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Title: Hayll Succession Petition Community Vote
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Succession Petition
Community Vote

As was recently announced, Hayll is under Petition.

It is my pleasure to present to you the proposed Succession Petition. The HBC has vetted this Petition and found it tenable. We are now putting it before you, the community, to read and then vote on whether to ratify the Petition.

Voting will remain open until Friday, April 5, 2019.

Plot Lead Character's Name: Xenophon Lucis
Plot Lead Character's Caste: Prince
Plot Lead Character's Jewels: Purple Dusk to Broken Green

Territory Plot:
Hayll was ancient.  It was unchanging and constant for time out of mind.  It enjoyed tradition, and the rule of a good Queen for many centuries.  It always had the appearance of an enlightened monarchy, with the Queen ruling and being supported by the Senate, a body of people meant to represent all of Hayll.  However, the Senate was quickly dominated by the One Hundred Families, arguably the true power in Hayll. From the Queen of the Territory, down to the Districts, the Families always influenced and held onto the reins of power in Hayll.  Despite what might have seemed like the domination of the Blood, the Landen of Hayll seemed to be held in very high esteem, and enjoyedmore recognition and authority than they might in many other places, and yet there was also slavery. Hayll was a place where appearances mattered almost more than truth.

This was Hayll, this perfect vision of the Territory which existed in living memory of the long-lived Blood that lived within its borders and ruled it.  It was so for thousands of years, and as with any place where politics and Blood purity, even Blood arrogance, comes into play there was far more lying beneath the surface.  The Tenebrosi Iarvis existed for millennia, founded to covertly advance the purposes and needs of Hayll within the Territory and beyond. Despite these masks of shadow, the Eyrien Invasion still happened, as did the occupation that followed it.  Heroes rose and fell in that time, and the presence of these invaders widened the cracks of an already ancient foundation. The Purge saved Hayll, as did the Tenebrosi Iarvis, and the industrious and proud Landen who, despite a lack of representation in the halls of power, rose to the occasion and righted the ship of state.  Their contribution was such that the Landen could no longer be overlooked by the Senate, and so change was in the wind.

The Eyriens had torn the scales from Hayllian eyes, and that which had been taken for granted: tradition, power, wealth, status—was no longer.  The Senate and the One Hundred Families had been burned by a poor Queen and poor leadership, and many of them would no longer rely on simply returning to the old ways.  Their own curiosity and ambition eventually led to the rise of a new organization in the wake of the Purge. In an effort to divert scrutiny and investigation into the Tenebrosi Iarvis’ activities, The Quaestors were created.  With Hayll rebuilding, it was difficult for people to move in the shadows, not when others were attempting the same either as individuals or in small backroom conspiracies of their own. This new organization served as a blind, creating a quiet conspiracy that was less well hidden, but that served to sink the Tenebrosi Iarvis still deeper into the forgotten shadows of Hayll’s long history.  It worked, allowing the Iarvis to leverage Quaestor assets that ultimately encouraged the slave revolt and the breaking of the Coliseum’s power and influence over the masses.

As a more wary Hayll sought to protect itself from the potential of any further external threats, they failed once again to see a threat from within.  Sabine, their Queen, had become the puppet of Nero Augustus, and his agenda did not encourage the solidification and defense of Hayll, but rather the opposite.  Nero wanted war. The Tenebrosi Iarvis had already moved to support those that were too important to Hayll to eliminate, while at the same time obfuscating their involvement.  They had slipped into the Senate, and even into the Opus Populi, whose rise in public consideration thanks to its appeal to the numerous Landen and common folk could no longer be ignored.  The Landen had been the pillar of Hayll’s recovery, and their voices demanded to be heard, along with the rest of those that felt overlooked and flocked to the works of the Opus Populi. The Iarvis were positioned to make subtle moves, and with the secret elimination and replacement of Nero Augustus, they averted a war that Hayll could ill afford.

The Senate continued as a body of power, but they could often be divided.  The Consul had clearly been seeking war, and had garnered support for that action from politicians to the Praetorian Guard, and now—the drive for war had been slowed.  The Opus Populi clamored for still more recognition, and were rumored to support the Slave Revolt and the end of the Coliseum. The One Hundred Families worried that the common folk and the revolt, without the threat of war, left them exposed to a loss of power and influence and so made their own moves to protect their status.  The Hourglass Coven attempted to maintain a state of neutrality, but the Coven was made up of individuals, and they were often as divided as the Senate itself. The Conclave continued to serve as the bastion of tradition, but where they were traditionally immune to politics, the change in public sentiment brought the secular fight to the doors of their temples.  Every faction had shadowy pieces within their ranks, and each of them maneuver to do what they believed best for their particular goals, often in complete ignorance of what their hidden allies were doing.

Already volatile thanks to the push and pull of the various factions, the spark that could burn it all down continued to be the threat, perceived or real, of the Eyriens.  Hayll remembered the Occupation, and forgiveness had not been its course. Askavi could no longer afford the reparations agreed upon, and with the destruction of an Eyrien delegation at the hands of Hayll’s Puppet Queen, peace moved further out onto the horizon.  Despite all of the problems within its own borders, war remained a possibility, and while victory was possible, it was only possible from a united Hayll—and that remained to be seen.

Succession Plan:
Xenophon Lucis was a soldier and Prince, a veteran of the war that defended Hayll from Eyrien invasion, as well as member of the Hundred Families.  Earning a reputation for strategy and tactics, it was no surprise that he parlayed success in war into taking a leading role in the Lucis Family. He convinced his Uncle to step down in favor of Xenophon who was next in line for the Senate seat.  Popular and well-liked, despite being something of an iconoclast, it was still something of a surprise to the Senate when he became an outspoken ally to the Rebellion. After the destruction of the Coliseum and the slave revolt, he was vocally supportive of the slaves’ cause.  He had seen war, and had often spoken out against slavery and the Coliseum. War games cheapened the sacrifice of Hayll’s military, in his eyes, and slavery cheapened their high civilization. Xenophon boldly went to Faro, because in his view, someone had to. It was there that he met with the Rebel leadership, and grew to count some as friends.  Lines of communication were opened, and in his view, there was the potential for a peaceful outcome.
The concerns of the Rebellion were brought to the Senate by Xenophon, along with his belief that the situation could be resolved to the benefit of Hayll.  He worked hard and lobbied for that goal, encouraged by hidden agents of the Tenebrosi Iarvis, making him an unknowing asset in their efforts. Sympathy gave rise to action, and he began to funnel information to The Rebellion, even putting his experience to use on their behalf.  He was hopeful that he could bridge the divide between the Slaves and the Families.

Xenophon’s public and private support of the Rebellion came with its costs.  For some in the Senate, it called into question his loyalty to Hayll, something that was difficult to take him to task for in public.  For others, the Tenebrosi Iarvis in particular, he became a useful way to create support for the Rebellion, and to continue their manipulation of both sides of the divide.

The Rebellion gained momentum, and the lines became more clearly drawn. In response to her willingness to give succor to the enemy, members of the Hundred Families saw to it that Silvia Devecchio’s Clinic was destroyed as a clear message against the acceptance of slaves back into their society.  The Rebellion was only buoyed by this senseless and unexpected act committed by an unknown faction drawn from the Hundred Families. The Opus Populi, with Xenophon’s encouragement and ongoing appeals, began to favor the Rebels.

Xenophon continued to work with the Rebellion, until Nero undercut his efforts by imprisoning r and ultimately martyring a well-loved rebel.  Quinlan Chase, an agent of the Tenebrosi Iarvis who had replaced and was masquerading as Nero, decided that a strategic death would serve to fuel the fires of the Rebellion, and keep it from fading before it had outlived its usefulness to his hidden co-conspirators.  Feeling betrayed by this murder, Xenophon became more directly involved with the Rebellion. He advised them that they must eliminate Nero, if they were to force the Senate and the Families back to the negotiation table. Most were not aware of Xenophon’s decision, but his  involvement steered the Rebellion towards his purpose, which was to eliminate Nero, as revenge for his friend and their fallen comrade, but also to make clear that the Rebellion could not be easily dismissed. 

With Xenophon’s help, the rebels staged an insurgency at an event where Nero was in attendance.  In the attack and the confusion that followed, Nero was felled and his body, along with many others, was found later when the smoke and confusion cleared. The move managed to surprise the Tenebrosi Iarvis, though they recovered this potential disaster thanks to the quick thinking of Quinlan Chase. Quinlan had been impersonating Nero, and narrowly survived the assassination attempt despite allowing it to seem that Nero had been slain. It was Quinlan who then recruited Xenophon into the Quaestors, explaining that he was not only already assisting them, but that he had been supported by their information all along. With everything that Quinlan already knew, Xenophon saw no other way forward but to agree, formally becoming an asset of the Tenebrosi Iarvis.

With Nero gone, further negotiations could begin. With an empty Consul seat, Xenophon could return to the Senate and begin to push a new agenda, one that involved adding new seats that were not from the Hundred Families, and ultimately choosing a new Consul.

Xenophon leveraged his reputation and the changing perspective of the people, along with his friendly connection to the Rebellion and began to broker an attempt at peace.  He did not do this alone, however, but with the ongoing shadowy assistance of the Tenebrosi Iarvis. With Xenophon actively lobbying Senators, and with the Quaestors (and the Iarvis) working for him behind the scenes, he was able to begin to seed the notion of allowing more people that were not from the Hundred Families into the Senate.  There was already precedent thanks to the Landen representative. He promoted the notion that Cadmus Slate, a prominent member of the Rebellion, be allowed clemency and the ability to speak before the Senate, if not ultimately become a member representing the Freed Slaves. Xenophon worked hard for the goal, lobbying to fill the Consul seat sooner rather than later.  He further suggested that they allow the Queen, Sabine Vincentius, to continue for the sake of public continuity and internal stability.

One of his constant detractors was one Gaetano Accorsi, another Consul hopeful and Senator, but events, both natural and engineered, continued to happen in Xenophon’s favor.  With the destruction of Devecchia’s clinic, and Cadmus being seriously considered for a role in the Senate, either provisionally or seriously, Xenophon enjoyed enough public and Senatorial support to make a serious play for Consul.  By a combination of charisma, bribes, strongarm tactics, and still less savory activities from within the shadows, Xenophon was able to seize the Consul seat. As Consul, he continued to work for a peaceful resolution with the Rebels, yielding positive results that could ultimately lead to lasting freedom for the Coliseum’s slaves.  Cadmus and the Consul presented a compromise to the Senate: the Rebellion’s most egregious and violent actors, in exchange for clemency for the rest. With change on the horizon, and not at all unanimously desired, Gaetano Accorsi once again positioned himself as Xenophon’s opponent, lobbying the Senate and the Families, where he was able, against the new Consul.

Class and family remained important in Hayll.  This was slowly changing with the rise in support of the Rebellion, but amongst the wealthy and regular Blood citizenry, these viewpoints were very slow to fade away.  Bigotry would be a factor for some time to come, whether it be along class lines, or xenophobic. In Faro Province, the ruling Queen was forced to contend with the Rebels already in residence, and what that would mean for her Province and her District rulers.  In Hayll at large, with the news of the clemency and freedom of the Coliseum Slaves slowly spreading through the Territory, the seeds of unrest in the hundreds of common slaves was planted, creating a potential for new revolts across the Territory, and new challenges for Provincial and District Rulers, as well as an uneasy reign for the new Consul.

The Accorsi Senator continued to be a problem for the new Consul.  Gaetano became a natural recruit for the Hundred Hands, an organization formed to work against the normalization of “freed slaves” and eager to protect the status of the Territory’s wealthiest and most influential.. Their agendas might not have aligned completely, but they shared a desire to maintain the status quo, or more of it than Xenophon advocated.  Publicly, membership or association with The Hundred Hands was not considered unusual, but that was not where Gaetano’s plans ended. With the organization for war with the Eyriens downplayed under Xenophon’s rule, the opportunity to gain new allies arose.  Gaetano reached out to those formerly of the Praetorian Guard whose desire for war had led them to engage the more violent and suddenly disenfranchised members of the now normalized Rebellion. Supported by The Hundred Hands, and quietly manipulating a growing force of soldiers and gladiators to underscore the dangers and cost of Xenophon’s decisions, Gaetano Accorsi made plans to wrench the Consul seat from Xenophon, hoping to position himself as the defender of tradition against Xenophon’s charismatic iconoclasm.

Sabine, the Ruling Queen of Hayll, represented another challenge, despite being directed by Quinlan Chase to work with the new Consul.  Xenophon needed to keep her, and keep her under his control to truly hold the reins of the Territory. She was the Queen he had, despite the fact that she was also the Queen that failed the Hundred Families by failing to curtail the Slave Rebellion, and troubled the rest of Hayll by attempting to lead them into war.  Not to mention that she allowed the Consul to make such major changes in the governance of the Territory has conspired to make her unpopular with several of the Hundred Families. Some saw Sabine’s removal as the best way to weaken Xenophon’s ability to continue his leadership of Hayll. If a fully Hayllian Queen could be found, protected, allowed to come of age and be put forward as a better option, Xenophon would have to work very hard to counter such a gambit.  The Hundred Families began  a search for such a Queen, examining and re-examining their own bloodlines, scouring even distant cousins, but true born Hayllians, for possibilities.

Xenophon compromised in a number of ways to gain the Consul seat; he kept a puppet Queen in charge, and remained ultimately connected to the same organization that started the Uprising in the first place.  He even maintained Sabine’s Court, largely unchanged. The Hourglass Coven, still led by Valinia Tagaris, found itself divided in opinion, with some supporting Xenophon, and still others supporting the opposing faction(s).  The Conclave, traditionally the guardians of ritual and even history, now found themselves in need of protection, and used it as justification to position themselves as a more secular power in Hayll. The Praetorian Guard, without a war, remain a disgruntled force inside of Hayll, with new enemies that do not have wings, and the potential rising for their next war to be within their own home..

Roles of Castes specific to Territory:
Warlord Princes:  The Praetorian Guard remains a part of Hayll with members drawn from the Hundred Families and the citizenry.  They remain a force, albeit weakened by their battles with the Rebellion, and further undercut by the Territory’s renewed focus within its own borders.  Currently aligned with the Ruling Queen and the incoming Consul, there is a clear shift in sentiment away from war. Also, many Warlord Princes were members of the Rebellion, some for the right reasons, some because they simply enjoyed the chance to wreak violence upon those that enslaved them.  With clemency in the air, and even freedom, the more violent among them are left at loose ends.

An unlikely alliance forms between a Praetorian hungry for war and freed slaves still hungry for violence.  At first, many of the former slave Warlord Princes turned to marauding and brigandry, just as some feared they might, but with the influence of this Praetorian they become organized, deliberate, and disciplined.  They quickly go from being the disgruntled, if dangerous rabble, to becoming something closer to a dangerous and independent guerilla force within Hayll’s own borders, making no demands, but taking as they deem necessary.  At first they do not seem numerous enough to present a serious threat, but as time went on, and former Coliseum fighters have trouble reentering society, their numbers grew, forcing Hayllian leadership to take notice.

Princes:  With the laws changing, and new political factions forming, there are ample opportunities for the clever Prince to take part.  The Hundred Hands faction is an extension of the Hundred Families, formed to work against the normalization of “freed slaves”, eager to protect the status and status quo of the Territory’s wealthiest and most influential.  The Hundred Hands are not a hidden conspiracy, they do not operate in the shadows, they are a vocal faction actively warning the Families, the Senate, and indeed, all of Hayll against the dangers of any change in the status quo.  They are a lobbying body that can be found on the Senate floor, but also in the District, Province, and Territory Courts. They publish leaflets, stage plays, and protests in an effort to underscore the dangers and chaos that a more egalitarian Hayll would result in, often underscoring the threat of Eyrien invasion and the Occupation, implying heavily that only the Families can save Hayll from history repeating itself.

Princes are as varied as anyone, with some coming down on the side of the status quo, and still others, Rebel or not, pushing for a continued end to the Coliseum and a more peaceful resolution with the former slaves.  They also continue to serve in District or Province Courts, either connected to the Families, or drawn from the Blood citizenry.

Warlords:  The backbone of the Rebel Uprising, with most of their males being of this Caste.  Once released from the needs of the Uprising, several banded together to form a mercenary company.  The Barefoot Free Company was created as a home to these Warlords, founded by a Warlord, with the rare inclusion of Warlord Princes. In the wake of the bombing of a clinic, the Conclave hires The Barefoot Free Company to guard various temples, particularly those that include Healing as part of their services.  As temple guardians, the Barefoot Free Company enjoys an unusual position, outside of politics, but somehow influencing Hayllian tradition by dint of the fact that to some extent, they now control access to these sites and rituals. The Barefoot Free Company has no other employer save for the Conclave, affording them unexpected status, unexpected access, and the means to influence an ancient faction in Hayll.

Warlords are the steady base of the Families, and indeed, throughout Hayll, serving in District and Province Courts.

Queens:  As Consul, with Sabine as the Ruling Queen, Xenophon has quite enough work on his hands.  The disposition of Provinces and Districts, particularly in the wake of the Uprising will rest heavily upon their Rulers.  They must navigate the potential for small scale generalized slave unrest, as well as the potential for former Rebels to foment this kind of thinking.  Rulers that sympathize with the slaves of Hayll will find themselves faced with the Families, the Hundred Hands, the remnants of the Praetorian Guard, even the renegade Warlord Princes marauding in Hayll.  They will experience either direct opposition, or external challenges to their views by the dark actions of a few unhappy ex-slaves. For the Rulers that want no part of freed slaves, they will battle against the current presence of freed Slaves, the prevailing politics led by the new Consul, the clemency that has already been granted and growing seeds of unrest, and the potential for open revolt in their Districts and Provinces.

Black Widows:  The Coven is internally divided along class lines.  Widows from the Hundred Families see nothing but disaster for Hayll in their Webs, while other Black Widows see Hayll flourishing in the wake of much needed changes.  Both or either could be true, and Black Widows actively lobby for their view. Slavery is an open question to either side of the Coven, though a handful see freedom for all as inevitable.

In his time with the Rebels, Xenophon befriended a number of Black Widows that had once been a part of the Coliseum.  They were not at all well known, and had until that time avoided public confrontation. He asked two of them serve as his advisors and guardians against enemy Widow Craft, and used his position in the Senate to place the rest in various offices throughout the Ruling Province, with some few joining the Coven and encouraging their internal division.

Priestesses:  As the guardians of tradition, history, and the source of necessary rituals and rites, the Conclave has enjoyed a prominent position in Hayll, if something of a toothless one.  There has always been an element within the Conclave that has wanted more for their faction than the great amount of spiritual influence they had wielded for centuries and millennia.  Secular power was not an easy thing for them to attain, however with the bombing of the clinic, the High Priestess saw potential to gain some. First, they armed themselves, by hiring a group of mercenaries called The Barefoot Free Company to defend their various temples and ritual sites, granting the Conclave a militant arm.  This makes the Conclave the largest employer of freed Slaves, drawing them further into the secular world.

In addition, the Conclave has invited Healers to the safety of the temples, and the protection offered by their new guards.  They already collected donations and more for the services they offered, but with the addition of Healers, they were position to make still more.  Once again, they further influence prevailing politics by lifting restrictions on who can and cannot be healed. All are welcome, provided they can pay in donations or in services.  The Conclave can no longer be considered simply a spiritual body, thanks to these opportunistic choices.

Healers:  Closely protected, the Conclave has invited Healers to report to the safety of the Temples, those that take advantage of this situation could find themselves escorted by members of the Free Company.  Independent Healers, rare as they might be, can operate as they normally would, but might find themselves pressured into working with the Conclave, unless they are already in a Court or serving in some other capacity.

Witches:  Females were not a common spectacle of the Coliseum, but Females did participate.  Several of these warrior women participated in the Uprising, and found themselves at the same loose ends the Males of the Rebellion did.  Some few joined the Free Company, others returned to society, and at least a few managed to parlay their popularity with certain members of the Families to become concubines, consorts, and courtesans.

Impact on the levels of District/Province/Territory/Realm:

Hayll has always been a major player in the Realm, even if it has been from the shadows.  The Tenebrosi Iarvis has spread into nearly every corner, most of them working with a careful eye to the agenda of their organization and Hayll as a whole.  This will continue to be a factor, positioning the Tenebrosi as potential negative actors in Territories throughout the Realm. This is already currently true in the form of characters like Vondar Shostokov, and even Sibylla Traianus.

As for their influence on the Realm in more above board matters; Hayll will continue to be somewhat xenophobic and nationalist, trading where necessary but very little else.  Their internal problems will have to be settled, before anything like external warfare can truly be engaged. There are factions that would certainly like to see a war with Askavi happen, this is unlikely without continuing and serious provocation.  The new Consul has no love for Eyriens or Askavi, but the question of reparations is an ultimately minor concern when measured against resolving the Rebellion, transition of Power, and other more internal challenges.

The Territory will be impacted in a number of ways.  There will be a change in overall leadership, while the Queen will remain the same, there is a new Consul to control and influence her.  The new Consul is, himself, an asset of the Tenebrosi Iarvis, and will continue to press for his personal agenda. At the same time, he understands that his success is due in part to the shadowy organization that, unknown to him, initiated many of the factors that caused the prevailing winds of Hayll to change.  The change gives rise to new problems, and new factions.

Warlords of the Uprising form the Barefoot Free Company, and sell their services to the Temples.  A band of former Gladiatorial Warlord Princes and disgruntled Praetorian group together, intending to terrorize the countryside, in an effort to carve our their own place.  The changes in the Senate, such as Cadmus’ admission in any role, whether permanent or provisory, opens membership to members beyond just the Families, a factor supported by the current presence of a Landen Senator.  There is the question of clemency for the Rebels, and their return to society as free people, as well as the question that raises for all slaves in Hayll, and the simmering possibility of a new kind of revolt.

The Barefoot Free Company, mostly by chance and opportunism, will manage to gain a toehold in every district in Hayll, as they have been hired to protect the temples in the wake of recent civil unrest.  Many see it as an unnecessary step by the Conclave, while others see it as an attempt on the part of the Conclave to become more involved in the politics of Hayll, by suddenly acquiring a militant arm. Every District will have the opportunity to decide how they deal with the Temples contained in their borders, and with the potential for freed slaves to mingle with the household slaves that still persist across the Territory.  Every Province and District will have to consider the real possibility that the Conclave could become more than simply the guardians of tradition.

Faro was the home of the Rebel Uprising, their presence there very contentious for the ruling bodies of Hayll.  Faro being Hayll’s most profitable Province, made the presence of the Rebels there much more important than it might have been otherwise.  This has brought a lot of focus to the Province, and the two Districts contained within it. It has opened the region to interference by the various factions within Hayll, including the Families, the Tenebrosi Iarvis, the Rebellion and anyone else that can profit from civil unrest.  The Queens here have a challenge in juggling the demands of their Province and Districts, with the motivations of their numerous Landen, public opinion, and the Rebels themselves. A wise ruler could profit from such connections, or fall.

Agrippa Euricini is the least populated Province of Hayll.  The people there are spread out, or clustered by the seashore, where the most industry occurs.  It is, unfortunately, open for predation, with renegades and rebels finding it easy to hide within its marshes or in its mountains.  As the Uprising settles, this is where several Warlord Princes dissatisfied with the cessation of violence will come to continue to be renegades.  Taking advantage of the size and relatively small population of the region, they become highwaymen and bravos, eventually getting the attention of District and then Province Rulers.

Leiria enjoys the presence of the Capitol of Draega, as well as the Senate, and the remains of the Coliseum.  Easily the most populous of the Provinces, it has been the location where just about anything of import in Hayll happens.  The Ruling Queen is seated here, the Consul behind her, and the Senate behind the Consul, which dulls the teeth of the Province and District Rulers, while making their political position obviously more important than their peers elsewhere.  Being at the heart of both the problems and their solutions, the Province tends to feel the results of these changes and activities before the rest, such as the rise of the One Hundred Hands faction, and other similar concerns.

Title: Re: Hayll Succession Petition Community Vote
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Hayll Succession Petition Results
Voting is now closed.

HBC would like to congratulate
on a SUCCESSFUL Petition!

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Congrats, Sol!

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Congrats Sol on an awesome petition!

He will be a wise and fair leader.

Also maybe a little murdery.
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let the fun begin (': ~
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Thanks Everyone!

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