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Author Topic: Nharkava Succession Petition Community Vote  (Read 1897 times)


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Nharkava Succession Petition Community Vote
« on: Nov 23, 18, 05:37:44 PM »
Petition Succession Petition
Community Vote

As was recently announced, Nharkava is under Petition.

It is my pleasure to present to you the Succession Petition application.

The HBC has vetted this Petition and found it tenable. We are now releasing it to the Community to vote to ratify the Petition.

You can choose to vote "yes", "no" or simply "abstain". Voting will remain open until Saturday, December 1st, 2018.

Writer's Name: phinneas
Writer's Contact Information:

Plot Lead Character's Name: Maarika Sydan-Harmaa
Plot Lead Character's Caste: Black Widow Queen
Plot Lead Character's Jewels: Rose to Opal

Territory Plot:
In 191 AP, desperate Nharkavans who were weary from years of Glacian “protection” and exploitation made a desperate attempt to force Glacia to end its occupation of Nharkava. They kidnapped the parents of Elisif Brenden, the tri-casted, Gray Jeweled ruler of Glacia, and tried to ransom their lives against Nharkava’s freedom. Elisif and three Ebon Gray males who served her went to Nharkava, ostensibly to parlay with the kidnappers. Instead, the depth of Elisif’s fanaticism was made clear when she killed her own parents to negate the leverage in the hands of the Nharkavans. She then had her males slaughter the entire court that had gathered to parlay, including the Nharkavan Territory Queen Mahamari Rien, and left the Territory Seat empty and awash in blood. 

Though Elisif initially left the Territory Seat of Nharkava Queenless and in chaos, she replaced the slain Queen with a Glacian one of her choice. Shortly after the massacre, political developments in Glacia prompted Elisif to exile one of Glacia’s Queens. Maarika Sydan-Harmaa had done little to offend Elisif herself, but Maarika’s husband and bonded male, Jonothan Harmaa, was suspected of murdering one of Elisif’s bonded males before fleeing the Territory. Unable to find Jonathon to demand her Price, Elisif sent Maarika to Nharkava and burned down Maarika’s provincial estate, making it seem to most (including Jonothan) that Maarika had been killed in the blaze. Meanwhile, she commanded Maarika to take the place of the slain ruler in Nharkava and bring the troubled Territory into a more controlled state of compliance. Maarika and her most loyal courtiers were quietly and quickly moved to Nharkava’s capital in Orissa. While Elisif’s ploy did succeed in reaching and wounding Jonothan, he eventually discovered the ruse and no longer believes her dead. He became a somewhat estranged, tentative ally to Maarika while she began trying to bring order to the fractured Territory.

This was no small task, as even aside from the contentious matter of Glacia’s occupation, Nharkava had been at war with itself for quite some time. Its Landen population had risen to governance in the wake of the Purge, seizing the opportunity when so many Blood had been culled at once. The Blood retook control of the Territory once they recovered from the decimation of the Purge, but the Landen have never forgotten that they are not only capable but, some say, entitled to rule themselves. The Landen Rebellion and the Council of Eight which lead it has swelled and lulled over the centuries since the Purge, but its heart has never stopped beating. Despite the Rebellion’s eventual decision to accept certain sympathetic Blood (mostly those without Jewels), dissent and distrust between the Landen and the Blood have been part of Nharkavan life since before any of them can remember.

To make matters worse, Nharkavans were as divided as ever in response to Elisif’s culling of the Nharkavan Queen and her court at Orissa. Some of the native Nharkvans who had been willing to fight against their oppressors before were cowed by Elisif’s display of savagery; others who’d never considered lifting a hand before were moved to arms by the same act. Many of the Dark Jeweled Nharkavan natives who benefitted from the influence of the Dark Religion and its zealots were complicit, accepting their boons each time the Glacian regime granted them possession of their Light Jeweled countrymens’ wealth or property. The Dark Religion painted these Dark Jeweled Blood as the Chosen of Mother Night, and it was a song that appealed to many Nharkavans who had no significant stature before. Of course, not every Dark Jeweled Nharkavan who accepted the spoils Glacia reappropriated from their countrymen because they converted to the religion of the Glacians. Some did it just because it was a path to more wealth or a higher social status. Light Jeweled Nharkavan natives often saw obedience as their most viable path to a pain-free life, and committed themselves to service to their Dark Jeweled “superiors” for the sake of saving their own lives. 

Not all of Nharkava’s Blood bent a knee and kept their head down in the wake of Elisif’s slaughter, however. Those brave (or foolish, depending on one’s perspective) souls who refused to quietly surrender their country wholly into Glacia’s greedy hands were invigorated by the new motivation to act. Though they had to be more cautious than ever before given the new, direct Glacian oversight, they continued their covert work to subvert the power of their oppressors through any means necessary. Loose and uncomfortable alliances began to form between some of the Jeweled Blood and some of the Landen rebels. While the Landen Rebellion remained its own animal separate from the rebellious efforts of the Blood fighting against Glacia, individuals here and there saw the benefit in joining forces to combat their common enemy.

The Landen Rebellion, even with their ranks bolstered here and there by some sympathetic Blood, has been slow to affect change. They have fine-tuned a number of guerilla tactics that keep the Blood harried and defensive, but have not yet managed to wrest back meaningful control in the Territory. In the meantime, a spy planted by one of Elisif’s zealots discovered the location of the Rebellion’s meeting place. The intel he gained allowed Glacia’s coven to unleash a viciously targeted attack on the Council of Eight, and many of the Rebellion’s leaders were grievously wounded or killed in one fell swoop. Among the slain was Devika Ranjana, the leader and holy icon the rebels called the Avatar of the Mother. Beyond her, it’s not yet clear how many Seats survived the attack. Now, with most of their guiding hands torn down, the remaining rebels struggle with finding direction and structure until survivors or new hands take up the reins.

Meanwhile, Nharkava is dying. While there is no shortage of blood spilled on its warm soil, not enough of it is the nourishing blood of Queens who would truly feed the land. Natural-born Nharkavan Queens have been sparse since the Purge, and Glacia’s machinations have seen most of those who remained in power either removed to Glacia for “education” or hidden away by their native brethren to protect them from subjugation. Their thrones are being stewarded by the men who would protect them, and while these few hidden Queens try to aid the land where they can, they are too precious a resource to be allowed to risk as much as they’d like. Glacia has lent some of its many Queens to tours of the land in an attempt to keep it fed, and while it has been just enough to keep the land from withholding all bounty, it is not nearly enough to see the Territory flourish as it ought.

Succession Plan:
Maarika served Glacia under duress after her exile, unable to act out against the Territory of her birth in any visible manner due to the fact that Elisif held her beloved sister as hostage against her good behavior. Maarika’s work at subjugating the beleaguered Territory according to Elisif’s wishes was slow and largely unimpactful, in part because the task was simply massive and in part because she intentionally moved things at a glacial pace. She covertly instructed her most trusted courtiers to find ways to assist the natives however they could while she maintained a visible facade of being a perfectly loyal Glacian patriot.The people of Nharkava would hate her as they hated Elisif, but Maarika was willing to accept that if it meant her agents were free to help bolster the Nharkavan resistance where they could.

The sudden death of Elisif brought Maarika to a moment of crisis. Her sister Magdalena was still imprisoned at the Territory Court in Vaasa, but the head of the serpent had been unexpectedly cut off. Emboldened by this turn of events, Maarika will take a firmer hold of the reins of Nharkava. She will begin finding (sometimes only mildly) diplomatic ways to uproot Glacians who have been allowed to supplant Nharkavan property owners of lighter Jewels, and she will halt the proliferation of the slave collars Elisif had demanded be deployed. These will both be done with as much spin as Maarika can muster, so that despite the fact that she will begin undoing Glacian shackles one by one, she (hopefully) won’t be easily blamed for either change even if Vaasa somehow manages to rise quickly again from the political chaos caused by Elisif’s death. She is determined to maintain control of Nharkava for now, if only to keep someone worse from being sent from Glacia to take her place if she publicly defects.

Meanwhile, the people of Nharkava are growing desperate. The discontent native Blood and the Landen have formed an uneasy alliance under the umbrella of the limping remnants of the Council of Eight, and are determined now to cast out their oppressors at any cost. New attempts at Council of Eight leadership will rise and conflict with one another, but enough cohesion will be maintained that the way they fight will shift in response to their losses. Small teams of Landen who have until now been able to affect only the most careful and guerilla-type attacks will begin to see their ranks bolstered by sympathetic Blood, lending a new level of effectiveness to their old techniques. Blood supply lines will suffer more than they ever have, and new kinds of poisons based on obscure native plants and animals will begin claiming the lives of Glacians and their sympathizers. While Maarika will attempt to quietly solicit Queens from neighboring Territories to help restore the land, her public facade will draw continuous fire from the natives who can’t know she desires to help them. Native Warlord Princes and Priestesses who took hold of thrones in order to hide and protect their precious Queens will struggle to keep hold of these seats in the face of hungry Glacian usurpers. The revelation of webbed and disguised Glacian spies in their midst will prompt Nharkava’s Black Widows to begin returning the favor.

While the nascent rebel alliance is motivated at the moment, surely it is only a matter of time before the Blood and Landen bow to the tensions between their races once more. The only question is when: before or after they manage to eject the Glacian Queen who may be their most powerful unknown ally?

Roles of Castes specific to Territory:
Queens: Queens remain rare and cherished. Those exceedingly rare few who hold Offerings darker than the Purple Dusk have been removed to Glacia for “education” (indoctrination), or have been carefully hidden by those who serve them. Even Light Jeweled Nharkavan Queens are terribly rare, and most of these are in hiding by mandate of the Territory’s Black Widows and Warlord Princes, who have resolved to keep them out of Glacia’s sight rather than losing them altogether. These hidden Queens are still escorted throughout the Territory to gift the land as much as they can, but these expeditions are undertaken only with the most careful of measures to keep the Queens safe.

Glacian Queens have been solicited in the past to come to Nharkava and feed the land, and this practice continues to a degree. Non-natives often struggle to cope with the punishing heat of the summers and the dangerous weather of the rainy seasons, and often don’t stay long when they come. In an attempt to help bolster the land, Maarika will prompt her agents to quietly visit Territories other than Glacia to seek aid in this regard, offering some of the Territory’s substantial material wealth as compensation.

Black Widows: The coven of Nharkava was the origin of the idea to hide away the remaining native Queens, and it is their combined effort that keeps these Queens so well hidden from their hunters. The recent slaughter of most of the Council of Eight has awakened both the Landen and the Blood of Nharkava to the presence of sleeper agents among their ranks: Glacian sympathizers (or perhaps actual disguised Glacians) who are sending precious intel back to their masters. This will embolden Nharkava’s Black Widows to return the favor, and they will begin finding ways to insert disguised Nharkavan agents into Glacian society. 

Other Black Widows focus their attention on using their resistance to poison to aid them in harvesting the venom of the many dangerous snakes and other venomous animals lurking deep in the jungles of Sikkim. These poisons, less familiar than others to Glacians, are then used to concoct deadly mixes that can be slipped into teas and other innocuous vehicles.

Nharkava’s coven is less formally organized than some other Territories. Three women have emerged as its unofficial and cooperative head, each one focused on one aspect of the coven’s work: the public courts, the hidden Queens, and those directly involved with offensive measures against Glacia. They work in concert to direct the efforts of the Territory’s Black Widows.

Priestesses: Nharkavan Priestesses are sharply divided in their loyalties, at the moment.  Some serve the Nharkavan courts in the absence of Queens. They lack the innate ability Queens have to calm Blood males, but of the remaining Blood females it is the Priestesses who have had the most success keeping tempers at bay. Many Nharkavan Priestesses now serve in the roles once held by men, allowing Warlord Princes to make decisions about rule while the Priestesses advise them from positions of the Steward, or sometimes Escort. Healers occasionally take these roles as well, given their calming effect on many Blood, but Priestesses are far more common.

Some serve the Old Ways of the Nharkavan Priestesshood, a sect that has been outlawed by the Glacians. They practice their native worship of the Darkness in secret, and spend their time propagating its survival among the people where they can. A special, secret sect called the Sekhalasi are stewards of some of Nharkava’s most arcane and jealously guarded secrets, and devote their lives to keeping this dangerous information from the wrong hands.

Some have given in to the lure of Glacian promises, and serve under the Dark Religion as converts. They enjoy luxury and social potential to a degree their sisters will likely never know, but will begin to face consequences for these luxuries once the resistance grows desperate.   

Healers: Healers are highly prized by all sides in Nharkava right now, even by the Landen who are slow to trust Blood in general. With all of the conflict currently ongoing, there is no shortage of need. They sometimes serve as high-level courtiers, advising the ruling Warlord Princes and Priestesses who are stewarding the thrones left empty by absent Queens.

Warlord Princes: Nharkava has an unusually high number of Warlord Princes among its Blood males. They have stepped up alongside a few other non-traditional rulings castes to steward most of the Province and District seats while the former Queens of those seats are absent. Those not ruling often do what they can to find and serve the few remaining hidden Queens, sorely missing that calming touch. They typically serve as the retinue that hides and protects Queens who venture out on covert missions to feed the land without being found out by those who would turn them over to the Glacians. In the coming days, it will be some of Nharkava’s many Warlord Princes who are disguised by Nharkava’s Black Widows and deployed to Glacia as spies and sleepers.

Warlords: More than ever before, warlords who can learn the Craft of sapping the rage of another are in high demand. They are loaded heavily into every court wherein Nharkava’s many Warlord Princes are trying to rule as Queens do. It is not uncommon for a Warlord Prince to have such a warlord as his First Escort and/or constant companion, purely for the sake of managing the Warlord Prince’s temper in tense situations.

Princes/Witches: Though plentiful in Nharkava, they serve much the same variety of versatile roles they serve elsewhere.

Impact on the levels of District/Province/Territory/Realm:
District rulers will begin to aggressively fill out their courts with as much native support as they can muster. Now that the Warlord Princes and Priestesses who have stepped up have had a chance to get their bearings, they are working to maintain what control they have. Some are committed to preserving Nharkava as best they can, while others are looking for ways to make Nharkavan submission complete, for the sake of peace and safety.

Province seats are no less fractured. In Sikkim, where dissidents and Landen Rebels have always had a strong hold, the focus will be on protecting those who are working to free Nharkava without making their support known. In Jharkand, where Glacia’s hold is more firm, the struggle is to find ways to keep land and seats out of the hands of the invading Glacians who feel entitled to be stewards themselves. In Goa, where loyalties lay in both directions, the Blood and Landen alike struggle to discern who among themselves they can trust, and who might betray them to the other side.

Territory-wide, Nharkava will see a sharpening divide between those who have been complicit in Glacia’s invasion and those who will now take any measures to see them ousted for good. While content until now to focus their ire upon the invading Glacians, Nharkavan rebels will begin to demand answers of their brethren who are doing more than acting complicit. It’s no longer just Glacians who suddenly fall ill due to mysterious poisons created by Maninder’s people, or whose people and supply lines suffer attacks and harrying from martially adept Landen from Carna’s temple. The days of tolerance and patience are ending, and the blood is only beginning to flow.
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Re: Nharkava Succession Petition Community Vote
« Reply #1 on: Dec 01, 18, 10:33:45 PM »
Nharkava Succession Petition Results
Voting is now closed.

HBC would like to congratulate
on a SUCCESSFUL Petition!

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