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Keep's Registry / Re: Eliisa Lykke
« Last post by Erica on Jul 23, 17, 11:12:46 PM »
Round 2?
Rihland / Re: No Turning Back
« Last post by Reo Elbremov on Jul 23, 17, 10:38:13 PM »
Reo did not dream. In fact, his body twitched and his mind raced while his eyes remained closed, true rest never once blessing him. As much as he loved Falen, as much as he knew that the Warlord Prince would die for him, he never slept well in his house. There was always the constant feeling that this could all be crushed, cast away from them as easy as Falen did it every day. They were never safe, even when they were with each other. And if Reo couldn’t feel safe with his lover than he felt safe nowhere. Most would never believe that, especially as he had a Black Jeweled father and a Red Jeweled brother. They were more a part of the problem than the solution though.

The Warlord started awake when Falen curled around him, his body tense and his movements jerky. The Warlord Prince’s skin, rough and still smelling of the day’s sun, calmed his racing heart a bit. He pulled Falen’s arm over his body and took a deep breath as his lover’s wing draped them in shadow. Why couldn’t they stay like this forever?

“I did something bad, Falen.”

The words dropped out of his mouth, smooth and calm, a direct contrast to the rage that he knew would soon come. The deal was already sealed though. There was no turning back now. Reo didn’t even know if he would, given the chance. Choosing between his father’s respect and Falen’s love was a decision he didn’t want to think about.

“You’re not going to like it.”

The Warlord turned and faced the Warlord Prince, bringing his hand up to cup his face. He was so handsome. The fact that Mother Night had blessed him with such a man meant that she could never hate him.

“You’re going to be angry with me.”

He paused. “But I want you to remember that you already know we are hypocrites and you know that I am a bit too concerned with what my father thinks and that you still love me anyway.” Reo leaned forward and pressed his lips against Falen’s, intimate and slow, so unlike how they coupled most of the time. “That will help.”

The Warlord, First Circle member of the territory court, pulled back and bit his lip. “You have been reassigned.”
Keep's Registry / Re: Eliisa Lykke
« Last post by Nicole on Jul 23, 17, 10:04:10 PM »

This application has been reviewed!

Check your private messages for feedback. When you have made the requested changes please reply to this post and let us know you are ready for the next round!

Keep's Registry / Re: Requiem Galasrinion
« Last post by Idariel on Jul 23, 17, 09:45:35 PM »
Ready for review!
Keep's Registry / Re: Drusilla Decasta
« Last post by Nicole on Jul 23, 17, 09:17:42 PM »

This application has been reviewed!

Check your private messages for feedback. When you have made the requested changes please reply to this post and let us know you are ready for the next round!

Little Terreille / Re: It's always a bar
« Last post by Silver Thrax on Jul 23, 17, 08:32:58 PM »
Silver had shielded herself from sight as she'd left Gate City. She did so often on her grumpier days, as it spared her from having to pretend to be civil to strangers when she wasn't feeling like it. Today it was less about her mood and more about an eerie sense of dread that followed her after leaving the Steward's office. Despite how vehemently she would deny it, even to herself, Silver was unsettled. The thought of a second Black showing up and taking over a Territory right beside another Black-controlled Territory was unnerving. They were both apparently of a conquering ilk, and if they ever went to blows it'd be entirely too easy for both Territories to wind up smashed to smithereens.

It was a tiny bit more eerie, perhaps, because it was looking more like this "Lord Black" did exist in some form, and Silver had just lied to his Steward and pissed off his pet... whatever-Draven-was. Having spent as much power as she had already, she preferred to hang onto the aches and bruises from her scuffle with the Warlord Prince rather than wasting the juice to heal herself. So not only was she tired, hungry, and unsettled, but she was also sore. Yet as much as she wanted to go home and let the calm stillness of her bunker soothe her, she had more to do before she could indulge.

The Unchained were rarely hard for Silver to find. They had a few favorite haunts, and once she got anywhere near them, Nadja was always easy to spot. The Roaring Dragon happened to be the first place she checked tonight, just because there'd be food there to ease one of her wants. If Marcos was around she might be able to check two off the list, but it'd depend on mood on both sides. Maybe she'd luck out and the whole crew would be there, and between the Duchess and Embers, they could surely figure a court that would sign Logan out of Gate City with little issue. Court service might or might not have been on Logan's list of wants, but it was the safest and easiest way to get him out of that dump. Silver was in no mood to risk trying to sneak back in, and he ought to be happy to just have that damned collar off of his neck no matter what job he wound up with, afterwards.

Her luck held out in part, in the end. She didn't see Elisabeth or Darien, but Her Royal Troubleness, Naddie and the Bull were gathered at at table. Silver caught herself smiling a little at seeing them, though it'd settled into a more familiar smirk by the time she dropped her sight shields. She was jerking the fourth seat at the table out by then, and plopped down heavily to sit in it.

"Speaking  of Lord Black... I leave you guys alone for five minutes," she said, without preamble as she sat. "...and I come back to find that you yuks have let some Black-dicked-douche take over my Territory. What the hell, guys?" she complained, though the dry humor in the words would be evident to those gathered.

Little Terreille / Re: It's always a bar
« Last post by Nadja Rihsdotter on Jul 23, 17, 08:27:15 PM »
192: Goth, the Roaring Dragon Inn (and Bar)

A flashing smile appeared, at Tylmandra’s confession to not owning a dress, and then the hidden Queen’s teasing notion that the Queen of Arceria ought to wear a tiger print dress, to fit in. The Rihland Queen comments on all cat’s side-eying was met with a firm nod of agreement; cats were cagey predators, even the small ones. Nadja’s eyes sparkled with delight at the easy banter, a rare treat from the Rihland Queen. To her joy, a clever barmaid dropped an entire pitcher of the fine stout off at their table, and Nadja was swift to offer a refill to Tylmandra, as well as her own tankard.

Nadja had not even formulated a reply yet, to the question of how the lovely Queen might look in a tiger print, when Marcos interjected with an amusingly detailed and serious set of objections to the Queen wearing a tiger print (well, print anything, Nadja suspected). She watched the inherently elegant way he counted down to three; thumb and forefinger in a circle, fingers counting to the end. Her grin kept getting wider, partly because he was absolutely correct, and partly because … who compared their Queen to a Zebra? No one but Marcos. 

“A cute anything.” she seconded.  “I’d put her in a deep sapphire, I think. Or are you thinking warm, earth tones like a burgundy?” The hidden Queen was beautiful, and it seemed odd to Nadja that she did not enjoy celebrating that beauty more. But then the very, very beautiful often could wear whatever they liked, and her habitual black, white and burgundy adventuring gear seemed quite flattering, to Nadja. Of course, there were likely sides of Tylandra Nadja would never see. The Rihland Queen was a fairly private person, who bore a great deal of grief with grace.

Tylmandra went on to suggest just how one might get large, side-eyeing cats to enjoy a good tavern, and Nadja’s warm chuckle flowed through her once more. “We could put in a deep carpet, for their claws. I suspect they would not enjoy a good stout as much as we do.” Her eyes sparkled with mirth. “We’ll need to offer Rum Egg Nog bowls, and saucers of Winter’s Milk.”

Nadja saluted Tylmandra with her tankard, eyes softening, a faint blush of color washing over her cheeks. The halfbreed was touched not merely by the warm banter but the complement to her skills in battle. Nadja’s wings were a constant wound, to the Rihland Queen, making the praise that much more a balm. “Thank you, Tylmandra.” Her grin widened a touch. “I’ve never considered teaching; there’s still so much I have yet to learn.” She flickered a sideways glance at Marcos, and fell to giggling, thinking of the side-eyeing cats. But she’d very much like to study and train with him, yet had not been able to find a proper way or time to suggest it. He had twice her experience and skills, with an entirely different training regimen and philosophy.

Tylmandra was the only Queen Nadja knew personally; she’d never had much experience of them. But it made her uneasy, to think of this precious hidden Rihland Queen put at risk. Yet … how could she come to rule Rihland, if she were never trained?

And given the creature currently ruling Rihland … well.

Nadja took another slow, savoring drink of her stout, though this time she limited herself to no more than a third of the mug. “Darien may know who to seek out.” She offered thoughtfully, her grin slowly re-appearing, an oddly arrested look in her eyes. The call to battle rang in her soul, a breathtaking challenge serenading her. “We want you ready for your Territory, so I can have my Inn.”

“We’ve no time for Lord Black.”

Though … he might be practice for the Unchained to learn to deal with Prince Black, and free Rihland.

Nadja’s gaze settled upon Marcos once more, as he returned to his notebook, his skilled Craft seeking to preserve one precious page at a time. There seemed no proper reply to his qualified hope that he might rescue his work. She thought a bit, studying him, then signaled a barmaid once more, this time for a selection of appetizers. One thing nearly everyone in the Unchained enjoyed was good food. She consciously chose dishes she’d seen both Tylmandra and Marcos enjoy here on other occasions, looking a question at Tylmandra. “Is there anything either of you would enjoy?”

Dhemlan / Re: Letters to a friend
« Last post by Filomena Belona on Jul 23, 17, 08:08:18 PM »
Spring 192

To Lady Kesare Fuentes de Costa Ciraea,
Salutations, my dear friend.

I agree, time has both shaped and changed us so much in these many years, thank the Darkness that we have survived to an era where the wars have ended and while everything isn’t perfect, the younglings in our care do not fear waves of invaders and conquests.   If only someday we might see the dawning of an age of pure peace.  Perhaps this is still a child’s dream, for we are Blood and our passions can often lead us into darker expressions. 

As always your flattering words embarrass me, my dear friend.  I can not claim to be such a savior of our heritage.  There have been so many who have aided and perhaps have done even more than myself to keep our people and knowledge strong.  I will however take great pride in my part for helping that young man reach his own peace and strength to make that vital step towards the man he will become.  I only wish that his father would allow him to join us at the Academy in a few years.  He has a sharp intellect and an inquisitive mind and would be a shining star here.  I hope it isn’t too administrative of me to also hint at what a boon it would be for this institution to begin a program that would allow students from other Territories to join and learn from us.

I have heard tales of this Prince of whom you speak.  Mostly in stories that seem more fiction than fact, but in all accounts he is both a formidable man and a passionate member of the Priesthood.  For someone of Hayll, which I don’t need to tell you has always been a rival for the political powers of Dhemlan, he holds much admiration among the records.  I would be most fascinated to meet him someday, speak to a Priest who seems to be favored so greatly by the Darkness.  Allow me a moment of feminine curiosity my friend, for your words are weighed heavy with not only admiration of the Caste but a deep ripple of something more for the man.  I hope your journeys bring you soon to my side so that we might share an woman’s evening to put aside the seriousness of our lives and indulge in idle chitchat.

I cannot begin to express my deep admiration for your dedication and strength in pursuing this calling to the Darkness.  For someone already doubly blessed by Mother Night, there are few who would press themselves to seek out a further bonds to the mysteries of our people.  I am certain that you will find success in your journey into the divine Darkness because I can think of no one who exemplifies the tenacity and drive to accomplish all.

I adore this tea, I am already on my second cup as I am sitting here penning this letter.  I will include some marks with this letter in the hopes that perhaps you would do me the favor or procuring a steady supply through a merchant contact there in Pruul.   It has been a very warm, energizing boon on the colder nights over Winsol and through the hectic schedule of the spring months.  I am sorry you were unable to visit during the holidays but I understand that there is much to occupy your time and your days.  Perhaps I might do something extraordinarily shocking to my staff and take some days of leave during this summer and come to Pruul to visit with you.  See for myself these children that you speak so highly of and of course, spend time with you.  I hope to hear word that you are well and safe in Hayll.  Word has reached us of undercurrents of trouble that seem to be stirring among the populace, threads of unease.  Be safe my friend, and know that if you need anything, you may always call upon me for assistance.

Since I am unsure of where you will be in Hayll, and I don’t wish this correspondence to go completely missing through the lands, I will send this back to your last known address in Pruul with the hopes that you return there soon and safe.  I miss you my friend and I cannot wait to see you again.

Ever your friend,


Points Scheme / Re: (July) Points Transactions
« Last post by phinneas on Jul 23, 17, 07:09:33 PM »
Character Name: Zenja al Tarazed, Vivianna Vedius
Player Name: phinneas

Item Purchased: Inactivity Waivers

Points Cost: 2 x 100 pts = 200 pts

Just in case I don't get around to them by month's end.
Keep's Registry / Re: Drusilla Decasta
« Last post by phinneas on Jul 23, 17, 07:04:39 PM »
I forgot to post the note here, but she is already queued up!
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