/b]

[b]Plot Lead Character's Name:[/b]
[b]Plot Lead Character's Caste:[/b]
[b]Plot Lead Character's Jewels:[/b] (note Random if not yet rolled, or note roll choice)

[b]Territory Plot:[/b]
{This section should be a recap of the Territory as it stands before the new succession plot takes place. Players that are new to this Territory should be able to read this section and come away with a broad-stroke understanding of the Territory's situation before the succession plot commences.}

[b]Succession Plan:[/b]
{This section should detail the shift of power from the old ruler to the new ruler. }

[b]Roles of Castes specific to Territory:[/b]
{This section is available to build in unique jobs, appointments, concerns and/or afflictions for specific castes inside the Territory, if you choose.}

[b]Impact on the levels of District/Province/Territory/Realm:[/b]
{Explain how your succession plot will affect each of these divisions. While not every succession plot will see ramifications at the Realm level, most successful Petition plots will touch the other levels in some fashion.}

[b]Other points that the staff should know:[/b]
{This section is not published publicly with the rest of the Petition. Use this section to include any plot aspects you don't want to be public knowledge, such as plot twists, or to communicate OOC information to HBC. }
Please note the following about all Territory Petitions:

HBC will perform a thorough first review on all Petitions and present feedback to the Petitioner. If sufficient progress is not shown in the 2nd draft of a Petition or the HBC does not see improvement towards a viable plot, then they reserve the right, under a unanimous decision, to "reject" a petition. If a petition is rejected the petitioner cannot re-apply a petition for 3 months at Blood Rites.

Petitions are not for the faint of heart. Prepare to spend 1-2 months from the time of submission working with the HBC to tweak the petition. Expectations are high and the HBC will expect for you to create a highly dynamic plot.
Title: Re: Ruler & Succession Requirements
Post by: Dani on Feb 01, 14, 08:13:32 PM
Plot Leader Requirements

Plot leaders are expected to be active, namely within the Territory for which they are Plot Leader. Sometimes muses wax and wane but should a Plot Leader be proven unwilling or unable to commit they can lose their Territory. The ways to forfeit ruling a Territory are as follows:

1. If the Plot Leader character becomes inactive. This character might not be the same as the Queen or other Ruler of the Territory; the inactivity stipulation applies only to the Plot Leader’s designated Plot Lead character in the Territory.

2. Any communication in regards to retiring from Blood Rites. This includes but is not limited to: public post, email, PM to an HBC member, or IM to an HBC member.

A Plot Leader may always voluntarily give up a Territory by contacting the HBC as is his or her prerogative.

A forfeited Territory is immediately placed under control of the Plot Council and the HBC will resolve, within a reasonable time frame, to put the Territory back up for adoption. A Plot Leader removed from their Territory can re-petition the Territory if they meet the activity requirements.
Title: Re: Ruler & Succession Requirements
Post by: Dani on Nov 06, 14, 02:43:09 PM
Plot Inheritance

For players who have gone through the Territory Petition process before, you are allowed to apply to Inherit a Territory that was once ran by a player who has retired or become inactive. This is only allowed on Territory for which a full Territory Petition was accepted, implemented and then subsequently the Ruling Character / Plot Leader left. Inheritance is a shorter form and process where a player takes over the current plot without completely changing the current running plot, merely changing the Plot Leader character with another viable ruler. The application to Inherit will request the player detail what character they will lead the Territory with and how that would come about. Normal plot restrictions apply, though in any case, a good plot for an unlikely ruler can still trump.

The Stipulations:

Process: Before you complete the form and send it in, please email the with your intent to Inherit. At which point we will ask the Community if anyone desires to Petition the Territory as per normal Petitions. If a player desires to Petition a Territory that trumps Inheritance and you will be informed as to the intent of a player to petition. After which that player has one month to submit a petition or forfeit the chance, at which point you may proceed with submitting the form to the HBC for inheritance.

Detailed steps:

Once the HBC has accepted an Inheritance petition, there will be a community vote following the rules of the standard Territory Petition. If approved by the community, you will become the new Plot Leader for the Territory.

Inheritance Form:

Writer's Name:
Writer's Contact Information:

Character's Name:
Character's Caste:
Character's Jewels:

Territory Plot: (summarize the current plot and what the old ruler was able to accomplish)
Succession Plan: (old ruler to new ruler)

Other points that the staff should know:

Code: [Select]
[b]Writer's Name:[/b]
[b]Writer's Contact Information:[/b]

[b]Character's Name:[/b]
[b]Character's Caste:[/b]
[b]Character's Jewels:[/b]

[b]Territory Plot:[/b]
[b]Succession Plan:[/b]

[b]Other points that the staff should know:[/b]