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Author Topic: Nharkava Succession - Community Vote  (Read 1202 times)


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Nharkava Succession - Community Vote
« on: Nov 30, 11, 08:22:24 PM »
Nharkava Ruler Petition
Ladies and Gentlemen of Blood Rites. As was announced some time ago Nharkava was under ruler petition. It is my pleasure to present to you the Territory and Ruler Succession application.

Character's Name: Landen Woman (Currently Nameless)
Character's Caste: Landen - Considered to be an Avatar of the Mother. (The co-creator of the Universe.)
Character's Jewels: As this is a story about strife and the audacity to try and overcome the odds stacked against a whole society, there are no Jewels to speak of.

Territory Plot:
Nharkava has balanced precariously since the Purge, hit extremely hard by the Purge and one of the slowest to rebound, especially for a short lived Territory. The land is crippled by the lack of Queens and strife has been a constant companion since Witch’s terrible rage swept over the Territory. Pride was not broken by Witch but that same pride continued to infest Nharkava, stunting the ability to regrow. The lush land, slowly dying, could not or would not swallow pride to ask for help.

A mere decade ago, a woman some called Savior and others named her a Demoness, forced Nharkava to submit. Finally the Territories’ pride was shattered. Isyviel Valenkos, the Queen of Glacia, forced open the borders of Nharkava as if the land were a virgin to be raped. She left no choice to the Blood, submit to the rule of a tyrant Queen or be torn apart by the power of Glacia. In the end it was the decision to fall under Glacia’s long, dangerous shadow that stirred the beginnings of the rebellion, the malcontent of the repressed.

In truth, Isyviel did this to save the limping Territory. Too few Queens meant a dying land and the Landens had begun to grumble and groan, as well as the lowest ranks of Blood. The ruler of Nharkava, a weak Summer Sky Jeweled Queen, did not have the power to fill the land. Isyviel saw the dying in Nharakava and took action, to save the Blood from the destruction of pride and weakness.

The Blood slowly embraced the beliefs of Glacia, but not as fully as the Glacians themselves. Those Blessed to be Dark Jeweled prospered, Light Jeweled suffered. In Nharkava, the Landen still worked the fertile ground, the tropical ground bountiful in ways unknown to Glacia. For centuries what had been a private land, with trade agreements beyond the borders few and far between, became a colony of Glacia. A land forced to provide for its protectors. More resources than ever before slipped from Nharkava to Glacia. In turn, this forced the workforce, the Landens, to work harder to provide for themselves. It was a cycle doomed to fail.

What had once been a stable Territory, wounded, injured but limping along, suddenly became a dying ground. Queens were still too few, their own ruler only the Summer Sky compared to the Gray of Glacia. The lands were taken from and though Queens were sent from Glacia to maintain the land, the heat and humidity forced many to return to their icy homeland, unable to bear the brunt of the weather. Isyviel had said she would rebuild the Territory in the image of the Darkness, her Darkness. To the Landen it seemed only like she would tear down the Territory, destroy what little pride they had remaining.

As all things happened, the changes started small. Blood, Light Jeweled and fearful of Glacia’s influence, worked hard to seem important, to seem invaluable to the ruling Blood as well as the Queens and Dark Jewels that suited Glacia’s doctrine. The Light Jeweled men and women pushed the industries they governed. Food and livestock, textiles and rare gems, all were ramped up to full capacity. It was not an even share of this work, Landen took much more of the brunt than the Jeweless and Jeweled Blood.

For years it had been a balance, but with Glacia’s spread of influence, Nharkava began to fear. Fear the loss of self as well as the individual fear of one’s life. What had been an improvement for the Landen, after Witch’s wrath had allowed them greater freedoms among the Blood, turned draconian. Longs hours and near slave like work loads, the powder-keg did not take long to burst.

It was three years ago that the first Landen revolt occurred, a fruit farm on the most distant edge of Nharkava. The location was furthest from Glacia and one of the of the places with the most national pride. Few Blood worked in the area but it wasn’t long until the Landens overpowered them, numbers far exceeding the power wielded by the Blood. It was a reminder that the Landen were powerful, numbers and determination able to win over Craft and fear.

What started small, a few pockets of Landens resisting the slide back into the days before Witch, grew with each success. While the failures were heart wrenching, success fueled Landen, even Jeweless Blood and Jeweled Blood, into remembering that they were not a colony of Glacia, they were Nharkava. National pride mixed with a call for equality as men and women rose to lead the rebellion.

A specific woman emerged from the group, touched by the violence that spoke of the times before Witch as well as a woman the monks called god touched. Named the Avatar of the Goddess, she spoke with charisma and fierce national pride, a call to arms. She refused to let Nharkava become enfolded into Glacia’s empire, refused to let Witch’s message go unheard.

The Landen were done being protected, no longer workers to be watched and tended. Instead, the rebellion called for a word rarely heard for the Landens. She called for equality. It was past time Landens stood by Blood as equals.

Like any change in regime, beliefs or power, the rebellion fought for the change, fought to gather believers and supporters alike. They have led a guerrilla war, using their homeland, knowledge and skill to maneuver and evade those who would stop the rebellion. The intervening years have not been easy on the rebellion but their numbers still grow.

With a battle cry on their lips and the exhilaration of equality fueling their determination, the rebellion has no sign of stopping. All around Nharkava the most basic fundamentals of Blood life, to serve and protect are being questioned. For the Landen, who feel no call to protect and wish the Blood to cease their “protection”, the rhetoric on both sides has been fueled by long held religious beliefs as well as anger at the ability to question them. For the Blood, who still reel from Witch’s rage, the rebellion is seen with hatred or empathy. Nevertheless, it is dangerous for those who believe in the Landen to voice their opinion. Sympathizers for the rebellion hold their secrets close, not wishing to pull the long eye of Glacia or the rulers of Nharkava upon themselves.

All of Nharkava has something to lose: lives, family, freedom, it all is on the line. With a Territory torn apart by a pending civil war and the domination of Glacia, Nharkava’s lush, tropical landscape could soon be awash with Blood. Those few Black Widows, who look into the future, see dire times ahead, but no clear victor has appeared in their woven dreams. The Blood, long centuries the obvious masters of their world, have finally been forced to see Witch’s true plan. The Landen are powerful, angry and determined and the Blood are not sure they can win. Nharkava is ready to go to war, but can the rest of the Realm handle the outcome?

Succession Plan: The NPC Ruler will remain in place. If a player shows interest in playing the other side of this story, the Summer Sky Queen can be adopted. The ruler of Nharkava, as she wears only the Summer Sky, is supported directly by a Glacian advisor of Dark Jewels. This is not a requirement of the story.

Instead, Nharkava is going to focus on the leadership of the Landen Rebellion. The Assembly of Eight are the rulers of the rebellion with the Avatar of the Goddess as the key leader. With each of the eight major gods represented, the rebellion is led by those key eight. Unlike the Blood, it is not assumed that a mere triangle and Queen can solve every issue. For that reason the Landen Council is made up of many walks of life, from scholars to parents, farmers to beggars. These men and women vote, with the Leader only deciding on ties. Of course everyone can voice their opinion, including the Leader of the Council, but that does not mean all must agree on each decision.

This also means in the RP itself, those who take up leadership positions within the rebellion can lead their own sections of the rebellion as well. Mini plot leaders so to speak as they work to lead their own raids, protests or attacks.

It should be noted that while the Landen on a whole think the Blood don’t need to herd them like sheep any more, they do respect two main castes among the Blood above all others. Queens, for their ability to keep the land fertile as well as Healers, to keep the body healthy. Warlord Princes of course are the most feared and Black Widows a close second.

When the Rebellion nears the Glacia - Nharkava border, there will be a decrease in supprot from Landens and an increase in the joining of the Jeweled and Jeweless Blood (at least Light Jewels). The reason for this is that Glacia in fact treats their Landen quite well. It is not equality but Glacia’s doctrine provides for the protection of Landens, treating them as defenseless babes instead of capable adults. For many Landens this will be enough, which will result in diminishing Landen support by those who consider themselves comfortable.

It is also worth noting that Dark Jeweled Nharkavians are most likley to fully side with Glacia. Under the new regime there is a great amount of increased power for these men and women, especially those who existed outside the aristo bloodlines are now finding themselves in positions of importance and power. While not as powerful or revered as their Glacian brethren, the men and women hold little risk of losing their new prestige so long as Nharkava stands in the shadow of Glacia. For this reason, many Dark Jeweled Nharkavians do not support the rebellion.

The plan is also to have Landen informants in the rebellion, specifically placed that serve the Queen of Glacia directly. These Landens have joined under the pretense of serving the Rebellion but are in truth spies. There will be Players who are offered the chance to play these roles. There will also be foreign Landens, who can be spies if wished for other Territories. 

As Nharkava is based in India there are plans to include some of the exotic beasts as assistance to the Rebellion. These are not Kindred, just battle or specially trained. Specifically “hellephants” or elephants are used in battle, with specific trainers being valued yet eternally in short supply. Rhinoceros will be seen as beasts of burden instead of horses or donkeys. Snow leopards and tigers remain mostly wild with the rare tamed beast. There are also a small assortment of trained monkeys - though they do not serve a very specific purpose aside from mischievous companions, they are something of a nuisance to anyone not particularly accustomed to them. Many Glacians pay extra to Hearth Witches to make sure the creatures remain outside their courtyards for the extra peace afforded. None of these are Kindred but they are all generally intelligent creatures if not somewhat wild at heart.

Also, while the Blood do not make up the largest part of the rebellion, they are a part of it. There are times that it is difficult to fully accept the equality ideal pushed by the heads of the rebellion but that doesn’t make it less true. There are Blood leaders within the rebellion -- these are both Jeweled and Jeweless Blood. Conflicts and differing opinions are common but expected when trying to conjoin two different societies together.

Impact on the levels of District/Province/Territory/Realm::
The impact will vary by location in the Territory. Those places most populous with Blood will at the beginning be least affected. Some of their Landen work force has vanished, fearful of retribution or due to joining up with the rebellion, but many Landens still toil, overseen by their Blood oppressor. In the more rural areas, there have been recent encounters with the Rebellion with lives lost on both sides. The capital still holds the most control, life seeming almost untouched by the unrest affecting the rest of Nharkava.

As the story progresses though and the Rebellion grows in size, power and determination, the rest of the Blood will feel the true taste of suffering as many of the Landens have. At that point it will depend upon where characters exist in the story as to which side beings to show signs of success and failure. Players will have a say in how they wish to see the story play out.

Eventually, the plan is to include a climatic battle, either within Nharkava itself or including forces from Glacia. Of course due to the dual natures of the Territories, Landen in Glacia are much more complacent then those in Nharkava. I wish to include the element of some Light Jeweled Blood and Jeweless Blood from Glacia joining the rebellion and co-mingling the forces from the Territories depending on player interest.

Outside the Territory, Nharkava will be either a warning sign or a battle cry. For Blood it will show the dangers of an “out of control” Landen population, but for other Landen it can be a call to arms. While not necessary, I fully believe Nharkava will inherit Landen from other Territories wishing to fight in the Rebellion, young men and idealists both. Of course this can hopefully incite some interaction between Territories with the focus being on what happens if Nharkava’s war spills over into all of Kaeleer.

There are eight major gods. Here is a brief outline of what will be fleshed out once the succession goes to us.
1. Lavanya. Known as Mother. Mother Goddess -- Analogous to Witch. Praised for her attempts to remind the Blood that they were corrupt. (Most recent Witch considered a reincarnation of this goddess.)

2. Rajendra. Lord of Kings. Known as Father. Creator of the universe -- Male Dragon God. God of Death and Hell Opposite of the Mother. Mother gives  life, Father takes it away. He created the world with the mother, but  only because she could not create it herself. You can't have life  without death.

3. Carna,  Warrior Goddess. based of the idea that Queens are extremely scary when angry. The Queen’s ability to go cold will be associated with this Goddess as well.

4.Gautama. Known as The Enlightened One. Wisdom and honor, and literature. First Landen to reach Nirvana.

5. Kamini. Hearth and home // maternity // health // desire goddess

6. Vishal. God of the harvest and of fathers. Also of drink and fornication / partying.

7. Nila. Goddess of the seasons / storms / sea. Basically the goddess of "everything else"

8.) Maninder. Lord of the Mind. Known as the Trickster. God of lies and deception.

Voting will run for four days and close on Sunday December 4th at 9pm EST. Vote only once and with your player account. Players may vote to abstain.

If accepted Nharkava will go under the petitioner's control and their plot will be implemented.

Please contact me via Email - not PM! <3 | GMT Time Zone