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Author Topic: Jonothan Harmaa  (Read 793 times)

Description: Warlord. Purple Dusk to Green. Played by Dash

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Jonothan Harmaa
« on: Jan 14, 16, 11:27:35 AM »
The Basics

Character Name: Jonothan Harmaa
Nicknames: Jono, Jon
Age:  35 (Born 157 PP)
Race:  Short-Lived
Caste: Warlord
Birth Territory: Glacia
Home Territory: Glacia

Birthright Jewel: Cut Purple Dusk
Offering Jewel: Cut Green

Play By: Garrett Hedlund
Distinguishing Features: Sharp Jaw, High Cheek Bones, Piercing Blue Eyes, and Spiky Blonde Hair.


Jon Harmaa is a multifaceted person, easily able to slip into the different aspects of his life as needed for the situation. In court, he is a cordial gentleman who follows the exact letter of decorum and Protocol. He is dutiful to Elisif and to Maarika, though he deals with the former much more than the latter. He has a gentle smile that he easily matches with cold blue eyes, and rarely can one detect that it's not genuine. He is the most capable of liars, able to weave his webs of deceit with seemingly honest comments of empathy and concern. He is known for his insightful commentary about a person's thoughts and expressions after but a small time in his company. Most who meet him believe him to be a good-natured man who doesn't seem to fit his occupation as one of the terrifying Midnight Keepers.

When executing his duty as a Summit, Jon slips into a persona of no-nonsense. He is merciless in his brutality, analytically looking at the method to apply the most damage with the least effort. He often stalks his targets for weeks analyzing their weaknesses before he strikes, and when he does he hits hard and he hits fast. Jon's become as comfortable with the act of ending someone's life as much as he has breathing or eating. This exterior is his shield from his own thoughts, which are an exhilaration of snuffing out the life of a target.

To his friends, he is warm and he supportive. His sisters easily find him their favorite sibling, as he's not placed much emphasis to them about his Dark Jewel, and as the middle child he acted as mediator between his sisters and his parents. He is a patient shoulder to cry on and vent to, and often offers good advice or light-hearted commentary to ease the pain of those he cares for. To Yrian he is a good, solid friend; one who's likely to go out drinking into the wee hours of the night as he is to stand beside him in a bar brawl or on lethal matters.

And then there are his employees: The Landen-filled criminal organization that he runs known simply as the Black Claw. To them Jon is a terrifying and pointed leader, a man who expects only the best and has no tolerance for failure. He's as reviled as he is respected, given that he has shown on a number of occasions that he's quite willing to kill those who fail him.

Jon is all of these things. A person who is capable of great personal warmth and terrible violence, who sees killing as both a hobby and as a tool. No-one in Glacia quite knows all the facets of the Midnight Keeper with one exception: His hated wife, Maarika. The Queen whom incites a terrible lust and a terrible anger in the man because of the accursed Queen Bond that binds him to her. It is this that Jon finds infuriatingly binding for he can no more escape Maarika's influence over his life as she can his. They are bound together by the Darkness and by the Glacian Court, and due to his inability to harm her in public he has become obsessed with hurting her in private to gain his dominance over the woman who more or less owns him in the eyes of the public.

  • Control: Every facet of his life, save one, is something Jon has absolute control over. His criminal organization, his affairs outside of Maarika, and his position as a Summit are all just extensions of Jon's obsession with control. The fact that he cannot, in turn, control his feelings for Maarika or her reaction to him is a constant thorn in his psyche.

  • Women: Everything about them is something Jon likes. Their personalities, their softer skin, their hair, their smell, how they feel both psychicly and physically. He prefers their company and their presence, and has absolutely no problem with the order in Glacia being one where Women are typically in charge (except when it gets in the way of control over his own life and affairs).

  • Killing: There's something erotic about ending a person's life. An irreplaceable change in the atmosphere when someone is living one moment, and then by your own actions dead the next. There's a power to it that is indescribable by language alone and that is the most arousing and euphoric thing to Jon.

  • Maarika: The Queen Bond is the most terrible thing in the world to him, but mostly because it binds him to Maarika. Had it bound him to Elisif or Isyviel or Kenna, then he might have been able to stomach it. But the fact he's bound to the woman who he hates most in the world and also is constantly sent away from her is a maddening web he can't escape form no matter how much he struggles. She constantly does what she can to wound him in revenge for Arne's death, and in turn he does what little he can to hurt her in turn.

  • Obligations: His forced situation into Elisif's Second Circle is one that rankles him badly. While he respects the powerful, terrifying Queen, the fact that he was made to serve away from Maarika and not be her consort is a giant black mark to his pride and to his own dignity. Given that he is bound to the will of not just one Queen, but two, is something he deeply dislikes.

  • The Dark Religion: While Jon has benefited because of it immensely, it has damaged his relationship with his mother, his deceased father, and his youngest sister. If it were up to Jon he would abolish it completely. But given its prevalence and power in Glacia he remains very quiet about his loathing of it and pays the lip service due.

  • Hayden: Yes, Hayden may be his closest ally and friend at the moment, but she's also capable of annihilating him in a single thought. Despite their close relationship, it's built upon a foundation of lies and manipulation. If Hayden would ever discover that Jon had murdered Vilma, the Hearth Witch who had cared for Hayden at her lowest point in life, she would kill him without hesitation.

  • Being Alone: He dislikes solitude, seeking to always have the company of a friend, a lover, or even Maarika when she's being vicious to him. He is afraid that since Maarika has rejected him he'll never bear children, or worse, that eventually she'll allow them to copulate and then turn any children they have against him. But nonetheless he might be willing to take the risk of that just to assure that they have a child at all.

  • Some Harm Coming to His Light-Jeweled Family: He deeply loves his mother and his younger sister, but due to the fact that they bear Light Jewels they are a target in the machinations between himself and Maarika. Though they've both threatened each-other's families, there's an unspoken agreement between the married couple to leave out their families. Nonetheless Maar could cause an "accident" to happen to Jon's family and there'd be little he could do about it.

    Craft Strengths:
  • Phasing People Through Objects: This is Jon's method of killing someone, after he's physically beaten them down. He pushes individuals deep underground, places them in a shield after breaking their lighter jewels (so they can't send out psychic cries for help) and lets them suffocate to death.

  • Long-Term Shielding: It's not that Jon's shields are necessarily better than other people, it's just that they can last a very long time at the same strength without wearing him out. He's been able to place shields on people that lasts for hours, and it makes him an ideal person not only for assassination, but also in the protection of others under his charge.

  • Seduction: Jon's greatest facet is as a manipulator rather than as a blunt object. While he's capable of beating a lot of his opponents, he prefers to enthrall the female variety. Sex is a powerful motivator and can build attachments all on its own without the use of Craft.

    Plus, he gets some in the process.

    Craft Weaknesses:
  • Death Spells: His life would be intensely easier as a Summit if he could just hit someone with a Death Spell and be done with it. However he never had a knack for it, some part of him wanting to draw out the act. As such, Jon has to kill every single target in down and dirty fashion.

  • Triage Healing: For the same reasons as above, but it makes it dicier because Jon has to really be good or he's in trouble, given that he can't stopgap a wound for very long. He's had to make some good friends out of Healers in order to survive some of his hairier fights.

    Life Story

    Mother: Josova Harmaa (White to Tiger Eye Black Widow)
    Stepfather: Nataniel Harmaa (Rose to Purple Dusk Warlord) Deceased
    Biological Father: Delion Silver (Purple Dusk to Sapphire Warlord Prince) Territory Steward under Elisif Brenden
    Siblings: Rejia Harmaa (Opal to Sapphire ) Priestess (Four years older)
    Svea Harmaa (White to Rose) Healer (Fourten years younger)
    Wife: Maarika Sydän-Harmaa (Rose to Opal Queen) Interim Queen of Nharkava

    Nataniel and Josova Harmaa had always known that any future they might have would lie in their children. Josova had been cursed with the weakness of a Tiger Eye Jewel, and Nataniel's potential for the Opal was never realized as he descended to merely the Purple Dusk. Born in the shadow of Josova's grandmother in Tornio province, they toiled for the years of their life in fear as they worked as diligently as they could to support themselves on the estate of Josova's mother, and diligently acted as model light-jeweled citizens. Stress was at an all-time high, and while they loved each-other dearly, there was no denying the immense weight on their shoulders. Josova dallied with lovers besides from her husband as a manner of escape, something Nataniel could not hold against her. He hardly had been able to give her a reprieve from the difficulty of their existence, and though they loved each-other, love was not enough.

    When they had a daughter, they held their breath for the first eight years of her life, even after the gave birth to a young boy with strong features. Their lives changed immediately for the better when Reija, their eldest child and first daughter, came away from her birthright with an Opal. Reija's appearing Priestess Caste fit perfectly with her dark jewel, and for the next three years all eyes were on Jon expectant to follow in his sister's footsteps. When he stepped away from the birthright ceremony with a Purple Dusk, his parents fears were alleviated. They had succeeded. Their work, their diligence, and their obedience had paid off. Both of their children were granted with Dark Jewels. Though Jon would have to wait until his Offering to receive it, it was a guarantee -- he would be a Warlord with a Dark Jewel. A pride of Glacia.

    Jon's youth after the birthright ceremony was a whirlwind of activity. With their family gifted with two dark jeweled children, the Harmaas were granted land that would eventually belong to Reija and Jonothan. Jon's nature as a competitive boy became quickly apparent as he entered into all manner of sports with other children. His penchant for violence was discovered at a young age as he participated in all manner of brawls, particularly with other Dark-Jeweled men, especially those who were darker and mocked him for the weakness his parents presented. He was a righteously violent child, and nothing his parents could do seemed to be able to calm him. Only his lessons at Craft became a centering source for the boy, and he found some peace. Later it became apparent as to why the young boy had held such difficulty. Always close to Reija, their bond of brother and sister was forever impaired because of Reija's caste, and while she learned all the ritae and ritual due of a Priestess, Jon was left to just learn how to fight, and protect women. A task he could see himself happy to do, as he loved his sister, but to see how his parents had suffered silently while everything he and his sister were given burned anger in Jonothan's heart at those who had always had it easy.

    Ironic, then, that Jon found a friend in the young Yrian Winterton when he'd been sent to the Province Court. Though he was by no means as powerful, as his birthright was a light jewel with a guarantee of the precious dark jewel to be granted, he nonetheless got along very well with the fellow Warlord. He came to hear of the other man's trials of a treacherous light-jeweled relative. To that, Jonothan seemed sympathetic, learning from before his training in the provincial court to hide his true feelings. Jon never came to get along with Aksel, but Yrian he practiced his stealth craft with and the combat craft that was their trade. Yrian was his better, but Jon proved to be an equal to the task. Jon often snuck about to steal liquor or cigarettes for himself and the Wintertons, and though he'd never call Aksel a friend, it had always been for Yrian that he shared his stolen bounty. The two both shared a jealousy of an older sister -- one who was privy to all the secrets of the Priesteshood and the Dark Religion. But while Yrian held a strong fascination for it, Jon wanted only to be near his sister again.

    When Jon was fourteen his parents had another child, one whom they fawned over and babied. There was a cause for great celebration as it was the year that his sister received her Sapphire, becoming Lady of the family in whole, and began taking care of their little sister herself. Jon rarely saw her in those days, as while Yrian and Aksel were being groomed to eventually serve in the court of Isyviel, Jon himself had been selected for a different type of training. Not blessed with the deeply darker jewels of the Wintertons, he nonetheless had shown a ruthless efficiency in his combat training -- especially in shielding. He was a perfect candidate for the Midnight Keepers.

    It was rare for one to begin their training for the Keepers before their Offering, but Kristof Schlenk had seen great potential in young Jon Harmaa. A Summit, one of the most dangerous of Keepers, Kristof began training Jon extensively in Combat Craft, Stealth, Shielding, and a number of tasks that would be indefinitely of use. The two practiced and trained together for hours for days at a time, and Jon came to both respect and appreciate Kristof as the father figure he had never had in Nataniel. Though Kristof had tried repeatedly for Jon to train in the subtle and terrible arts of Death Spells, Jon could never make the lessons stick, and it is a failing that bothers him to this day, as it was the only thing he had done that dissapointed Kristof.

    Kristof accompanied Jon to his Offering Ceremony, as well as his family, and when he delved deep and found the Green he never felt more sure of himself in his life. Pride swelled through him as finally, finally he had acquired the Dark Jewel that had been waiting for him. A man in full, Kristof claimed him for the completion of his training, teaching him all he needed for the remainder of his training as a Summit. During this time Jon worked alongside the elder Midnight Keeper as he commited his duties, both as a guard and as an assassin. Through this Jon learned that as great and terrible as their role was in Glacian Society, there was always a price to be paid for their actions. One evening Kristof told him that the price he had paid once was steep -- so steep that he had once wished to die to end the life after what he'd lost. But finding Jon had given him purpose, and in training him, Kristof felt he had done something good in a land filled with such darkness. When Jon inquired what he'd lost, Kristof said mournfully "the thing that mattered most to me in the world, young Keeper."

    Jon never saw Kristof after that night. The older Summit had retreated into the night and left Glacia behind, and he's still not certain if the man didn't take his own life.

    He took a contract to Isyviel's Second Circle, offered such because of his reputed proclivity for violence and willingness to put it into action, where again he renewed his friendship with Yrian Winterton -- a grown up and different man than the one he knew, and yet the boy whom he had practiced with and drank stolen whiskey with still remained. During those first few years Jon enjoyed the benefits of being a Summit, gaining important contracts that made him wealthy. During this time his sister continued to ascend in the ranks of the Priestesshood. His younger sister Svea had emerged from the Birthright Ceremony with a White Jewel, with no hope for descending to the depths of the abyss. Seen as a tragic failing on his sister and his parents, such strife nearly tore the family apart save for Jon's attempts to intercede and form some semblance of truce. To this day Svea is embittered to Reija for how callously their elder sister, and her matriarch, mistreats hers. Jon did what he could to shelter Svea, but he was very far away, serving in the Territory Court under a Queen who was not likely to allow a powerful male in her Second Circle be much too absent. When he had to choose between his own interests and his family, he chose his own interests.

    Still, while Jon could not help his family come together, he nonetheless was able to do quite well for himself personally. Being part of Isyviel's Second Circle and a Summit gave him a number of contracts around the Territory, one of which being Karita Omdal, the Queen of Salo. The two fell into an affair of mostly convenience, but to no small benefit of Jon. Though she was older than him by quite a few years, she was lovely enough and through her he began to see something that would bring Jon quite a lot of money, and a lot of problems: The smuggling business.

    Jon's touch with the criminal underworld of Glacia began with his affair with Karita. Through Salo, and then back in his native Tornio, Jon began to hear of the secret efforts of trying to smuggle Light-Jeweled Glacians out of the territory with the hope of reaching Little Terreille which had been accepting them under the leadership of Bride Marchalan. Jon, fairly wealthy with his Summit duties and his position in Isyviel's Court, began to use that capital to enlist the aid of several Landens to form the base of a criminal empire. It made perfect sense to Jon: Landen could not be inspected by Craft without causing their deaths. Landen were a protected and loved population in Glacia that often had to want for nothing. But there were individuals in that community that wanted more, or saw the treatment of the Light Jewels, and their sentiment was a welcome tool for Jon. After all, he may have hated the Dark Religion, but he loved money and power more. The Crime ring of the Black Claw began to at first just smuggle out a few Light Jewels through the Sallow Road. But as it went on, Jon expanded it to smuggle supplies and drugs into and out of Nharkava and Dhemlan. He was one of the first to make use of the Sanguine River out of his native Tornio Province, and has been living a double life as Summit and Crime Lord for the last eight years.

    It was because of this double life that he came to the attention of Arne Lahti, a Sapphire Prince, a member of the Second Circle of Tornio Province. Arne had noticed that some of the accounts and books were off in the Provincial Court coming out of Landen settlements, and that Jon had frequented them over the course of some years. Putting things together, Arne kept his suspicions quiet, for fear that if he were wrong he'd be accusing a member of Isyviel's Court and quickly find himself killed. Instead he approached Jon in one of the Red Moon Houses he had come to own, making sure the meeting was fairly public, and then tried to blackmail him. Figuring that Jon would only get himself killed if he attacked him before everyone else, and that he'd be more willing to pay off the threat than deal with it, Arne hoped to expand his wealth and his contacts. Atop that, Arne was deeper in the Abyss, a Sapphire Prince as opposed to a Green Warlord. He figured he was safe. What he didn't count on was the pure viciousness Jonothan was capable of, and when the Green Warlord struck he did so in ways Arne hadn't anticipated. By the time others in the House arrived, Jon had stabbed Arne to death with a knife multiple times, ending the Prince's life with what he declared an enraged response to a personal insult.

    Brought before Isyviel by his own admission, the hearing took several hours as Jon went through what had taken place. When confronted with Arne's future wife -- the young Queen Maarika Sydan, Jon felt the first pull of the Queen Bond. Incredibly beautiful, intelligent, haughty, and cruel, Jon fell in love with Maarika at first sight. Terrified inwardly, but holding a mournful expression and reluctance for what he'd done, he had tried to apologize to Maarika profusely before the eyes of all. He had wronged her, he'd pay the price she demanded. When she demanded he take Arne's place as her husband, his heart soared. Perhaps Arne was merely a political arrangement -- weddings in Glacia were more often for some gain rather than out of love, and he had hoped in time Maarika would forgive him and forget all about her Sapphire, stupid Prince.

    How wrong he had been.

    The truth of the matter was that Maarika deeply loved Arne, and despite the Queen Bond, such ties could not overrule such overpowering hate. Jon's love for Maarika came to be twisted into hate that nonetheless would never be realized, and the two fell into a relationship of spite, quiet cruelty, and attempts to hurt one-another without ever gaining ground. When Maarika became Queen of Tornio Province, she had him sent to Isyviel's Court once again, but with a request he be sent to Nharkava for a small time to help in matters there. Isyviel, impressed with the new young Queen, agreed. Jon spent twelve grueling months in that terrible, shithole of a country, and when he returned to Glacia it was under the rule of Elisif Brenden. Hopeful that time had healed wounds, he was damnably mistaken, and was sent to Elisif's court to serve in her Second Circle as he had done for Isyviel.

    Both of these times, Jon suffered tremendous insult. Publicly marked as some sort of deviant, he lost friends and made allies wary because of the fact his own wife had refused his service. Denied the Consort Ring to his wife, denied her body, denied his rightful position, he was sent to serve and to wait unto a Queen that was not his own. While Elisif never broached the subject with Jon, she kept him at arm's length, further increasing his alienation in a court that had once been one where he was both welcome and approached merrily. It is a source of deep anger for him, and one he wishes to visit unto Maarika most ardently.

    Since then Jon has become far more cautious in covering his tracks with his criminal enterprise. He has less hands-on control these days as he has in the past, now serving as an overlord from the shadows while his Landen surrogates smuggle out Light Jeweled refugees into indentured servitude in distant Territories. He's remained as a member of Elisif's Second Circle, forming friendships and bonds there that coat over the cruel heart he has and the merciless business acumen that maintains his most critical of actions. He's involved himself in a number of affairs as Maarika keeps him at arm's length, desperately wanting her attention and love and yet hating to be reminded how bound he is to her, some of these include the wife of Markus Niskala, another member of Elisif's Second Circle. Most recently his mother informed him, at his father's funeral, that Nataniel was not in fact his father, but instead Delion Silver -- the Steward under Elisif Brenden. And while he toils at all of his personal projects, his life, and his criminal empire, he nonetheless also serves still as a Summit. He's recently taken on a contract to protect his friend Yrian's sometimes-lover and friend, Kadjia Aili.

    Well, who ever said life was easy?

    Show Us What You've Got

    Writing Sample: (Warning: Graphic Violence and Language)
    Arne Vuldent stood deeper than Jon in the Abyss by about two steps. A Dark Jeweled Prince, he sat in Jon's office with his expensive tailored suit that Jon could have likely negotiated for half the price. His Sapphire was neatly displayed on an amulet that rested above his chest, indicating clearly that he had nothing to be afraid of from Jonothan Harmaa. Arne was a handsome man, clearly favored by the Dark Religion with its double blessing of both a Blood Opal birthright and Sapphire descent, and he sat with the poise of one of Glacia's elite. Jon's mother would consider it deeply important that Jon treat this man with deep respect, given the purity of the Mother Night's love for him. But Jon had never cared for the Dark Religion, and he'd care for it even less for a man who had stumbled upon an important fact about Jon's life: He was a traitor.

    Jon had been smuggling Light Jeweled Glacians out of Tornio for the better part of four years now. But where as he might have acted like he had their best interests at heart, the truth is that he used the monies from their indentured servitude in other territories to increase his own power and influence throughout the territory. When combined with the criminal and legitimate businesses he was captaining, and his own work as a Summit, he was now a very wealthy man. Arne Vuldunt had discovered at least a partial truth of Jon's involvement, and had come to try to blackmail him. Arne had, legitimately, assumed that Jon would be put in a bit of a spot if he was confronted in a public place by a Prince who stood darker in the abyss. The man's reasoning wasn't off, really. Even in a Red Moon House, there were plenty of witnesses, and few people would want to lie about what might happen here. The fact that it was a Red Moon House that Jon didn't own made it an even dicier situation.  But Jon had little intention of letting this Sapphire Prince blackmail him with such crucial information. Mother Night could suck his cock if she didn't like it.

    Arne was trying to lay down the conditions for the blackmail. He had said already he knew the route that Jon had used, and that he was using Landens. To Arne's credit, he had kept himself on edge, as he wasn't sure what Jon would do. But Arne was a Prince, and Jon Harmaa was a Summit of the Midnight Keepers. The former might have gotten into a scrape or two, and the latter killed people for money. So when Jon 'betrayed' himself by looking up from his desk to the sound he had crafted in the room near the door, Arne looked instinctual towards it, not having had the training to know when to ignore superfluous sounds.

    In half a second Jon had already bounded across the table and was upon Arne before he could raise a shield. Nonetheless Arne wasn't a complete novice, and slammed into Jon's Green Shield with his Sapphire. It fell quickly, but Jon raised up another quickly after that almost instantaneously and a Purple Dusk right after just to buy himself a little time. It was enough, as Arne hadn't expected such sudden violence or the ability to adapt against his jewel that was darker than Jon's. Jon's fingers dug into the soft skin of Arne's throat, digging and tearing the flesh there. Quickly his fingers pierced the fragile protection of his flesh, found his voicebox, and ripped it out. With his other hand, covered in a Green Shield, he grabbed Arne's Sapphire, snapped the amulet off with a forceful jerk, and threw it across the room. "Not very good at this, Arnie. Stupid son of a bitch." Jon hissed through a smile. With bloodied fingers he grabbed Arne by his head. He felt his silken blonde strands curl into his fingers as the wounded man, still struggling though dazed, and slammed his face into the desk four times with succinct, bone-crunching blows. Arne's nose broke on the first, then his cheek, then some of his teeth, until his face was a bloodied mess. He was sure to make this as brutal as possible, because later, he'd say that he lost himself to a rage and murdered the man. Admitting to doing such a thing in a public place would make people uncomfortable and likely bring him a little bit of trouble, but not nearly as much as the information that he'd been smuggling Light Jewels out of the Territory would bring him. You can survive punishment, you can't do much after death. "Don't worry." Jon said over Arne's head as he conjured the knife from his mental locker. "I'm really good at it." He laughed as he plunged the knife into Arne's expensive silk suit, down into his back, and began making a bloody mess of the man. He let out a few shouts for the effect as Arne's arms flailed and Jon's Purple Dusk held him down, his Green keeping Arne's Blood Opal in check as he stabbed him, and stabbed him, and stabbed him.

    He stabbed him around forty two times, he was dead after the twenty first, but it was best to not hedge his bets.

    Why did this character became inactive?
    Real Life

    What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again?
    No Promises, but I have a new job that gives me a lot more writing time.

    What are your plans for this character?
    To ruin everyone's life in Glacia.

    Number of previous Reactivations:
    # here that is factual

    Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) :Petitions (if any): 

    Player Name: Dash

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Re: Jonothan Harmaa
« Reply #1 on: Jan 14, 16, 12:24:46 PM »

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Re: Jonothan Harmaa
« Reply #2 on: Jan 22, 17, 01:19:23 PM »
I've updated Jon's sheet to remove an irrelevant fear and replaced it with a more modern one. I've also added on the extra Craft Strength that was purchased here.