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Author Topic: Blood Rites' 7th Anniversary!  (Read 1850 times)


Offline Jamie

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Blood Rites' 7th Anniversary!
« on: Feb 04, 17, 02:33:35 PM »

We hope you'll join us in celebrating the 7th Anniversary for our community here at Blood Rites. That's 7 years of amazing writers and spectacular plots. That's 7 years of building a community and creating lasting friendships. I'd say that this is a tremendous accomplishment for us all and certainly look forward to seeing what the next 7 years will produce - undoubtedly there will be more blood, sweat and tears put into our words.

We invite you to celebrate celebrate with us here and let us know what your fondest memories of last year were?

Please contact me via Email - not PM! <3 | GMT Time Zone

Offline Dash

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Re: Blood Rites' 7th Anniversary!
« Reply #1 on: Feb 04, 17, 02:49:22 PM »
Congratulations to Blood Rites! Thank you to everyone who has helped run this site with an amazing level of quality and dedicated for years!

Thank you to:
Jamie for helping found BR and the endless hours spent on HBC tasks, point management, plotting, and writing.

Dani for the incredible level of database work and support systems she's put in place. Not to mention also doing HBC tasks, plotting, and writing!

phinn for all of the fantastic graphic work you've done. Our site looks pretty af because of you. Thank you also for the HBC tasks, the many words, plotting, reviews, etc...

Nik for picking up Dea al Mon and Glacia and Askavi and making them amazing places to play. Thank you for all of the HBC tasks, the plot arcs, the villains and good guys, and the words we've shared.

Petri for bringing me here in the first fucking place and making this place a home for me as well.

Gavin for being my buddy 5ever and joining me to make new (and revisited old) stories and plotlines here.

Kenna for being a tireless plot leader for Pruul and endlessly working hard to make sure the people who play there have fun. Your energy is infectious!

Idariel for you endless kindness and generosity. You have constantly been a supportive and pleasant co-writer and I thank you for your friendship.

Reid for being my brozik in words and plots and for helping me make some of my favorite characters on BR or made them even richer.

Lene for being a constant part of our community, always friendly and willing to get involved in whatever capacity you can fill!

Halyonix for always being a supportive, kind member of our group and bringing so much fun to each interaction you write.

Haloriel and Star thank you for joining me in writing with the characters I have come to deeply love on this site and bringing something new and interesting to their interactions and their stories. My writing is all the richer thanks to your involvement and co-plotting, and I am grateful you're both on the site.

Kellee for always being a present and friendly member of our community. Your writing has improved so much since I started on this site and I always look forward to seeing your words!

Caryn for being an awesome coplotter and bringing a lot of fun to our posts so far. I look forward to writing with you for years and years to come and getting into all sorts of trouble!

And finally to tenkou, Silvurr, Erica, Kittymb, Gryphon, and Inkfox: I have not gotten to write with you as much as I should and I look forward to getting the opportunity to do so!

If I missed anyone I deeply apologize and hope you'll forgive my oversight. I am thankful for everyone on BR and hope you'll all be writing here for 7 more years!
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Offline Lene

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Re: Blood Rites' 7th Anniversary!
« Reply #2 on: Feb 04, 17, 03:11:38 PM »
Happy birthday BLOODRITES!!!!   Six years baby!!!

Offline Gavin

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Re: Blood Rites' 7th Anniversary!
« Reply #3 on: Feb 05, 17, 06:41:51 PM »
Blood Rites is seven years old! Congratulations! I’ve only been here for about a year, but this site has a feel and community to it that I’ve not found anywhere else. I was introduced to Blood Rites during a time I almost stopped role-playing altogether. BR really reignited that fire and brought me back around to finding fun in writing and RP again.

For that, I thank every member of this site.

Now, I have some individual “thank-yous” to give:

Jamie- Jamie’s one of the founders of BR and her caring for the site shows. She manages points, keeps the proverbial lights on, and makes new players feel very welcome. I’ve enjoyed our threads so far and I’m looking forward to more!

Dani - Our resident Code Goddess and another founder of the site. Dani’s wonderful to plot discuss character ideas. She’s also stoked my love for Black Widows with her awesome portrayals of the caste. I’m looking forward to even more fun this year!

phinn- phinn is aces. If there's something beyond aces, she's that. She’s an amazing writer and plotter and has really encouraged me during my time here. She was also a huge part of my decision to come and play here. She always gives great character feedback as well as ways to think about characters in “3D”, so to speak. Thank you, my friend, for all of the good times so far!

Dash - Dash is the one who brought me to Blood Rites in the first place. We’ve been playing together, both online and IRLm for years now and he’s always been supportive of my characters and ideas. He’s offered me a lot of amazing ideas and plots and let me run with them when other ST’s would have been like “”

Thank you for being my friend 5ever and encouraging me to bring James 3.0 to BR. Looking forward to a lot more fun this year, bro.

Nik - Thank you for being an amazing co-plot lead and friend. Thank you for giving me a sounding board to throw ideas at. Thank you for letting me take up characters with ties to yours. Over all, thank you, and I’m looking forward to how much cool stuff we’ve got in the works.

Petri - I was nervous about writing with Petri because a lot of people told me how amazing she was and, well, I was intimidated. Oh, and she’s one of the founders of the site. One conversation dealt with the nerves and we’ve come up with a lot great ideas. Can’t wait to kick them off!

Kenna - The human dynamo. I’ve seen people with enthusiasm but Kenna has energy and ideas for days. She entrusted me with two important characters in Pruul and let me run with them. I’ve had nothing but fun since. Thank you, Kenna!

Idariel - Idariel is another member of the site who pretty much embraced me from day one. She’s helped me refine ideas and has been a huge part of defining a number of my most interesting characters. We’ve got a lot of stuff planned and I’m looking forward to every word!

Lene - Lene is always ready to plot or work on a character and she’s endlessly encouraging and fun to write with. Thank you for being there from the time I joined up until now. It’s been a fun ride so far and I think it’ll only get better!

Reid - I have heard nothing but good things about you and I’m hoping to write with you in the very near future!

Halyonix - We both replied to a Glacia Want Ad for a couple of really bad people who happen to like each other. I’ve had a ton of fun writing Kain with Lydia and with her influencing his actions. And I’m looking forward to seeing what they do next!

Haloriel - Haloriel reached out to me regarding two characters that I’d placed in backstories for Lorenzo and Valor as important people, but that I hadn’t fleshed out beyond “these people are important to these characters”. Hal didn’t just take the ball and run with it. She flipped the game on its head and made me dig deep to figure out how Thorn and Xiomara held such influence with Valor and Lorenzo, respectively. Thank you for breathing life into both characters and making them both formidable in their own right. Every scene we write with them is richer because of it.

Star - We’ve had one thread together so far, won Thread of the Month. Writing with you has been nothing but fun and I’m looking forward to more of it soon.

Kellee - I’ve enjoyed all that we’ve written so far and I’m looking forward to more! Thank you for being willing to plot and talk any time.

Caryn - we haven’t written together just yet, but from the things we’ve plotted so far, I’m stoked to see them happen. Thank you for being willing to plot and discuss ideas!

tenkou- It just occurred to me that each of us plays a mother and a child to each other’s characters. Thank you for being willing to plot and such fun to write with. And please forgive me for Mari and Omid in advance.

Erica - It’s rare that I find someone who posts as fast as I do, or faster...but I’m willing to concede that Erica may be that person. Thank you for following the crazy and going back and forth with me at all hours. I’m looking forward to more threads together!

Kittymb - We haven’t written a lot together yet, but what we’ve done so far makes me look forward to what’s coming next!

Slivurr, Inkfox, and Gryphon: Looking forward to writing and plotting with each of you very, very soon!

To everyone: Thank you for making me feel at home and making Blood Rites a fun place to be. Here’s many more years of fun plots, exploding courts, and (in-character) drama!

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Re: Blood Rites' 7th Anniversary!
« Reply #4 on: Feb 05, 17, 06:52:10 PM »
Lmao sheesh. You guys went all out and here I am with just a few words. <3 I haven't been around here but six months at this point but like, all of you are amazing writers and a ton of fun. It's been a blast so far, and I hope for more.

I will make a pie in all of your honour and eat it. NOM NOM.

Probably sweet potato.

This seems fair.  ;D
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Re: Blood Rites' 7th Anniversary!
« Reply #5 on: Feb 05, 17, 07:23:53 PM »
Wheeeeee!!! *flies in happy little circles*

I'm so very happy to be a part of this group. I'll be passing my first anniversary here in a month or two (I think) and I look forward to many more! Many thanks to Phinn for always answering my newbish questions; to Lene, Gavin and Kenna for writing with me so eagerly; to ANYONE who writes with me; and to all HBC and Plot Leaders -- you guys are awesome!
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Re: Blood Rites' 7th Anniversary!
« Reply #6 on: Feb 06, 17, 08:21:36 PM »
I definitely wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the other HBC team members. The others who do work here are awesome and I love them. It's not an easy job but when we can watch a flurry of great posts or a really excellent scene between two characters, that is what makes the effort worth it. Definitely couldn’t have gotten here without Jamie but phin & Nicole, they work their tails off too.

Council Members, you make the life of me and the other HBC members so much better and easier. You are plot leaders, welcome council members, production council and review council. I promise that I appreciate each one of you and the work you put in.

Now to the Players. This is everyone, me, you, your mom maybe (Kookie!). If it weren’t for great posts and great fun I’d have left years ago. I’ve been on numerous LOAs due to stress and chaos in my life or my husbands but knowing that everyone is here, having fun with great stories, always pulls me back. I adore the things we do, that is what makes 7 years crazy and awesome.

Now for the BR Boston 2016 meetup, I had a great time meeting you all. Jamie hosted us and I recall very strongly phin showing up with donuts (I love some creme in my mouth) and Idariel in her beautiful sun hat while the rest of swam and talked (plotted the downfall of the Blood Realms). I’m pretty sure I tried to justify again why my characters like Gavril and Yrian are totally nice guys and you all don’t let me get away with shit! Caryn, Lene, you both may not have fed me donuts but you did put up with THE WRATH OF VLADIMIR PUTIN and me doing far too many imitations of imaginary of Shake Weights.

And those I haven’t met in person yet. I’m sorry, for you. Because I’m a horrible and dirty person but I say crazy shit that is fun and hilarious. I hope we’ll meet again soon.

Welcome players new this year. Welcome back returning players. And thank you to all those who have been here any duration: I love you. (make out with me.) ((with your words....))
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