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Author Topic: Family Roll Limit Annoucement  (Read 562 times)


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Family Roll Limit Annoucement
« on: Apr 12, 12, 04:34:26 PM »
Family Jewel Roll Limit

I’ll jump right into the rules change. From this point forward you can request a maximum of 5 family rolls on a character. What does this mean? Well, let me break it down a bit more clearly.

A maximum of 5 rolls means you can request from a HBC member up to 5 rolls. You don’t have to do this all at once but if you ask for them one at a time, do expect a hard stare and a request to knock it off.

What about my family of 82?! Well, don’t worry, here are the current rules for choosing family Jewels and they still hold!

One can have family members with descents no Darker than Green. If the family member is deceased the person can have up to descent Red. For a family member who needs a specific Jewel Descent you will have to follow the NPC creation rules (A good rule of thumb is unless this character is integral to the Territory Plot, you won’t be receiving a super Dark Jeweled descent anytime soon).

You can leave Jewels ambiguous if the understanding is another player will create the character and will be using an item or petitioning. i.e. “Name Here – Dark Jeweled Prince” with knowledge that Player X is buying a DJ roll sometime in the future for that character. This should be clearly stated so the Reviewer doesn’t have to chase you down and ask you about it.

Now, what if you want some randomness to your Family but no longer can get 10 rolls from the Staff. While it may not be perfect why not just ask some of the other players? We never give out single descents randomly; maybe your mother should hold the Tiger Eye to Rose! Have some fun with it.

If there are any remaining concerns please feel free to email with questions. If you don’t wish to address this with your name or email attached, use our anonymous suggestion box.

Thank you everyone for all the great and amazing things you do here at Blood Rites. Don’t feel like this is a dig against anyone or anything in particular. The Staff decided this only to maintain better power levels and reduce the workload on us. Again, thank you.

Dani, on behalf of the HBC.
character tracker

Contact me at: -email/gchat- -Discord- Dani#5222