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Author Topic: Territory Petition Index  (Read 16775 times)


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Territory Petition Index
« on: Mar 04, 14, 05:39:47 PM »
Index of Territory Petitions

In an effort to create an index of all the previous Territory Petitions we've created this thread.


Chaillot, Petition by Rated Em.

Dhemlan, Terreille, Petition by DragonGirl.

Nharkava, Inheritance Petition by Phinneas.

Tacea, Inheritance Petition by Reid.

Dea al Mon, Inheritance Petition by Dash.


Chaillot, Standard Petition by Tenkou & KittyMB.


Askavi, Terreille, Inheritance Petition by Nicole and Gavin.

Shalador, Inheritance Petition by Dani.

Tacea, Inheritance Petition by Caryn.

Pruul, Standard Petition by Kenna.

Little Terreille, Inheritance Petition by Dash

Nharkava, Standard Petition by Caryn


Dea al Mon, Inheritance Petition by Nicole

Hayll, Inheritance Petition by Dani and phinneas

Glacia, Standard Petition by Nicole.

Dhemlan, Kaeleer Standard Petition by Phinneas.


Dena Nehele, Inheritance Petition by Phedre

Dea al Mon, Standard Petition by Dash.


Hayll, Standard Petition by Dash.

Chaillot, Standard Petition by Blue.

Tacea, Standard Petition by Vivian.

Dhemlan (Terreille), Standard Petition by Eleanor.


Askavi (Kaeleer), Standard Petition by Raissa.

Dena Nehele, Standard Petition by Phedre.

Chaillot, Standard Petition by Eleanor.

Hayll, Standard Petition by Kri.

Pruul, Standard Petition by Reid.

Askavi (Tereille), Standard Petition by Phedre & Tal.


Nharkava, Standard Petition by Dani & Blue.

Glacia, Standard Petition by Tal.

Hayll, Standard Petition by Ariana.


Little Terreille, Standard Petition by White (co-written with Jamie).

Dena Nehele, Standard Petition by Blue.

Raej, Standard Petition by Dani (informal, because it predated the current process).
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

* Historical Note: During the first year (give or take) of the community we did not have a formal Petition process in place, it was developed in 2010 and the first Petition was for Raej. Those early plots included: Askavi T (Bowie), Chaillot (Jamie), Pruul (Bowie), Shalador (Petrichor), Askavi K (Erin), Dharo (Jamie), Dhemlan K (Petrichor), Little Terreille (Allie), & Scelt (Jamie).

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