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Keep's Registry / Re: Leif Tostain
« Last post by Erica on Today at 01:27:03 PM »
ready for round one
Little Terreille / Re: Our doubts are traitors
« Last post by Davos Sheane on Today at 01:14:58 PM »
It did not escape notice that she'd not taken the physical olive branch and only the metaphorical one. He lowered his hand slowly to give her some grace when it was clear she had no intent to accept his touch. He shifted to give her room and nodded down the hallway when she asked him of his preference of restaurant. "There's a pub not far from here that serves some Sceltic beer, I hear. You're old enough now that we can share a pint and since I missed your birthday it feels the apt time to pick up that particular responsibility." He gave a slight twinge of a smile. "I'm sure you've indulged since then, but not the same, right?

O'Shea's has a superior Colcannon if reputation holds; hard to tell with the natives if they know a good tater or not, but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt."

He set into step beside her making sure to not get too far nor too short so as to keep her near. It was queer that there was the divide between them given their history, and yet he could not entirely reconcile it. That bitter brew was calling to him still and he had to strongly fight for his abstinence of wrath.

"The new Territory Building looks to be almost complete. Amerys told me of some grand plans to arrange herself there. She's quite excited." He turned sapphire eyes toward hers, his own searching and focused. "And you? I've heard this was the brainchild of you and Lord Harmaa." Like many other things. "You must be pleased with how it's coming along."
Little Terreille / Re: Our doubts are traitors
« Last post by Hayden Sheane on Today at 12:40:29 PM »
Hayden was soundly lost in thought. The fearsome Lord Black, famed murderer of Logain Morr's court, reputed abolisher of the terrifying Hell Lords, the mysterious hand behind the throne of Goth, the dark and ominous Black Jewel without a face... was so engrossed in her thoughts that the unexpected knock at her door startled her. She didn't often linger in her room during the day. She far preferred to be out among the others, and there was certainly more than enough work to be done to keep her occupied from dawn til dusk, if she'd let it. Even today, early as it was, she'd already been out and back. The morning air had left her with a chill, and she'd thought to find herself a sweater to pull on over her clothes before she went looking for her work for the day. A silly gesture, perhaps, considering how easily she could have warmed herself with Craft, but it was one of the small details that helped to sell the ruse of her as one without Jewels. Besides, she liked a good, cozy sweater on a chilly day.

The window in her room had snared her as she'd passed it, though. She could see the new tower from there, shining and pristine in the distance. She'd paused to admire it, and a dozen minutes later was still standing there, a shoulder leaned against the sill while her mind was a thousand miles away. Draven's situation weighed heavily on her. Many things weighed heavily on her, but the matter of her "brother" felt like it would soon come to a head in one way or another.

The knock at her door turned her head, and she was quiet for a beat while she inspected the pyschic signature on its other side. She'd recognize Davos anywhere, but she still hesitated for a moment before responding. She didn't want to see him. She didn't want to be angry with him still, but she was. The thought of opening that door and being face to face with him, with his judgment and misery and the things he'd said to her lingering between them... it weighed down a mind already heavy with concern. She could decline to answer. She had that right, she told herself. But she imagined that scenario going down and it annoyed her; she had to hide enough as it was, already. She wasn't going to hide from Davos as well. She didn't fear him, she merely didn't want to see him. This was Amerys' male, though, she reasoned. She couldn't just wish him away forever. She'd have to find some place for him in her head that let her exist around him without tension. Amerys was too keen to pick up on such things, and Hayden didn't want to add any more worries to the Queen's plate.

She resisted the urge to open the door from afar, and walked over to pull it open with her hand instead. She ignored that tiny part of her that still flickered to warmth to be confronted with him, and gave him a polite smile in return to his. She was alright and steady until he offered his hand and turned on a touch of his charm. That tiny, conspiratorial air to the way he invited her to eat took her too quickly back to another time, when she'd trusted no one as much as she'd trusted him. It was so unlike now, when even in her distraction she had to wonder what had prompted this olive branch from him. That ache was suppressed, though, hidden well enough to be polite for the moment.

"Of course," she said, and though her smile broadened, her joy did not. "One moment, though. I was just grabbing a sweater..." She was glad that she'd gotten distracted on her way in rather than on the way out. Having to step back and go retrieve her sweater to pull on gave her an excuse to not take his hand without being insulting. When she returned, she didn't pause for a second chance, and moved them into the hallway so that she could lock her door. "Did you have somewhere in particular in mind that you'd like to go?"
Keep's Registry / Re: Aria Aegle
« Last post by Reid on Today at 12:27:30 PM »
"Roller loves me enough to not do that to me," said Reid, patting the Roller.
Shalador / Re: Out of the flood and into the fire
« Last post by Elenor Lirion on Today at 12:16:56 PM »
He’s going to help. The flash of hope that reverberated through her was so strong it nearly made her lose control of the spells she was clinging to, which would have been disastrous. Hope wasn’t something she was used to feeling, especially not confronted with someone so much more powerful than her.

As he rushed off to yell at passing men, that flutter grew stronger, from a spark into a tentative flame. Not just help with his Jewels, but with wood and manpower. The best she had prayed for was his assistance in buying the village time before it washed away, but if there were a way to actually save it…

”I’ll ride with you on the Sapphire. We need speed more than anything.” The words were out of her mouth before she could talk herself out of them. Speed over safety. Already, he had surprised her, maybe he would do so again. Even if he felt the webs hiding her psychic scent, he might not try to probe them. He might respect her privacy, more focused on the job at hand.

Even still, when he stepped towards her in the direction of the landing web, she could not keep herself from shaking. At least the drizzle hid the cold sweat that broke out on her skin.

”Thank you, Prince,” she said, correcting her blunder from earlier now that she got a chance to examine him more closely. Standing inside her bubble of protection as they neared the location where they could catch the Sapphire wind, she could make her own quick assessment. Purple Dusk Birthright, and not Shaladoran. His skin was the wrong color brown to be native to these parts. Probably from Raej or Pruul: a tall, powerful man who stood straight and confident. She would have to be confident too if she didn’t want to look like pray.

They reached the spot and Elenor closed her eyes for a moment, willing the nausea that always came along with panic away. Just a hand. That was all it would take for him to shield her in the Winds. A single point of contact, and the trip that had taken her a half hour would be over in minutes. She was minutes away from home.


Not home. A home, maybe, but not for long now. Too many people would know. Her secret was already open and bleeding under the eyes of too many. They would put it together eventually: the strange girl pretending not to be Blood, the perfect, the late night walks in the fields, the strangely bountiful harvest. Queen. Shalador wasn’t as desperate for Queens as other territories, but it didn’t have a glut of them either.

The last drop of power in her Rose left her and she switched over to her Opal strength to hold the bubbles and held out her hand.
Little Terreille / Our doubts are traitors
« Last post by Davos Sheane on Today at 12:00:39 PM »
Fresh in the mind of one Davos Sheane was the breaking memory of that night in Dhemlan. The moon had been absent from the sky, blotted out by dark clouds. Rain had come and with it wetness on his face at the fresh knowledge that his Clan had been dead. He had ridden hard to Dhemlan on the fastest Wind and from there set out to her apartment to find her and convince her of the justice they must seek together. A child, then, but a powerful one -- a girl who would hold the scales in her hand to balance as she saw fit. But she had chosen to deny him that justice -- to refuse his wrathful inquiry.

She had nearly killed him.

It was easy to drink bitterness about that moment. It was a heady, luring wine that called to him for it whispered a righteousness that Davos had always favored. So, so easily it could have turned his mind to think of his Cuz a traitor for they stood now in the garden of her new kingdom, one built upon the bones of a collar-using predecessor instead of the ancestral lands of their Clan. Their Clan, now in exile, bound to extradition to Little Terreille for hope for a future. Never more would they rule Wexlow and Denford. Never more would they be able to build homes upon the soil they had worked for a hundred generations.

Yes, that brew was heady indeed.

But he had to refuse such a drink; had to turn away his thirst for anger, and focused instead on the reality that his salvation was here, now, with Amerys Tiernan and her Court -- a proxy court built for Hayden and her shadow puppeteer friend. A man that as he spoke more and more to those close to the Lady of his Soul, he distrusted with a deep animosity. Harmaa seemed to be a double-bladed rogue to have control over two women in his life that were important to him.

He needed to know how his bonds were tethered to Hayden and to Amerys. He needed to know how those ties could be severed if the day ever came.

So he sought out Hayden in her chamber, knocked upon the door an hour after his meeting with Alexander, and bore the dignified expression of a Prince at Court meeting a professional appointment. Gone were the rags of exile and the wildness of a vengeance-crazed-madman. Gone was the borrowed suit and demented gaze of the vengeance seeker come home. Instead the suit of gentleman Prince was well arranged with neatly cut hair and clean lines upon sharp-edged cheeks.

But inside, the tempest growled.

"Hello." He offered once the door opened, the smallest of smiles upon a face that was accustomed to bright grins and poems for those he cared for. "Might I steal you for a meal? I feel this gulf between us could use a bridge, and I know few ravines better to build upon than a plate." He extended a hand toward her, the gentleman he always could be -- dashing and charming at once, and the smile brightened into something more conspirital.

"And you and I share that vice."
Shalador / Re: Out of the flood and into the fire
« Last post by Izîl Jofari on Today at 11:53:17 AM »
Izil's posture did not waver until she...Elenor, he liked that name, told him what had brought her here. A village was flooding and her Jewels were all that was keeping them from being washed out. The emergence of the Rose did not make Izil blink several times looking stunned but made a brow arch instead. A wolf pretending to be a sheep. He thought as instinct probed her to better understand the Blood before him. A Rose...and an Opal. True to her word, the strength of those colored pulses was not as strong as your typical Blood and mere luck let him feel how it grew fainter by the minute. People had their reasons for hiding among the landen. Elenor would neither be the first, nor last, to do so. He didn't question her about it. There were more important issues at hand.

As she continued to tell him why she sought him for help rather than others he took that moment to formulate a plan in his head. An overflowing river was dangerous. Not only does it kill crops but it destroys roads and floods merchant traffic. The village would be isolated for weeks until the water receded. Never mind what it would do to homes and storefronts who, in Izil's experience, had their foundations made from timber. Cheap, inexpensive and easily workable but sturdy and could last decades with proper care. He flicked a glance at the sky. Still raining. It must be raining harder down there meaning that whatever was happening meant they were near where the storm was heaviest. Which means the rain is not moving. He considered. He was no Queen or student of the environment but anytime he encountered rain it always moved away eventually. He filed it away to think on later.

He had a tentative plan. "Then we have little time to continue discussion."
He ignored the lapse of etiquette Elenor gave by considering him a Warlord contrary his caste. He considered it nothing more than a lapse of consideration due to the urgency. He whistled toward one of the passing landens, who turned and came over to where Izil and Elenor were standing. "Have half of the men load up the timber on the cart. Prepare for levy building." He said to him. He gave a general description of the town Elenor told him about and the landen said he knew what town they were talking about. He ran off shouting to people as he met up with them. Levies will hopefully keep this from happening again. Buy time until they can put them up if the rain continues. Izil realized he was learning a lot about infrastructure due to his, as Elenor put it, kindnesses. To him it was no kindness. It was his duty to aid. Mother Night asks it of her champions and Izil is no slouch to her demands.

"i have never been to the village you describe. You will have to guide me there. Are you comfortable riding the Sapphire with me or do you wish me to follow you on the Rose?" What wasn't spoken was plain. He knew she was hiding. He knew she was trying to keep her distance from him. He also didn't care why and would give her the space she so desperately clinging to.
Keep's Registry / Re: Aria Aegle
« Last post by Dash on Today at 10:54:34 AM »
At least it's not Yellow to Rose?
Shalador / Re: Out of the flood and into the fire
« Last post by Elenor Lirion on Today at 09:24:33 AM »
Of course it was him. She should have known, should have stopped to actually look at him closely enough to see the flash of a Sapphire Jewel against his fine robes.

Sapphire. Darker than her. She had known, but had tried not to think about it, but now that he was here, just on the other side of the three feet of distance that was the minimum for the webs that hid her Caste and so much else, panic began to rise within her.

Just run, Elenor. Turn around and run. You gave the village enough time to get to safety. They can come here themselves and ask for help, bargain for food. They are not your responsibility. This man could hurt you, could break you, could take your freedom.

The instincts that had driven her to run so many times were strong, but not as strong as what had been slowly growing beneath them for decades now.

I’m a Queen, damn it. These people took me in, and they need me. Keeping hidden isn't worth their lives.

She didn't step forward though, water ran in rivulets down the face and neck, and dryness lay just a few feet away, but she couldn't do it. So she spoke from where she stood, trying to keep her gold eyes from flitting away from Izil’s intense stare.

”Lord Izil, my name is Elenor. I’ve been living in a Landen village just downstream of here. These rains have caused the river to swell and overflow the banks. I’m shielding the fields and homes, but I only have the power to buy them a few hours. The harvest was just days away and if it all rushes away it won't matter that they live, they’ll starve. I’ve come to ask if you would lend your strength to mine to buy them some more time.” The words were as formal as she could make them, and as she spoke she released the sight shield around her Rose Jewel where it hung around her neck. The Opal in her pocket was still out of sight, and hopefully he would not probe with anything other than his eyes. She had done this before. Being a Rose Jeweled witch was safer than being an Opal Jeweled Queen. It had been her disguise within the Blood for centuries, but a disguise only held up by studiously avoiding anyone who wore the Opal or darker.

”I don't have any money to give, or anything to trade for this. The villagers might, but I cannot speak for them. I know you are a businessman and owe me nothing, but I also heard that you were kind, and so I beg you, please help these people. They have worked so hard to make a life for themselves in these jungles, and have done so without the assistance of the Blood. We are supposed to be the caretakers of the land and the Landen who dwell there, and you are the only man that I know of who can get back there in time and has the strength to help. So I beg your assistance.”

She lowered her head in a half bow, and found that tears were stinging her eyes. Run. Run and hide. He hasn't figured it out yet, but he will. How do you plan on getting back to the village? On the Rose Wind? It will take twice as long. On the Sapphire with him? You can't be that close to him. Run.

She grit her teeth, trying to get the voice in her head to shut up. I can't run. Not if I truly believe that Landen lives are as important as those of the Blood, as important as mine. If my safety means more to me than my principles than they aren't principles at all. I've run away before. If he figures it out, I'll just do it again, but only after the villagers are safe.I have to see this through.

And even as she spoke, and fough with her fears, drop by drop her Jewels were draining.
Keep's Registry / Re: Aria Aegle
« Last post by phinneas on Today at 08:57:10 AM »
Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with an uncut Tiger Eye Birthright Jewel, and were gifted with a cut Rose Jewel at your Offering.



1. White - Yellow
2. Tiger Eye - Rose
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