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Author Topic: Tempest-tossed island, seasons all the same..  (Read 230 times)


Offline Josephine Delacriox

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Tempest-tossed island, seasons all the same..
« on: Jan 06, 17, 11:39:23 PM »
"Ahoy! Land  ho; off eastern bow" The craft aided call reached down from the masthead lookout. Sun bright enough in the sky that Josephine held her hand before her eyes; trying to blot out the brightness to peer forward. Through the rolling of the waves she could make out the misty outline of mountain ranges peering up from the depths. The steady eastern wind pushing on their remaining sails. The slow pace just enough to keep them moving with some direction to a gamble she had placed.

That last storm; they had barely weathered through it. Only the skill of the crew and the constant drain of jewels had kept them afloat and from capsizing beneath the heavy wave pummeling down upon them. The listing of the boat had caused even her seasoned stomach to tighten and heave before it was over. Even skill did not keep the driver mask from the sideboards.  Instead they had been forced to limp towards a hopeful island of some sort. Josephine worked the numbers; the charts, and currents trying to calculate the best chances of finding something where they could get fresh water and timber enough to repair the mast.

"Bring her about Bowsun!" Quartermaster, she was also officer on duty for this dog watch. A smile creased her lips. Brown eyes barely contrasting the tangled mess of her knotted and filthy hair. Relief rested in her emotions that she had been correct. Relief that would be short lived as the Island needed watched for hidden dangers upon approach- including inhabitants. 

"Aye!" The shout down the line saw the sails being furled to cut the forward motion. Her own gaze turning; searching those bobbing waves for the white frothing that indicated breakers ahead. New waters with new shoals to have to worry about coming aground on. Already their ship sailed heavy;  full cargo keeping them lower to the water's line than she would normally like; but Chaillot's air was turning and the tides against them as the political climate heated up

"Good navigating Lady..." The first mate directed a grin at her. The older male's near toothless grin earning an echoing, if fainter, smile from her stern features. "Not charted but good. Looks inhabited" He handed her the small telescope to peer through. Just enough magnification that she could see the strangely shaped masts of boats bobbing with the waves. Several vessels out fishing just beyond the breakers she could see rolling along the edge of the island they faced.

"If we tack further north it looks like the shelf drops down.. Not certain if it will be low enough for us to come a'port but it is better than sitting here.." She sighed softly. It was hard to tell what sort of greeting they would come across. Territories were difficult; more so when they weren't on any noted charts. Finger moved to push back on her grubby hair; shoving it further from her face.

"Best speak to the Captain.. If She wills it then we can press forward" Josephine felt no guilt putting the choice; well the illusion of it at least, back on the Captain. After all it was her idea to remain under full sail versus going ahull and riding it out.  That stated she turned; moving towards her small cabin shared with another female member of the crew. Her nose wrinkled as she released the rank mess of her hair. Stiff from salt, oil, and grime the dark brown tresses resembled coiled mud. Almost too much for her fastidious self to bear.

Quickly she combed it; working the worst of the knots out with the lightest touch of craft. Scented talc powder was worked into the mess to absorb some of the oil and mask the rancid stink that came from two weeks at sea with low drinking water. That done she braided the mess before tucking it into a simple chingon. Her clothing was left alone. The sturdy bell bottomed sailcloth trousers and her linen tunic were standard fare for sailors.

Having taken the nightwatch she moved now to take her turn sleeping. The built in bunk lumpy and blanket many times patched; still warm and to an exhausted mind perfect. Her eyes closed; knowing they would wake her once they reached the dockside. Until then she could rest knowing her watch was over....

Offline Sophie Pelletier

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Re: Tempest-tossed island, seasons all the same..
« Reply #1 on: Jan 31, 17, 09:08:29 AM »
Sophie moved with a light skip in her step as she wove her way through the crowds of people gathered at the portside market.  She breathed in the scents that surrounded her and grimaced only a little.  Usually the overwhelming scent of so many people bothered her and made her long for the fresh air of the open sea that she loved about being employed on a ship, and it would drive her to finish her shopping and run back for the Orchid, but today she didn’t mind so much.

Fishmongers shouted at passersby and she paused a moment to look at the morning catch.  Maybe Rosalind would appreciate a surprise purchase of some fish to make for the evening meal.  Fresh meat was always welcome by the cook and Sophie could pick up an assortment of herbs to flavor it.  She wasn’t often in such a good mood but today had been a good shopping day.  The Orchid had been on dry dock for the Winsol season, repairs and the like, and some of the crew had taken off to visit with family.  She and Rosalind had spent the time together, two women who had no family and no inclination to seek out strange company.

She was examining some burn balms at a stall when she heard something that chilled her blood.  “Heard tell that someone matching that description was staying over at the Sea’s Lady.  Pretty young thing, came in on the Poison Orchid a few days ago.  Healer they say, wears the Opal.”

“Might be our girl, the Poison Orchid was in dock at the same time and was gone by the time the bodies were discovered.  You sure this one wears an Opal?  Queen’s Master of the Guard says the damage done couldn’t have been done by anyone wearing the lighter jewels and you know how crazy them darker jewels are.”

“He’s positive, wears the Opal himself and he would know.”

“It’s been almost five years, why are they still chasing this?  Must be better things to occupy the court’s time.”

“Seems the male was some important son of the District Queen.  She’s been putting the pressure down to bring his murderer to account and has a vicious thirst to see blood shed.”

Sophie pulled her hood of her coat up over head more carefully, hunching her shoulders and tried to make herself invisible as the voices drifted off in the direction of the inn.  Tears pricked at her eyes and she tried to blink them away quickly as she turned away from the stall and moved into the crowds.   She hadn’t thought that her past would come to haunt her but it had.  Her mind whirled as she suddenly felt all the eyes of the town on her.   She couldn’t go back for her things - not that she had much anyway, and she felt guilty leaving Rosi alone.

I’m sorry Rosi, she sent on a psychic thread, something’s come up and I have to run.  Room is payed up through the end of Winsol.  Tell Hugh and the crew I’m sorry.

Sophie turned towards the docks.  Her only solution was find another ship, one leaving immediately and get a place on board.  It would be difficult, most crews were tight knit and didn’t take strangers on the fly.  She made her way along the harbor, speaking to every quartermaster and first mate she could find.  Finally, a large trading vessel caught her eyes.  It was busy with activity, which told her they were getting ready to sail.  She hurried up the gangplank and asked to speak to the first mate or the captain.

The first mate gave her a once over, eyeing her in a way that was less about her sex and more about her seaworthiness, questioned her abilities and credentials and seemed impressed enough to agree to a trial run.  They were making a short trip, shipping of some goods and would be making a week’s turnaround.  Some of the crew had been complaining of winter chill and if she could make herself useful as a healer and as a crewmember, they would renegotiate her position more permanently.   Of course, desperate as she was to disappear, Sophie agreed and was shown a bunk with a Summer-sky witch. 


Sophie sat up with a start at the presence of someone in the bunk and blinked blearily stared out into the darkened haze.  It was just Josephine, obviously coming off a long night of watch duty.  Sophie tucked tightly into her bunk, feeling the gentle sway of the waves which had been a much more welcome than the turbulent push and shove of the storm that they had been caught up in the other day.  Sophie had more than enough experience with rough seas and hard water but even she found herself with a touch of sea-sickness at the near constant motion of the storm. 

She closed her eyes, letting sleep drift back over her mind as she sought some dreamless peace before she was required to be up and at her duty post, pushing back at the thoughts of a past that couldn’t seem to leave her alone.

Offline Josephine Delacriox

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Re: Tempest-tossed island, seasons all the same..
« Reply #2 on: Feb 02, 17, 01:57:09 AM »
It couldn't have been more than two hours; maybe three if she was lucky. Josephine could have sworn it was only a moment since her lashes closed before the gentle 'knock' came against her personal barriers. The little nudge that was polite when waking a sleeping crew member before entering their cabin. As if she and Sophie were up to anything carnal or even questionable. The healer was polite but private. Traits that Josephine wholeheartedly approved of.

Groggily Josephine rose. Her feet carefully dropping over the side of the bunk groping for the floor in her blind awareness. A yawn escaping her before she could smother it down.  "Coming.." She whispered towards the partially cracked door. Sophie worked odd shifts and Josephine wasn't awake enough to check if the odd bulges in the bed was actually healer or bedding. Instead she staggered to her feet. Her braid a bit worse for wear but it would have to do for the moment.

The gentle sway had turned into sharper jerks as the ship's heading outpaced the rolling of waves; cutting across in places as they taxied towards port. A mug of coffee found its way into her hand. The heated tin of the cup hot and soothing as her fingers closed around the promised life saving brew. Others may worship mother darkness; but this darkness was the one thing she could count on. That rich bitter biting black liquid that made her more than an ambulatory cadaver when faced with little sleep.

"We aren't to port yet" Enough time spent at sea; enough shoreline approaches had taught her the feeling of a vehicle in port versus one under partial sail to tack in. Her lashes dipped lower as she practically breathed in the steam coming off the cup before taking a sip. Her nose wrinkled slightly at the acrid bite. Cookie had decided to make it strong enough to stand on its own today. A quick swallow as she missed the gentling influence of sugar. A pity that had run out three days ago.

"No; but getting close enough that Capt'n wants you on deck" At least the male had the decency to look embarrassed.  Captain's orders were Captain's orders though and unless one wanted to see the cat slip her leash- well you jumped when asked. Another mouthful of the coffee to help bring some energy or at least a fake awareness. One hand released the death grip she held on the mug; motioning for him to precede her up the narrow hallway and steep stairs from the bowels of the ship.

"Well then let's not keep her waiting.. Her patience is not legendary" Honestly Josephine just hoped that this territory would prove friendly beyond basic politeness and enjoy bathing as much as she enjoyed actually being clean. With any luck, not that she counted on it for herself, they would value gold coin like most everyone else. Oh mother darkness be merciful; to feel like her scalp wasn't crawling would be a blessing of its own.

Practice had her climbing the steep stairs with the correct stooping to avoid hitting her head on the rough hewn beams. The hatch opened and her eyes remained focused on the steaming liquid held so close; avoiding that burst of blindness even as her eyes watered from the sudden brightness of day. Around her various sailors worked their tasks. From the lowest scrubbing down the decks to others working to settle the rigging and furl the sails enough to keep their speed tacked correctly.

Cautiously she looked up; wondering which flag they flew before giving a little breath of relief. Chaillot; they were showing their nation's colors. Closer now she could see the differences in the oddly shaped ships. Their sails set at angles and fan shaped with the odd bowl like curve from bow to stern. Brightly colored sails versus their plain white. The closer they came to land the differences in architecture too could be seen by the naked eye.

Feeling like the Captain's grubby step cousin Josephine walked towards the woman in charge. Her dark blonde hair coiled in a tidy braid at the nape of her neck; while the tri cornered hat sat jauntily on her head; shading her pale complexion from the sun. Not completely successfully as Josephine would gleefully note the freckles that dappled over the otherwise perfect skin. Tidy clothing and nothing out of place; she looked the part while Josephine was certain her shirt was stained from yesterday's dinner drippings and could stand on its own for all the salt that had been absorbed into the cloth. She could feel the wisps of her hair floating about her face in wild array.

"Captain.." A polite addressing as she greedily looked over the shore. With ships; even funny shaped ones- there was hope to get the repairs needed and supplies refreshed. "You wished to see me?" Ever polite even as she took another swallow of the coffee so thoughtfully provided.