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Chaillot / Re: realization grew on me
« Last post by Felicite Veilleux on Today at 06:24:25 AM »
This. All of this was precisely why Felicite followed science above all else. Religion, law, business, all of it tenuous and constantly shifting whereas science just... was. Factual, (mostly) irrefutable, solid. Practically everything else possessed loopholes and clauses and slippery wording... all things that just were not reliable and had the capacity to change on a person's whim or was open to interpretation, which only spurned arguments and botched situations such as this.

Noah's response however, for the most part, was direct and to-the-point. He was clear about what she needed to do moving forward and seemed to be looking at it with perfect objectivity, which she liked and thrived on herself. Despite being emotionally involved in the situation she knew it was the good ol' logical approach that would fix things. If they were fixable, she reminded herself. It did sound like there was potential for it to go either way, and while someone else might've dwelled on the negatives, Fel couldn't allow herself to do so. If there was even somewhat of a chance to turn this around then she was going to take it.

"I understand. Admittedly, I can't say I'm entirely surprised this isn't the first issue you've had with the Dark Haven. From my understanding things have been on a slow, subtle decline there, moreso lately with all the whispers of rebellion and such." Politics, another thing that she abhorred for its fluidity and ability to be manipulated freely.

"I'll talk to her then. See what I can about the state of her contract and double-check that nothing had been changed or added and I was simply unaware." As much as she liked to deny her merchant father's teachings and her mother's eye for wordsmithing, she knew these things would probably come in handy looking for any contractual foul play or glossed over details, it was just a matter of how she wanted to go about it now. "I'm still more than certain her behaviors definitely wouldn't have warranted extra time, so barring that..." she drifted off into her own train of thought then, seeming to spare her friend from whatever scattered ramble she was piecing together in that mind of hers.

"Absolutely, I have no intention of bringing this up to anyone who doesn't need to know about it," Fel affirmed with a nod when he finally came back for the moment. She got more than enough looks with the rest of her daily activities and her association with Senja to begin with, she hardly needed to draw more attention to herself and what she was trying to do.

"Madame Noir, the less specific the better... got it." Technically Lady Noir, as she'd once been brusquely corrected during a visit when she got the titles mixed up (not like she had invested a ton of study into Blood Protocol, Madame seemed perfectly respectful in her mind). Noah's description of her seemed apt with what the woman could remember of the... Healer... Priestess, was it? Definitely not a woman one would want to brazenly challenging, to say the least. But she could do courteous, she could do polite and negotiating when it was required of her.

Falling briefly again into her own mind, she appeared to be staring into nothingness out the window, fazed out for a couple moments and her lips occasionally forming silent words while she tried to put together a course of action on the spot. Before she remembered she was still sitting across from her friend, that is. "Thank you, by the way. Really. I greatly appreciate the counsel and I apologize that I plagued you with it so unexpectedly after seeing one another again, I just... it's important to me. It really is good to see you, though. I'm glad our paths crossed after all this time.

I know we took up wildly different mantles, but I do visit the Dark Haven as much as I'm able, so if there's anything I can do to help on your other front with them, I'd be more than happy to oblige. Or anything science-related that me or my fellows at the Institute would be able to assist with, you need but let me know."
It wasn't much and she didn't know if he'd actually take her up on any of these things, but it was a genuine offer nonetheless. The least she could do for his help, without a doubt.
Chaillot / Re: realization grew on me
« Last post by Noah Langevin on Today at 05:40:38 AM »
He could understand the need to try. His time with dealing with Juliette put doubts even in Noah's thoughts about everyone in Dark Haven being a stark-raving lunatic. Granted he could see the story Felicite gave him of her friend's punishments as being somewhat...brutal? It isn't like the Blood were renowned for their humility, grace and mercy either. Considering the fact that nowadays the only people walking the streets of Challiot were the light-jeweled and still atrocities occurred was testament to that.

He considered the juridical consequences of her story rather with a more traditional, Noah-sanctioned approach which made him look like he was ignoring her. He was staring down at the table with one hand on his coffee cup and the other idly tapping unrhythmically on the table. She entered willingly meaning that she had full conscious what she was signing up for. However..madame Noir stated that all residents have projected release dates when they enter. Should that be true...then the contract would be nulled unless clauses were introduced. No doubt they would be.

"I've been having my own issues with Dark Haven." He gestured, once again, to his coffee cup to suggest that Dark Haven is the cause for his burning midnight oil and sunken features. "So thankfully I have a bit of a leg up in the area concerning Dark Haven. I would have her contract checked for any extension clause regarding her treatment. Legally speaking she signed so she's bound at least until the projected release date. If they are holding her for reasons that extend beyond that then it is more customary to respect the spirit rather than the letter. In your case, if she is a model Blood and not stark raving mad then you could, juridically speaking, challenge their holding."

"I would have her original contract checked again to be sure, and the next time you see her ask her if they had her sign any new contracts aimed at overseeing her prolonged stay or altering the agreement in anyway. Pending what you find there I suspect it would be a contractual battle of whether or not she has true reasons to remain in forced residency for someone who volunteered to seek counseling." He then took his cup and drank another gulp. Ahhh. Morning was already fading into afternoon, at least in his blood. Caffeine truly is divine.

"In my experience of dealing with Dark Haven the past few months they aren't particularly keen on challengers to their diagnoses or worse challenging their legal authority and status. The place is proving to be grossly toxic to anyone who deigns question them or their practices." He groaned at the latter. "Were I you...I would keep my inquiries to your friend. Slip a question or two in passing to help fill the picture. Then if your suspicions have merit, if I'm free I will see what I can do. Otherwise I can happily direct you to someone who might."

If they would take the case He thought to himself silently. Noah wasn't kidding about the toxicity of Dark Haven that seemed to make everyone go rapid when someone poked at the walls of the institution and questioned why they were there.

"As for the technicality of holding her based on past experiences...sadly I am no clinician or therapist. Juridically speaking they are entirely within their rights to use relative action as an impetus for continued observation. The Widow-folk do it all the time. Additionally she did volunteer, which makes things a touch more complicated. It isn't like her actions caused her to be remanded to Dark Haven. She walked in herself and signed the contract. Very slippery ground to find herself in." He mused for a moment. "If there is a case, at least with what you know, the logical next steps would be the contractual arrangement and the causal concerns of Dark Haven impeding her release. The Madame Noir is not exactly the most friendly of folk I have ever met but I am sure if you inquire with courtesy she would explain it to you. Don't fight her reasons, just listen. The less specific she is, the more of a case you may have." 

Little Terreille / Re: automatic charisma for your chemical mind
« Last post by Jonothan Harmaa on Today at 03:50:08 AM »
The fantasies shown to him in his mind were but soft silhouettes that paled against the potential of reality. The feel of her brow against him and her hand on his cock were far more stirring than distant desires. The needs of now were more gripping, and the feel of her soft hands on his skin sent electricity in his veins. Little love bites -- that hint that she was okay with a bit of pain in their act, got him harder, and when she began to sink down on him she'd find him as hard as stone.

"F-fuck." He groaned as he felt just the tip of himself disappear into her snatch; her brow close to his, her skin pressing against his own and making him hotter and on edge. "Fuck you feel so tight, Kassi. Like.. Like I gotta fight to get inside you." He groaned against her as she was driving him crazy with her Craft. Even without it he would have been on edge, but with it he found his inhibitions withdrawn and his speaking of what she made him feel was in and of itself a sort of relief to the building, growling lust.

"NNngh fuck!" He snarled out against her mouth as he felt her roll her hips back and sink him further in, but not all the way, and his hands reached out for her hip and fisted in her dark hair as he pulled her gaze to him. His eyes were open, narrowed, focused, but she could see the strain behind the once cold gaze that now burned hot. He was struggling to remain focused on her face. "I wanna fuck you so hard, Kassi. I wanna drill you until I cum. I wanna fill you up with it."

She rolled her hips in such a way as to catch more of himself inside her, and he bit his lip to suppress a hissing snarl. "Nnmmmph, let... let me see that... fucking sexy body... of yours." It was phrased like a request, but the way he pulled her up, the way he brought her fully upright, it was clear it wasn't. He bucked upward into her, his hands pulling her down to fully sink himself inside -- to impale her on that hardness and drill into her the lust she had invoked in him.

"C'mon.. C'mon, get it." A hand reached behind to spank her once, to motivate her to buck on him, and his hands reached up to caress and squeeze her full breasts now that she had revealed herself to him. If she did as he'd told her she'd be rewarded with hearing a deep, groaning 'YES!' that filled the room, his eyes rolling backward and closing and his hands moved to grip her hips and help her along her act. One, two, three, several slaps of flesh against flesh and he'd manage to get his mind back into something more focused, and he opened his eyes to watch her with a snarl.

"Come on. Come.. ON/i]. Fuck me like you fucking mean it!"
Chaillot / Re: Back To the Lion's Den
« Last post by Noah Langevin on Today at 01:06:30 AM »
The next day they both awoke still alive. Noah swore he vomited every last piece of mutton Aubert had fed him. Starving and far too worn out for the rowing they managed to dock in the village where they paid for the schooner. Noah offered collateral and the two of them made swift pace back to Morayne and the comfort of Aubert's house.

"Now that I'm safe...what the fuck was THAT?!" Aubert said pointing at the door as if Juliette's homestead lied behind it. "An abandoned homestead with bloodstains and CREEPERS?! We could have been flayed or eaten or worse!"


Aubert looked like he pissed himself as the words echoed in the cabin. Then he realized that Noah was holding the audiosphere and looking at it.


Noah looked up at Aubert. "We never turned it off." He kept listening to it which made Aubert visibly uncomfortable. ..."The Blood didn't know about the basement." Noah said. He continued to listen. It was clear Noah was listening to footfalls. "He walks on the first floor...then goes upstairs. Then comes downstairs. Walks around aimlessly. He's searching. Then he finds the basement but doesn't see the latch just like we didn't." He counts the seconds between the second floor and the return to the first.

"But how did they know we were there?? We talked to a few people in one village and no one has been to that dock, OBVIOUSLY, in a long time." Aubert shrieked. "HOW?"

"No idea." He turned off the audiosphere and tucked it away. "You are right. We didn't really make any grand declaration and it isn't like the homestead is easily visible from any direction. The overgrowth shrouds the cove in all directions, most of all from the sea." He shook his head.

"But if he knows who we are??" Aubert shriveled at the thought but Noah shook his head.

"He didn't see us." Noah assured him. "Imagine. The tunnel went from the basement of the cabin all the way to the dock. 0 visibility and he didn't throw any illumination magicks at us. Impossible to see us."

Aubert rubbed his arm. "I dunno Noah. Do you...." He bit his bottom lip. "Ya think you could ugh....stay for a few days? I mean just in case you know? I ain't..You know.."

Noah didn't want to. He wanted to return to La Rochelle and check in with Tabby about her PI hire. But Aubert, for all his fussings about his family and trying to shove Morayne down his throat had led him through the wilds. They were cowards together at the Homestead and he offered Noah an endless supply of mutton. It was the least he could do to repay his friend.

"Sure. I'll stay for a few more days." Noah said to him. " mutton."

"Messire Solome. A letter for Messire Langevin." A messenger said, delivering the daily parcels. Aubert offered the letter to Noah who recognized Tabby's handwriting.


Hopefully your not dead. The PI I hired just got back from the archives as i write this. Unfortunately there is no luck on Juliette. According to him there is no record at all about a Juliette Domeil. No place of birth, no birthright or offering or anything.

He did however find some stuff on her mom. Renee Domeil. Born XXX AP in Challiot. Yellow to Rose witch. Nothing really out of the ordinary with her though. Paid her tithes on time and had little to no public history. I told him that you said you suspected they lived in the Wilds and that was probably why.

Nothing on the father though. Not even a record of ceremonial marriage or the like. No male Domeil in the archives. Unless we could find his birth name or, if she took his, whether or not he was a foreigner I think we're out of options on this end.

Good luck and don't die! Come back soon.


Well...that didn't clear anything up. All it did was put even MORE question marks in Juliette's ever-spiraling history. Who was the Blood at her Homestead? Why was her family so elusive? What was Juliette's connection to Manolito? He thought whether such questions would help the investigation, keeping his mind from falling down the rabbit hole that some investigators like to fall into. Keep the eye on the prize. He told himself. All he needed was proof that Juliette was disconnected from the terrors that people say naturally befitted the Dark Blood. That was all.

"Hey Noah?" Aubert came back inside checking his coldbox buried behind his house. "I ain't got much so...mutton?"

Noah let out a sigh. "Sure, Aubert. Mutton is fine."

Keep's Registry / Re: Maud Toulouse
« Last post by DragonGirl on Today at 01:03:58 AM »
preemptively keeping
Keep's Registry / Re: Hanna Constantin
« Last post by DragonGirl on Today at 01:03:39 AM »
preemptively keeping
Keep's Registry / Re: Taracena Omah
« Last post by DragonGirl on Today at 12:46:38 AM »
Could I use my riple Birthright Roll as won and used Here? Plus five family rolls?

Puts out all the sacrifices the Roller could desire. Cookies, pretty people, funny faces, ect.
Keep's Registry / Taracena Omah
« Last post by Taracena Omah on Today at 12:44:58 AM »
The Basics

Character Name: Taracena Omah
Nicknames: Cena (pronounced 'se-na)
Age and Birth Year: 
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Home Territory:

Birthright Jewel:
Offering Jewel: 



Play By: Lupita Nyong'o
Distinguishing Features:



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Craft Strengths:
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Craft Weaknesses:
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Life Story



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Wanted Ad Link:
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Player Name:
Points Scheme / Re: (February) Points Transactions
« Last post by DragonGirl on Today at 12:44:11 AM »

Character Name: Taracena Omah
Player Name: DragonGirl

Item Purchased:'s-triple-birthright-roll/msg108382/#msg108382

Points Cost: 0
Chaillot / Re: Back To the Lion's Den
« Last post by Noah Langevin on Today at 12:34:44 AM »
It was darkness in the basement. With no light they were victim to fumbling around in the dark. Noah used his memory to get a sense of the area when it was lit by torchlight.

The basement was not furnished like the attic. It was part-rock, part-earth and probably why the basement didn't have the scent of flooding being so near a heavy source of water. The wooden stairs were rickety and appeared movable. Otherwise the only thing making the basement sturdy were three foundation poles with a lantern that had no wick hanging from a nail on one and wooden-crossbars securing the 'walls' of the basement. They walked on strewn hay, which was Wilder fashion for 'I'm too poor for a carpet for flooring'.

*thump thump thump* the footfalls went upstairs.

Noah approached the stairs. The stairs were second-hand and made after the basement was dug out and was probably why it was rickety and unstable on the way down. More importantly was the fact that the staircase wasn't -fastened- to anything and was why when Noah bumped into it accidentally the whole stair shifted and moved with his weight. Odd. He moved the staircase and felt wood behind it. Even more odd. Even more odd was the handhold in the wood that opened said wooden door.

"Aubert." Noah whispered. "Over here. Find my hand." he reached out his arm and a few seconds later a hand slapped it a few times and they traded grips. "I found something. A hidden nook of some kind, the staircase moves."

"How does that help us??" Aubert whisper-shrieked. "We're stuck in a house with a mystery man out in the middle of where in an abandoned homestead! He's gonna eat us! I don't care about the-"

*thump thump thump* the footsteps rumbled down the staircase.

"Be quiet! don't let go of my hand." Noah guided Aubert into the nook and then followed suit. The nook was far more spacious than Noah expected for a basement nook. He reached out and grabbed the staircase and slid it back. Oddly enough, the handhold was big enough for his forearm to reach through.

"Hey. I think this is a tunn-"


Light illuminated down into the basement. *thump thump thump* down the rickety stairs and brilliant luminescence shined through the hatch. Noah and Aubert looked at each other as Aubert slowly slid further into the nook. Noah slowly followed.

The tunnel stretched long. The rate of their silent skidding and crab-walking and unrefined scurrying Noah felt they were well outside the cabin. The *thumps* echoed back up the stairwell and back into the cabin with haste.

"W-w-we're gonna die, Noah..." Aubert whimpered.

Noah wasn't whimpering, but he too was scared shitless. "Shh...this is the only way we have. Keep going before they finds us." And wordlessly thought. And hope to whatever is miraculous we don't get flayed or worse.

The tunnel went on and on. There were no curves to it and there was no winding hills going up and down. It appeared to be a straight and narrow tunnel that just went on forever. Then they hit a dead-end. "Noah!" Aubert shrilled. "W-w-w-what do we-"

The sound of wood snapping and shrieking echoed like waves through the tunnel. Then came a haunting tone:

I See You

Aubert panicked and jumped. His head hit solid wood and a slurping sound echoed around as night-light illuminated the end of the tunnel. Aubert looked up, as did Noah. It was the nightsky and the sound of....waves? Aubert didn't need to waste time. He scurried up through the hole and knelt down and grabbed Noah's hand pulling him out. They were...

At the dock?

They came out of a large wooden shaft that served as one of the dock's very oversized beam-supports. The dock had a rowboat and the nose of their schooner was sticking out of the water. They sank it.

"Aubert! Your machete!" Noah shrieked and pointed to the wooden beam.

Aubert, stunned and confused looked at Noah and the beam and then it clicked. With terrified howls he hacked at the wooden beam until it shattered into splinters with the cold ocean raging into the hole like a whirlpool. A yellow brilliance dazzled the whirlpool but no eruption or destruction.

"It's a Blood Noah!" Aubert shook in his boots. Noah grabbed Aubert by the fur and got into the boat. "Then fucking paddle like your life depended on it!"

They did. And an hour later, exhausted and terrified both decided that the best place to be safe was to stay on the sea. Noah's stomach would deal with it since he was alive, and both passed out in the rowboat adrift in the open sea.

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