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Title: Updates to Caste Addition Process
Post by: phinneas on Dec 06, 18, 08:26:12 AM
Hello, writers!

There have been some questions of late around the proper process for caste petitions. To simplify matters, HBC has streamlined the process down to only two options: petitioning for an added caste during character creation with plot support, and petitioning for an added caste after character creation with the Caste Training item from the Thanksgiving Shop.

The process for each has been clarified in the Caste Petitions ( article now posted on the rules board. Each of the two processes has its own short petition form available in the template drop-down menu, both of which are explained in detail on the Caste Petitions section of the Character Petitions ('s-registry/character-petitions/msg18/#msg18) article in the Keep's Registry. Hopefully these will help create some consistency in how caste additions are addressed. As always, if you have questions that aren't addressed in these updates, please reach out to!

Happy writing!
phinn, on behalf of HBC