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Established February 2010
by Jamie, Gina & Bowie.

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Thread Titles

xx Thread Titles
Jun 16, 12, 05:41:24 PM by Jamie

Thread titles seem to be the great mystery of RPing; how they're chosen, where they're found, what inspired them, what works and what doesn’t work.

Everyone seems to select their thread titles in a different way. What remains a constant factor as it pertains to thread titles is that we all get stuck in choosing them every now and again. The purpose of this Blog post is to help create a "go to" resource for when you're stuck and need a little nudge to help you select or create the perfect thread title.

Thread Titles can be selected based on a neat turn of phrase, or a song lyric that you love; they can be very literal or incredibly esoteric. Style is subject to the writer and participants but it is also key to remember the target audience of readers. While we all might remember a cute thread title this week, when it comes to the end of the month or the end of the year, would that thread title remain clear on what the contents of the thread were? This are considerations to be made when you’re involved in an RPG; especially one that highlights and acknowledges threads throughout the year.

Several members of the community gave me their own insight into how they select their titles. I hope by passing it along you’ll be inspired to leverage a new method next time you’re stuck on a title. (Thanks to Cally, Tangled, Ariana, White and Dani.)

Types of Thread Titles

There are several key types of thread titles that we see across RPGs. These can range from the Practical, to Thematic, Poetic or Lyrical, to pure Wordsmithing. Most writers have their own unique style and some are dependent on the characters featured within the thread.

Practical Titles
These are the titles that spell out exactly what is going on in the thread. They are often straight to the point. Examples on BR: “Return of a Queen”, “Establishing the Dark Haven”.

The Benefits:
  • Provides Clue to Subject Matter. Often recognizable when in a sea of threads because it relates to the actual events.
  • Beneficial in an Open Thread when being clear about the intent is more suited than being cleverly poetic.
Theme based titles often are best used to link certain threads together through the titles. Examples on BR: “The Complications of Debriefing an Assassin”, “The Aftermath of an Affair with an Assassin”, “The Nightmares of Tormenting an Assassin”.

The Benefiuts:
  • The clear benefit is to link threads together that are related (either by characters or arcs or something bigger).
This style is easily the most popular among RPers. It usually involves borrowing a line or a phrase from poetry or song lyrics and applying it as the thread title. Examples on BR: “The Beast You Made of Me” from Florence & The Machine’s ‘Howl’, “Miniature Disasters and Minor Catastrophies” from  a song with the same name by K.T. Tunstall.

The Benefits:
  • These are often seen as the most “creative” of thread titles and are meant to capture attention on the basis of their words.

  • Selecting Lyrics that are appropriate to the scene being played out.
  • Selecting a specific  song for the atmosphere or scene (unfortunately this usually means that the writers will have to have prior knowledge of the song to see the correlation).
Wordsmithing, or creating your own creative thread titles from scratch, is perhaps the most difficult task to accomplish. This can be anything from Double Entendres, Alliteration or just the beautiful use of the English language. Examples on BR: “Candles and Clockwork”, “Solace in a Sister’s Smile”.

The Benefits:
  • Pride in your own work; and showing off some serious skills.
References for Thread Titles

For those times where we simply don’t have the capacity to brilliantly create our own Titles it is a good thing to have a list of resources to go to when in dire straights.

For Lyrics:
For Quotes:
For Poetry:
Other Resources:
Some helpful advice:

1. When writing the thread don’t let yourself become hung up on the title; when you become hung up it can halt the progress of the thread or your muse. Sometimes you have to write the thread before you can pick a Title.

2. Keep a Document (GDoc, Desktop, etc.) of a running list of inspiration titles from around you. Sometimes when I listen to a song and a line is particularly poignant I jot it down to later add to my doc. You can use the doc to provide you with inspiration when you’re stuck on choosing a title; or you can use it as inspiration when crafting a post.

3. Be aware of the thread, content, arc and characters when selecting esoteric titles. If it is a plot driving scene that you want people to read it may benefit your agenda to find a more specific and practical title.


Everyone has their own opinions of thread titles. So why not share them as a response to this topic? (10 points for participation).

  • What's your preferred style of thread titles?
  • What's your favorite thread title at BR and why?
Code: [Select]
[b]What's your preferred style of thread titles?[/b]
[b]What's your favorite thread title at BR and why?[/b]

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xx Re: Thread Titles (Reply 1)
Jun 16, 12, 06:04:53 PM by Signale
What's your preferred style of thread titles?

I love all the styles and I have used them all when it comes to creating and naming a new post, but I have to admit that I prefer to used songs and lyrics most often to name my threads. I do this to give props to the song for inspiring my muse to play out the written events that always happen inside my head. Sounds completely weird, but it is the simple truth.

What's your favorite thread title at BR and why?

Canticle Within the Jewels. It is quite beautiful to say out loud and it quickly got my attention to certain characters of Glacia. It is creepy and beautiful!

xx Re: Thread Titles (Reply 2)
Jul 17, 12, 05:29:50 PM by White
What's your preferred style of thread titles?

Anyone who has written with me knows that I go 1 of 2 ways - Poetic or Wordsmithing.

I stay away from lyrics because I prefer poetry - but also because I prefer more direct thread titles to obscure ones.

What's your favorite thread title at BR and why?

A set of thread titles within the "theme" genre have been my favorite since they began churning out last year. The "assassin" threads in Little Terreille ( :
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