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Dena Nehele / Re: Timing is Everything
« Last post by Quinten Heartly on Today at 12:03:51 AM »
Warm tears streaked down his face and Quinten rocked back and forth. Sorinna was going to unbond with him now because of this. She wouldn’t want a male that fucked up so badly. He didn’t know if that was possible, but if it was, the Warlord couldn’t image why she wouldn’t do it. They would probably throw him out of the Jacks now too. And while Kale didn’t like the organization, Q actually enjoyed it. He got to do what he loved: help people. Make them smile. Earn actual money.

With one small prank, it felt like his life was crashing down.

And still, Q couldn’t stop thinking of everyone else. “Will they let Kale practice his magic still here? If we have to move here, what’s going to happen to all of our animals? What about Old Mac? He lives down the street and I help him find his glasses every morning. Or Jay, he was trying to get into the Jacks and I was helping him train.” Quinten had not only fucked up his own life but all of these others as well. He felt the weight on him like a ton of bricks. 

“I’m sorry, Radu. I’m so sorry. I’m so stupid. I—I should have known better.” Having fun had been a stupid idea. He should have never let the peace he felt around Sorinna lull him into believing this court was simple. Quinten buried his head in his hands and only looked up when his brother spoke. 

“But…but…Sorinna. She would think…if we just ran…she might think I abandoned her.” Quinten didn’t say that his brother’s idea was akin to asking him to saw his own arm off. No. He didn’t say that. He looked at Kale’s big eyes, wiping away his tears. “What if one day you woke up and I had just ran away? I don’t want Sorinna to feel that way.” Quinten wanted everyone to be happy and the pulsing hurting ripping anger he felt in the room to subside. His focus was on that, so he did not realize that he had just elevated the Queen within the inner circle of Kale and Radu, nudging her into their family[/i
Keep's Registry / Re: Nathaniel Boesson
« Last post by Beka on Aug 20, 17, 11:59:06 PM »
Third times a charm?

Ready for the next round.
Dena Nehele / Re: Taking a Hit
« Last post by Quinten Heartly on Aug 20, 17, 11:44:24 PM »
Quinten felt the rise of his heart once more, the familiar stilling of the world that signaled a panic attack, but he took a deep breath. One after the other, trying to fight it off. Radu said this was peace. Peace. The Jack felt like he had just been clubbed in the head and no one had bothered to tell him why.   

“A…bond? Like…like the kind in the stories?” His mouth dropped open. “I thought only important people did that.” Quinten’s eyes swung from the Warlord Prince to the Queen. “Radu hasn’t even bonded yet. He is bigger and stronger and a better fighter. Why…why would Mother Night choose me?” The boy felt smaller than ever, especially when his friend confirmed that he had hit Sorinna. Knocked her down. Probably caused a bruise.

“There isn’t going to be a next time!” He snapped, the smile on Radu’s face as he talked about laying hands on the Queen horrifying. “Stop…stop smiling about it.” That spark of temper ignited and Q took his hands, pushing the Warlord Prince with all his might. After it was done, the Warlord’s eyes went big and his breath quickened. He had never raised a hand to Radu before. After all, the Warlord Prince was one of the sole reasons that the Heartly brothers were still alive.

Did this bond make him turn against people he had loved his entire life?

“I—Radu...” Quinten was usually the one calming others, with his Craft, his voice, his touch, but he really wished someone else knew how to do that now, for him. All sorts of thoughts were running through his head, especially the elaborate stories that Kale told him about Aristos. “What does this bond mean? Are you going to keep me in a cage? Am I going to get to see my brother again?” Was he her slave now? Did he have to drink her blood like in the books? Was she going to sacrifice him? His thoughts continued to increase with more details of this "bond", something that no one he knew on the streets had ever experienced.
Keep's Registry / Re: Izil Jofari
« Last post by Kenna on Aug 20, 17, 10:35:31 PM »
Approved by me from a Want Ad stand point, but I would also request Gavin approve this as well, since the Salt Mines are under his control as the leader of the Sabbah <3
Little Terreille / Calling All Adventurers
« Last post by Lysander Kane on Aug 20, 17, 10:33:46 PM »
OOC: So Ly is looking for people to join him and Peter on a swashbuckling adventure. He put out some feelers to some of his contacts - both shady and non-shady ones - to see if anyone is interested. Your character does not need to know Ly, but could have just heard about the opportunity through a mutual acquaintance. Or maybe they're just crashing the party some other way. Maybe someone who knows him is coming to check up on him because he's been distant or odd the past couple weeks? Totally up to you. Hit me up on Discord if you want to join but aren't sure how to intro - we can figure something out.

Ly had been edgy for weeks now. Edgy, anxious, restless. He didn't want to be here - as much as he loved his odd, quaint little shop. Sorting books and dusting his artifacts weren't exactly what he needed to be doing right now, wasn't where he needed to be. No... his heart and his mind were already far beyond solid ground an on the rocking waves of the sea, the wind at his back and the horizon ahead of him.

But it wasn't yet time. Not even close.

First he needed a crew. A small crew, nothing to big. Just a few people to help man the ship and the diving bell as he and Peter went to the ruins of the Fury... Fuck... To touch the bow of the Fury again, even where she rested in her seagrave. It both filled him with excitement and high anticipation. He didn't know what he would find there, if it would be helpful at all or if it would be just another dead end to tighten the noose about his heart.

The only way to know was to go there. It was far too late to turn back now, even if he'd barely taken half a step forward in the grand scope of things. No... looking at the Captain's jacked he had now draped on the bust of a mannequin behind the front desk, he knew that he could never turn back.

Lysander tore his eyes away from the jacket that now occupied about eighty percent of his attention whenever he was in the same room with it and looked back down at the haphazard list before him. Half of the names on it were crossed off or had hastily scrawled notes beside them like "serving twenty years" or "suddenly has a lot of kids". His list of former crew and contacts - an incomplete list at that but it was a list. A starting point. He and Peter would be meeting up in a few weeks to move forward, and it was entirely possible to go on this venture with just the two of them and a boat but he would feel better with the backup. At least one other person to start with would be good but he had a feeling that whatever they found... it was going to require more than just he, Peter, and a single hire.

"Fuck..." he sighed and tapped his pen against the paper before dropping it and pushing back from the desk, turning to face the jacket, crossing to it and touching one of the mismatched buttons - able to recall the exact moment he'd replaced it.

"Dammit!" With an uncharacteristic growl, he turned, pulling away from the jacket and rounding the desk to stalk to one of his shelves and rifle through the books there. He didn't even know what he was looking for, all he knew was that he needed to get himself together and focus, or nothing was going to come of this venture and he.. he just couldn't let himself fail here. He couldn't.
Keep's Registry / Re: Nathaniel Boesson
« Last post by phinneas on Aug 20, 17, 02:58:27 PM »

This application has been reviewed!

Check your private messages for feedback. When you have made the requested changes please reply to this post and let us know you are ready for the next round!

Keep's Registry / Re: Melany Kriemhild
« Last post by phinneas on Aug 20, 17, 02:53:13 PM »
Added to the queue.
Keep's Registry / Re: Izil Jofari
« Last post by phinneas on Aug 20, 17, 02:53:03 PM »
Added to the queue. As this is a wanted ad for Kenna, however, she'll need to post her approval before this C's review will begin.
Keep's Registry / Re: Jeremiah Mercer
« Last post by phinneas on Aug 20, 17, 02:52:21 PM »
Added to the queue.
Raej / of rocks and hard places
« Last post by Saiph al-Kaid on Aug 20, 17, 03:37:25 AM »
As a member of the First Circle of Syeira's Court, Saiph had plentiful face time with her. Not as much as Saiph had given to the First Circle of her own Court--but then, she was just a child then--her circles had been comprised of tutors and policy-makers, and Saiph was none of those things. Her position was a courtesy to Syeira's Consort, for all Saiph made herself useful. Her Purple Dusk was no Jewel to sneeze at when it came to the Queen's Gift, and Saiph could call down rain on her own where it was necessary. (Every time she did it, she thought of Ghanima. How often would the darling of her heart be able to repeat the spell for the Rains? How long would it be before the weaving Saiph had done gave out?)  Saiph ruled no one and nothing, but she flattered herself to think that she was useful even without her eyes.

For anyone else her age, the First Circle of a Province Court would be unthinkable. She'd been ruling a Territory at fourteen, though, and found this a relaxing change of pace. She didn't have to run or hide. She didn't have to doubt herself. She could just... be quiet and learn. And mostly, she was quiet, and she learned. A youth with a volatile Black Widow and a resentful Warlord Prince had taught her to be observant. The danger of the court at Onn had only refined that awareness; and then once she'd been a fugitive, she had learned more by necessity. The way a liar shifted. How the breath of a man who recognized her face and intended to sell her out quickened as he thought of the gold marks Adramelech al-Sabbah would lay in his greasy palm.

It was the work of moments, of the soft heart beneath that still beat beneath layers of steel, to see that something was wrong with Iskander. It took her a month to dig out the source, and another month to discern what she ought to do about it. Was it her place to speak to Syeira of matters best left between Queen and Consort, husband and wife, when Saiph had never been a wife, had never had a Consort, had kissed only one boy from the graben before remembering herself? No, it was not, but as Iskander's Queen, it was her place to speak to the woman who was slowly gouging his heart free, a slow dragging of nails at a time.

She made an appointment, and at the time appointed by Syeira's Steward she entered the Queen's gardens, which were tended more by Saiph now than Syeira. It was gratifying to feel the earth reach out to her, responding to her presence. She pricked the tip of her index finger open and let a few drops fall onto the earth, reminding it of her love for it, and healed the scratch as she stopped by the stone bench she knew was there. Nearby, she could feel the Dark-Jeweled Priestess Queen. Saiph could feel the warmth of Syeira's body, too. She was close. "Lady Syeira," said Saiph, the familiar form of address: Syeira was something of a teacher to her.

Saiph settled into the grass. It was pleasantly soft, and the air around them was cool.

"I'm worried about Iskander," she said. "I was hoping we could speak of him."
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