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Author Topic: Dea al Mon is Open for Succession!  (Read 579 times)


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Dea al Mon is Open for Succession!
« on: Mar 21, 18, 10:47:40 PM »
Dea al Mon is Open for Petition

The Territory of Dea al Mon is re-open for Petition.

We invite members of the community (who meet the following OOC requirements) to consider petitioning for the Territory of Dea al Mon.
6 Months of consecutive activity
Four characters with at least 10 posts each.

Resource Threads for the Petition:
Please note that due to the nature of the Dea al Mon culture, as a Territory opening its borders, and the impact of a new race on the board the HBC does have high expectations surrounding the succession and petition of this Territory. The provided canon information should be used as a guide and foundation for the Territory but the Petitioner should bring new plot elements and information to the table that aligns to existing canon material.

Please keep in mind that there are a couple of major plots already working that should be taken into consideration when forming a new Petition. These include:
  • Advancement of the Brood
  • Return of the Seekers
  • The Waste
  • Sanctums and Sanitariums

If there are any questions about the petition, process or expectations please do not hesitate to reach out to the HBC directly at:

Best wishes!  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker