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Author Topic: Read this! Subaccounts  (Read 4932 times)


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Read this! Subaccounts
« on: Jul 16, 10, 02:52:41 PM »
As part of the amazing new features that our new forum software offers us there is a modification that will make all our lives a dream called Subaccounts. I will admit the first time you use this it may be confusing so I have provided detailed instructions with pictures to help you through the process of linking both accounts you have already created and making new accounts. Lets begin!

  • First of all, log into your player account. You will not be able to perform the following actions from any account but your player account. If you have not been added to the player group contact an admin (Jamie, Gina, Bowie, White or myself).
  • Go to the Profile -> Account settings.
  • Go to Modify Profile -> Manage SubAccounts
  • At the bottom of the SubAccounts is a 'Create/Link' button. You can either create new accounts here or link pre-existing accounts. Click it.
  • For a pre-existing character, type in your character's name and the password you choose for that account. Note: These must all be perfectly correct. If you see a yellow warning sign next to your name that is fine, the warning is only telling you that character name is in use. Click create link.
  • If you see this error don't worry, you just typed your password wrong. Go back and try again.
  • For new accounts, just type a name into the field and make sure you see a green checkmark appear next to the name. It may take a moment, the forum has to check to make sure your unique! Type in whatever password you want to use (be sure to remember it in case you ever need to physically log into the account.)

Wash, rinse, repeat! Make all the character accounts you lost and even the ones you want to make in the future. Don't go too crazy as they will all appear in your profile. Check my profile out to see all my listed accounts!

Now to change to a different account is quite simple. At the top of the screen there is a drop down box, just choose what account you wish to use and you will change into that account.

Also, when posting a reply or a new thread you again have the option of choosing which account to post with. Just look for the box as below.

If you have any questions PM or IM Jamie or Myself, we will help you out!

-BR Staff
character tracker

Contact me at: -email/gchat- -Discord- Dani#5222