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Dhemlan has become a land divided. The corruption that Witch’s Purge wiped out in the rest of the Realms was preserved by the well-meaning sacrifice of the territory’s Ebon Gray Queen. As such, the corruption here has only intensified. The tension between the Landen and the Blood who were meant to care for them is fast reaching a boiling point.
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Author Topic: The Gala of Queens  (Read 84 times)

Description: All Queens and their attendants invited.

Offline Teoda Araneina

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The Gala of Queens
« on: Feb 10, 18, 04:12:17 PM »

Main Facade
High up on the cliffs overlooking the Sea of Dhemlan, the palatial Territory Keep of Dhemlan sat as it had for millennia: solid, robust, and unflinching. The sprawling estate was more like a villa for its size, an unusual dominance of property ownership in the densely-populated capital of Amdarh. Known for its classically Dhemlanese architecture and an abundance of beautifully-appointed courtyards and gardens, the palace had served as the seat of Dhemlan's power since before the recollection of anyone yet living. One wouldn't know its age by how well it was kept up, however. Especially tonight, it had been cleansed and dressed to perfection in anticipation of a singularly important event: the Gala of Queens.

For well over a month now, Queens and courts across Dhemlan had been preparing themselves to make a showing at the event. The Province seat of La Oratova had been held by a Priestess for more than a year now, while Teoda Araneina considered and rejected each of the Dhemlanese Queens who approached her for the seat. Few dared criticize the process aloud, as Lady Aranaina had the blessing of the Cáthedra Abyssum to leave the La Oratova throne so tended, and speaking against the will of the Cáthedra was speaking against Mother Night herself. Regardless of what heresy the Blood of Dhemlan might whisper behind closed doors, few were willing to be branded a heretic in public.

Sentinels of the Cáthedra Abyssum
Still, it was the Queen of Dhemlan's intention to see that seat filled by a Queen, as Night intended. In an attempt to flush out Queens she might not have had occasion to meet before now, Lady Araneina had commanded that all available Queens - those who ruled courts and those who did not - be invited (and strongly encouraged) to attend a spectacular gala wherein she would see the Queens of her people in action. Security protocol had been sent out in advance to give those Queens with difficult-to-handle males time to prepare and plan. Queens were permitted to bring whatever escorts allowed them to feel the safest, though the only Craft permitted on the grounds during the event was that which the escorts used to shield their Queens from potential harm. To enforce that edict, the Cáthedral's Sentinels were posted generously around the estate, swords near at hand, making use of the same spells and webs that allowed them to monitor the use of Craft in the markets. The Sentinels were skilled and practiced, having served to protect the safety of the Landen vendors in the market ever since the riots wherein they demanded to be allowed to sell their wares there. The webs used were infused with Black Widow Craft, and because the work of those webs were being fueled by a conglomeration of Jewels from all of the linked Sentinels present, even the darkest of Craft was likely to be detected. Any courtier caught calling upon his Craft for any purpose save shielding his Queen would be arrested and tried for treason, as though he'd made an attempt on the life of the Queen of Dhemlan herself.

It was going to be a delicate night, and the Territory Court had no desire to let there be any question about how serious they were about the safety of the event.

The Amdarh Palace had been chosen for the event because of its size. With the numerous gardens, courtyards, and multiple ballrooms, there would be a generous amount of space for the Queens with more prickly courtiers to space themselves out. The Queens were responsible for leashing their males, and any who seemed to be unable or unwilling to keep their people from picking fights would be ejected from the event with prejudice.

Grand hallways were opened up to the guests to move through the estate as they pleased (within certain portions of it, at least). Though there was to be no formal dinner served, refreshments were nonetheless available at will within the spacious dining hall which was open to all guests. Guests were free to linger in the parlor or the ballroom, as both rooms were presided over by a small arrangement of string instruments. The former, of course, was arranged with plentiful seating to facilitate casual discussions. The latter was left open those who preferred to dance while socializing. Alternatively, the palace's many gardens were open for use, as were the famous hedge walk and rose walk, both of which provided the illusion of privacy along with their pretty scenery.

The palace's staff was present in full force, and worked diligently to ensure that, despite the large number of guests who were to attend, no one went without a drink in their hand who wanted it. Lady Araneina and her closest courtiers remained in private quarters to begin with, though the grand entrance would undoubtedly occur before long. In the meantime, Dhemlan's Queens and her courtiers were all encouraged to socialize and make merry.