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Author Topic: Lysander Kane  (Read 533 times)

Description: Warlord. Rose to Summer Sky. Played by Wren.

Offline Lysander Kane

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Lysander Kane
« on: May 29, 17, 03:20:12 PM »
    The Basics

    Character Name: Lysander Kane
    Nicknames: Ly, Kane
    Age and Birth Year:  30 (162 AP)
    Race: Short-lived
    Caste:  Warlord
    Birth Territory: Dharo
    Home Territory: Little Terreille

    Birthright Jewel: Rose
    Offering Jewel:  Summer Sky

    Role: Owner
    Faction: Novel Curiosities


    Play By: Aidan Turner
    Distinguishing Features:

    Scars-- He has various scars over his body. Most of them are very old and light, but there are two of note.
    • On his face, from his hairline over his left eye down and around his eye to the crest of the same cheek.
    • On his chest in a slashing diagonal beginning above his right pec across to right under his left.

    • There are three white lilies tattooed on his body: one on his left wrist, one on the back of his neck, and one on his abdomen right above his bellybutton. Each represent a deep love - the sea, Tanner, and Roux Jeanne (his all time favorite poet).
    • A crude, black "x" right over his heart.
    • The scull and crossbones of a pirate on his left bicep with the words "No Queen for Thee, Thy Lady is the Sea" on a banner below it.
    • Three black dots on the web between his left thumb and forefinger. One for each time he's been caught.
    • A detail of a ship on his back right between his shoulder blades. The name of the ship is "The Fury".


    Personality: Lysander is many things. He is a gentleman and a bit of a scoundrel, though he is trying very valiantly to put the scoundrel bit behind him. He is a lover of all things beautiful, though has a deeper appreciation for that which is written and sung as opposed to any visual piece of artwork - the only exception being the sun at it touches the horizon off the bow of a ship. As it rises or sets, the kiss of sunlight to the open ocean undoubtedly the most beautiful expression in all the world. It is something of wonder, longing, fate - of all the beauty in the world crafted into a single instant.

    It is without question that Lysander is a true romantic. This is not restricted to flowers, poetry, and long walks on the beach with a handsome someone - rather something that spiderwebs into every aspect of his life as a network that holds him together. The sea, the drama of the fight, the need for stability and the almost fated inability to maintain it. He is a man that falls in love, a man that strives never to regret and so follows the whims of his heart wherever they may lead. This has brought him many adventures, and much pain.

    That being said, there is a certain law and order about him as well - a somewhat questionable moral code that he ascribes to that comes from being raised on the sea among a band of lovable thieves and murderers. Note that they probably weren't lovable to most people - but they were his family, and he loved them, thus they were lovable. See, the way that Lysander sees things is that in any situation there are innocents and there are participants. An innocent is someone who has no choice in the play of events - and all children are automatically considered innocents. Participants know the risks, have agreed to the terms, have weighed their gains against their losses and are willing to accept the consequences. It isn't his fault if their poor choices result in them robbed and penniless or dead with fatherless children at home - they were the one who decided to tangle in those threads.

    Of course there are always exceptions, nothing is absolute. There is nothing in this world that is completely black and white - and living in such a monochrome world would be both dull and melancholy.

    • 1 - The sea. The only woman he'll ever love and the only mother he's ever had - the only one he's ever really wanted to be completely honest. He's been at sea since before he can remember. The sea is his home, where he feels the most comfortable and the most himself. It has brought him the greatest joys and the deepest heartaches - it is everything to him. Making the choice to step away from constant toil and flow of the sea was the hardest decision he has ever had to make, but he'll never cut her out completely. Even landbound, he frequently returns to the water and lives as close to the coast as he can.
    • 2 - Classic poetry and song. The art of conjuring emotion through sound alone has always awed and fascinated him. He is an emotional and sentimental man by nature, and while he has little talent for playing music he has a decent baritone and is a bit of an inspired poet and lyricist himself. Still, above all, he loves retellings of classic minstrel tales - how the artists can so beautifully recreate the setting, the passion, and the atmosphere of another time with just song and story.
    • 3 - Chocolate mousse. The most delicious concoction in the realms, to be certain. He first tried it on a jaunt to the shore when he was a teenager and the chocolatey deliciousness completely blew his mind. It's been a reward for himself since then after conquests, unlikely survivals, and especially successful hauls - and the occasional amorous gift from Tanner.
    • 1 - People who call themselves "realists" when they're really pessimists and cynics. It's a lordly lie and frankly he finds it incredibly arrogant and annoying. For someone to truly be a realist they have to be able to see the good with the bad - because the world is light, dark, and everything in between. He can actually understand and respect a pessimist or a cynic's point of view - because to some extent a pessimist does acknowledge that there is some kind of light in the darkness, but for one reason or another they cannot find it, or even if they can it just isn't enough for them and does not matter. These false "realists" are just stubborn assholes who are determined to bring people down around them. Or at least that's how he sees it.
    • 2 - Horses. Lysander doesn't really much understand nor appreciate the beasts. On the few instances he's dared to ride them he's found them to be unpredictable, vicious, and incredibly uncomfortable. Plus, they smell.
    • 3 - Kalumn Vercis. As this is the man who lead a mutiny based on lies against Lysander's captain and closest friend, perhaps "dislike" is a bit of an understatement. Ly hates this man and has given a death-vow against him. Should ever their paths cross, he will challenge him to the death.
    • 1 - Regret. One cannot move forward if they are being tethered to the sins of the past. Lysander has few true regrets but those he does have are heavy weights on his heart. They haunt him, and he's terrified that they will hold him back from happiness. Moreover, he's afraid to incur more of those tallies against his soul. It's how he decides every major move he makes. "Will I regret not trying this?" "Will I regret following this motive?" "Will I regret becoming this person?" Of course it is impossible to know for certain which paths will blossom into something sour or pure, but Ly finds that the best way to avoid regret is to follow his heart. Even if things go wrong he cannot regret the person who made the choice, even if the choice itself went askew - which is better than nothing.
    • 2 - Dying alone. Lysander is a social, loving creature who longs for family and connection. What he wants more than pretty much anything is a large and loving family. The antithesis of that is a despairing and lonely end. No one to remember him, no one to miss him, no one to love him. No one to carry him forward in their memories and their hearts. To leave this world without having touched or warmed a soul enough to keep them by his side.
    • 3 - Wasps. Sociopathic little flying rage beasts. Evil, treacherous little fear-mongers that exist solely to terrorize the unsuspecting citizens of the realms. Spawned from the darkest pits of Hell and sent to the lighter realms to test the mettle of the men and women for no other reason than because some powerful sick bastard probably wanted a laugh. Probably some twisted Black Jeweled Black Widow demon with a taste for the terror of the living. So they conjured up these tiny nightmares of horror and sent them above. He has never had a particularly traumatizing experience with wasps - but like horses they are something he's only ever encountered when on land. They are strange, mysterious, alien, and he's always had an intense and acute fear of them from the first time one flew across his path. It's a phobia.
    Craft Strengths:
    • Group Efforts. With few exceptions, most of the craft that Ly has extensive experience with is done via teamwork. He's never had much cause to sight shield himself, but blending his craft with five other men to sight shield the ship so they can sneak up on an unsuspecting vessel? Now that he can do, and over the years he became quite adept not only at contributing but at being the focal point and head of such workings.
    • While he's relatively mediocre at most craft, he does have more practice with physical shields and can conjure one quickly that flares around him in a solid, slim dome. While he cannot fight though the shield as some more skilled warriors might be able to do, he can raise and drop it at will and with considerable speed and reflex.
    Craft Weaknesses:
    • Lysander has a complicated relationship with his little "psychic cabinet". Vanishing items usually works, but calling them in can be a process in that he can't always call in what he's reaching for. Sometimes it won't work at all. Sometimes he vanishes a pen and it ends up getting ink all over everything in the process. Sometimes he's trying to call in a book and gets his spare undies instead.
    • Witchfire. He used to be about as average with summoning the magical fire as anyone else, but since losing Tanner to the flames of a traitor he's been unable to conjure so much as a flicker. As he is perfectly capable of building a normal fire in the normal way, he has worked around this just fine and tends to ignore that it's an issue at all.
    Life Story

    Mother: unknown
    Father: unknown
    Siblings: None.


    Lysander Kane was raised on the deck of a ship called "The Fury".

    When he was just a toddler his parents were slain by pirates intent on the valuable cargo being delivered as a bribe to some rich person from some other rich person. The details were never fully explained to him and with the exception of a few fleeting moments in his youth he never much cared for them. The important part, to Lysander at least, was that though the man who sired him and the woman who bore him were forfeit - the pirates who had taken the ship were merely unscrupulous and murderous men, not monsters. They could not bring themselves to kill the one year old boy they found hiding in a barrel in the kitchens.

    Rather, they intended to drop him off at the nearest port with some woman or orphan house. The plan had been simple.

    Then the storms blew in - and the trip that was supposed to be another week turned into another month, by the end of which the captain (and a good portion of the crew) had taken a liking to the boy. Not enough to actively decide to keep a small child on a pirate ship, mind you, but enough to be picky about where he went to. When they couldn't find anyone they deigned acceptable at the first port, they kept him until the next one - and this was a process that went on and on. Somewhere in that time they started calling him Lysander because "the boy" and "the child" was getting tiresome.

    By the time little Lysander was three they gave up on trying to get rid of him. Having him around kept the crew light, gave them a purpose other than blood and money - and that was a welcome if unexpected change. Besides, he wasn't a stupid child by any means. He hid when he was supposed to hide, and he was pretty damn useful for thievery and other minor villainy whenever they were ashore.

    Thus was his life. He grew up mostly at sea, with the most notable trip ashore during his formative years being when the whole crew attended his Birthright Ceremony. Now that was an event. Here were a bunch of ruffians and scoundrels at a small community event where Lysander got his Rose along with a handful of other children, missing teeth and various limbs as they grinned and cheered (somewhat profanely) for their smallest crew member. From the outside, it really was a very touching sort of scene - though the poor villagers probably didn't see it that way. It was also at this point that he was given the surname "Kane", as it was required for the registry when going through his Birthright Ceremony. It was chosen because at the time the crew was smuggling several hundred thousand marks worth of pure cane sugar.

    Other notable trips to the shore include when the ship was briefly detained and much of the crew arrested when he was ten and then thirteen. In both cases he was placed as a ward of the court while the Queen tried to figure out what the hell to do with him since he was a child and they couldn't really punish him like the adult members of the crew. Of course, in both instances that leniency against him was what enabled the crew to escape, as the moment he could he plotted and planned and bribed and got his family out. Then, when he was sixteen or so the crew decided it was time for him to "pop his cherry" and splurged on a very nice Red Moon House with a lovely witch named Dyanne. She was very kind and highly intuitive, and after about a half hour with him invited in a very attractive Prince with magic in his hips for no extra charge. It was an exciting and eye-opening experience that remains one of his fondest memories.

    Lysander was nineteen and fresh off his Offering when he met Tanner Creed. Only a few years older and the captain of his own ship. Beautiful, charismatic, fierce. Ly was enraptured, and when - after several weeks ashore becoming fast and solid friends - Tanner offered him a place on his ship (ironically named "The Hound's Fury" - and he liked to tease that he must be innately furious, again ironic because he's a very jovial man by nature), Ly accepted. He had always been a man to follow the tugging of his heart, and there was no doubting that it was winding its way swiftly around that beautiful young captain.

    The crew of The Fury threw him a wild going-away party and they parted on good terms. Such was the life - while eventually most sailors (pirates and otherwise) found a ship they stayed with until their retirement or at least for the majority of their career, it was normal to bounce around. Ly had spent almost twenty years on one ship without exploring his options - it was time for him to spread his wings a bit.

    There are some souls that just click - and Tanner and Ly were two such souls. They were best friends, comrades, and yes - occasionally lovers, but the bond between them was never something founded in romance. They both entertained shore relationships from time to time over the years, and when Ly was about twenty-six Tanner took a wife. That didn't stop them from sharing a bed while at sea, but Ly respected Tanner's love for Emilia and bore no jealousy or ill will toward their relationship. What Ly and Tanner had was a different sort of love and bond. Ly was the best man at Tanner's wedding and one day Ly fully intended for Tanner to be the best man at his...

    Unfortunately, that is a dream that will never touch reality.

    In the spring of 190, a man by the name of Kalumn Vercis joined the crew. He was a quiet, warm man that got along well with just about everyone. Lysander didn't like him. He could never pinpoint why - he just didn't. Even Tanner liked the man, and Lysander ignored his instinct. Perhaps if he had pushed it, if he had looked harder at Kalumn or convinced Tanner to be more wary, the slimy bastard wouldn't have had the chance to plant seeds of discord throughout the crew. It took less than two months, and Kalumn had over half the crew turned against Tanner.

    They mutinied in the wake of a successful taking of a merchant ship off the coast of Dhemlan. Instead of killing Tanner and those of the crew still loyal to him outright, they locked them up in the hull of his beloved ship and set it aflame, intending for them all to go down with it. They would have, too - if it weren't for Tanner's sacrifice. The captain got himself free, but instead of leaving them all to die he stayed, freeing each of his loyal mates and seeing them off. The first he freed was Lysander, who then helped each man out of the swiftly burning and smoke-filled ship and into the water - where at least they had a better chance.

    But Tanner didn't make it. He went back one last time and before he could return the fire had spread to the oil reserves and...

    Lysander barely survived himself. He was flung from the ship and into the water, and would have drowned if not for the rescued crew. By the time he awoke, they'd floated almost all the way back to Dhemlan's shore. When he saw Tanner was not with them he wept openly, and not a man judged him.

    After a week in Dhemlan gathering their senses, the remaining crew went their separate ways to lick their wounds and start anew. Lysander wandered, and he thought, and he mourned. Finally he found his way to Little Terreille, a melting pot of people from all walks of life. There was an open shop front in a port city with a view of the ocean from the street - and Lysander followed a whim. He couldn't serve under another captain, and had no desire to be one himself. Perhaps it was time to retire the flag, to settle down. Perhaps it was time to walk a straighter path.

    He bought the shop and decorated it with spoils from his adventures, then filled it with books for sale. Books of adventure, poetry, romance, and philosophy - even a small section of tales meant for children. It's a section he's planning on expanding, as he's discovered that helping a child pick out a good book brings him a kind of joy he's not quite felt before.

    Thus is his life at present. He's running his little book shop, and attempting to find peace. And if he ever catches wind of or sees Kalumn Vercis again he's vowed to put a dagger in his heart.

    Show Us What You've Got

    Character in Play:

    The smoke was thick and the fire was so loud. Lysander had never though that a fire could truly roar like they say in the tales and songs. Fires had always whispered and croaked to him, whereas it was the sea who roared and the wind that howled. But this... it was deafening. He could barely hear the coughing of the men around him, the scrape of warded chains against the wood as they all struggled to get free.

    That bastard. That bastard. He would refuse the embrace of the Darkness and instead remain an astral specter, just to haunt that traitorous little wasp.

    A growl rumbled in his throat as he gave another hard jerk against his chains and kicked out in a fit of tantrum.

    "Hey, hey, watch it. Can't very well get you out of here if you kick out my knee now can I?"

    Lysander blinked, then looked up at the bright smile of his beautiful captain - freed of his bonds. "Tanner?" His own voice was hoarse from the grip of smoke. "But..?"

    The other man wiggled his eyebrows playfully and crouched down. "Hold still, it's getting a bit hard to breathe in here and I gotta focus."

    Lysander held his breath to avoid screwing up whatever he was doing - and within a handful of minutes, he felt the warding on the chains break - then the manacles unlock and fall away. He was free. They were going to live. They were going to fucking live. With a wild grin he sprang to his feet and hugged Tanner tightly. "You're brilliant. Brilliant!"

    "I know." Tanner winked, then sobered. "I need your help. Keep the stairwell clear as best you can and help everyone out as I unlock them. We're all getting out of this alive."

    "Yes, Captain!" Invigorated, Ly dashed up the stairs, drawing on his Summer Sky to shield the stairs from the flames as best he could. It wasn't perfect - far from it - but it didn't have to be. It only had to work enough to keep them from getting dead until they could all get out.

    One by one, each member of the crew came up the stairs, lead by Tanner. Lysander got them to the side and sent them into the water. They were going to survive! Hope was swiftly taking over the rage and the fear, and Lysander was even starting to fantasize about them all reaching the shore and planning their revenge. They would get a new ship, they would go after those traitorous pigs. They'd kill them all, then get drunk and all would be right in the world.

    "Only one left, Ly. Then we're home free." Lysander grinned and nodded as he watched Tanner slip back below.

    Later he would be told that it was the fire - it had reached the oil reserves and set off a percussive blast. But in the moments all he felt was heat and a pressure like a shove launching him from his station and off the ship. He was unconscious before he hit the water.

    But he still can't remember the blast. Only the top of Tanner's head, wrapped in a wet cloth as he hurried back down below, and the certainty that they were all getting out of this alive.

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    Player Name: WrenStar

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    Per request for General Random..

    Weighed by Mother Night...

    You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with an uncut Rose Birthright Jewel, and were gifted with a cut Summer Sky Jewel at your Offering.



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    Ready for review!

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    Ready for Round Two!!

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    Re: Lysander Kane
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