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Which should be September's Character of the Month?

Regarte Barrault
2 (10%)
Sebastian Bane
5 (25%)
Lenore Noir
3 (15%)
Jeremiah Mercer
6 (30%)
Claudia Genadie
4 (20%)

Total Members Voted: 13

Voting closed: Nov 09, 17, 07:13:50 AM


Which should be September's Thread of the Month?

Matters of Utmost Discretion
2 (16.7%)
I Won't Lie I've Never Been Ashamed
1 (8.3%)
The Worse You Do The Better It Gets
4 (33.3%)
With Those Who Favor
5 (41.7%)

Total Members Voted: 12

Voting closed: Nov 09, 17, 07:12:39 AM

Author Topic: September otM Nominations  (Read 705 times)


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September otM Nominations
« on: Sep 14, 17, 11:22:25 AM »
Monthly Award Nominations

* Please note that all nominations need to be replied to this thread (neater way to keep track). And that characters must have a minimum of 2 posts in the current month to be nominated.

Character of the Month

Each active (earned points in current month) writer can nominate any active (posted a minimum of 2 times) character.

Nominations should be submitted by replying to this thread, using the form below. All nominations should include the Character's Name, the submitting Writer's name, and a minimum of 1 sentence reason as to why they are nominating the character.

Code: [Select]
[b]Character nominated:[/b]

Thread of the Month

Each active (earned points in current month) writer can nominate any active (must have majority of posts made in current month) thread.

Nominations should be submitted by replying to this thread, using the form below. All nominations should include the Thread's Title, a link to the Thread, the submitting Writer's name, and a minimum of 1 sentence reason as to why they are nominating the thread.

Code: [Select]
[b]Thread title:[/b]
[b]Thread link:[/b]

Eligible CharactersEligible Threads
Adalwolfa Sauer
Adavera al-Jinan
Aleksy Grey
Alexander Irons
Alixen Perrot
Amina Nieto
Amir Sankar
Basile Prejean
Caelissine Agrippina
Carmen Villendra
Ciprian Voda
Claudia Genadie
Corazon Chavez
Dana Stone
Dare Comstock
Darien Embers
Delaney Shaw
Dinah al-Tabur
Dragos Cutrov
Drakkar Estaroth
Elena Barbaro
Elenor Lirion
Eliisa Lykke
Emma Morgan
Erisian Maboya
Evony Bos
Falen Halindor
Finn Hallman
Francois Toussaint
Gabriella Robles
Godfrey Craig
Gregorio Zamora
Hayden Sheane
Henrik Virtanen
Hrodi Boesson
Jakob Volkshund
James Driscoll
Jean-Baptiste Prejean
Jean-Isidore Lazare
Jeremiah Mercer
Jonothan Harmaa
Judiah Vidanic
Juliette Domeil
Kalvar Elbremov
Kazim al-Latifh
Kelda Voll
Kiara Makur
Kiersten Danielsen
Killian Ibsen
Klaus Savela
Konstantin Timur
Kostya Bessmertny
Lenore Noir
Lionel Kelly
Lisbet Weaver
Lorenzo Calderon
Lucy Benton
Lysander Kane
Maarika Sydän-Harmaa
Magdalena Sydän
Magnivar Ramius
Marisol Calderon
Melany Kriemhild
Mia Kollen
Narcisa Ciora
Nasir Vasile
Nova Marzena
Omid al-Izar
Quinten Heartly
Radu Orfan
Rakal Sigurd
Rania al-Abd
Regarte Barrault
Rhiannon Devine
Richard Marko
Rilandra Vlas
Roland Cade
Sebastian Bane
Shaula al-Tabur
Signe Drachlan
Silver Thrax
Silvia Devecchia
Solstice Moriwen
Sorinna Roman
Syeira Neferet
Tariq al-Latifh
Tavar al-Sabbah
Tempest Elessar
Thyra Danielsen
Travis Desmarais
Tylmandra Ahlberg
Valeria Moreno
Valeriu Dumitrescu
Vengeance Elessar
Violet Kaos

A different sort of Healing
A home to call our own
A ladder sans crossbar
A Late Return
A letter from mother to son
A moot point
a new day comes
a pink and yellow basket case
A quiet, charged tension
A Simple Invitation
A sweet, small slice of immortality
Above or Below the Ground
And my name on the lips of the dead
Are you sure what side you're on
Block Mind
Blood and Brunch Makes the World Go Round
bowed down to get the kings overthrown
Break me Shake me
Calling All Adventurers
Canis Minor
Carry On the Dawn
Caught up in Circles, confusion is nothing new
Clever Got Me This Far
Cold Drinks and Hot Nights
Collector and Infector
Correcting the Record
Cut that ivory into skinny pieces
dangerous maneuvers
different persons
Don't know which me that I love
Don't Waste Your Tears On Me, Darling
Down To The Doctor
Even the Rain is Sharp
Every Breath You Take
Finding where we belong
For the first time in forever
Found In The Last Place You Thought To Look
Heavenly Bodies
Heaven's So Far Away
Hello Fate, You're Looking Lovely Today
Hey Doctor I'm Certifiable
Hold Fast Hope
Home Is Where You Make It
I am speaking of dread and hunger
I smoke what you sigh
I won't lie, I've never been ashamed
I'll wait for the stars to align
In a perfect world, I would grant that wish
In for a penny, in for a mark
Interview with a Thief
Is leaving like un-bonding?
It's always a bar
Let The Arrows Fly
Let's not run amoot here
Life Is Never Like The Pictures You Paint
Local Boy and the Sunshine Pony
Long May She Reign
Look at the Horizon
Loose Bolt Of a Complete Machine
Made a God out of Blood
Mama said, mama said
Matters of Utmost Discretion
Motion isn't Meaning
Night on the Town
No Friend Like a New Friend
No graveyard monument required
No one escapes the huntress
Nobody Wants To Hear You Sing About Tragedy
Not the Queen you had in mind
of rocks and hard places
one more soul to the call
Owning Up
Patron Saints of Lost Causes
Peace Can Be Evasive
Pyres of Varanasi
Rising to the seat of power requires a gentle hand
say something to us we can learn
Scorpion In Your Bed
Seeking a Second Opinion
She's No Cinderella
Silk is Terrific!
Silver Wings
So scared of breaking it you won't let it bend
Spidersilk On The Sand
Surprises on both sides
Tale of a Moonlight Garden
The Brigand's Brand
The image I'm trying to project to you
the terminal show
The worse you do, the better it gets
This is where your life lives
this life ain't meant for me
this sacred line
Tickling your tastebuds
To Hurt, To Heal
Top of the Morning To Ya.
Two sides, one coin; four sides, two coins
Unafraid, even if you should be
Visiting Hours
Walking the same path at different times
What A Match, I'm Half-Doomed And You're Semi-Sweet
What happened to us, what happened to me
What would I do without your smart mouth?
Wheels, wagons, and the horses behind them
Who are you to wave your finger
Widen Thy Stance
Will The Real Seeker Please Stand Up?
With Nothing But The Wind
with those who favor
with torn and bleeding hearts we smile
With your permission
You carry my fears as the heavens set fire
You're stuck with me
Yours and mine

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Re: September otM Nominations
« Reply #1 on: Sep 14, 17, 12:35:04 PM »
Character nominated: Regarte Barrault
Reason: I absolutely love love love Phedre's imagery choices when it comes to describing the broken and patched together mind that is Reggie's and how she interacts with and views the world around her. It's beautiful stuff.
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Re: September otM Nominations
« Reply #2 on: Oct 03, 17, 11:52:11 AM »
Get your nominations in for September's Character of the Month and Thread of the Month! Nominations will remain open for one more week, and will close on October 9th.

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Re: September otM Nominations
« Reply #3 on: Oct 03, 17, 12:29:43 PM »
Thread Title: Matters of Utmost Discretion
Thread Link: Link
Reason: I love how very glacian Maarika and Finn are in this thread; Wren picked up a Want Ad with a long, seriously important history and has done an amazing job of writing him. I adore this thread, and eagerly look for each new post.

Thread Title: I won’t Lie I’ve never been Ashamed
Thread Link: Link
Reason: This thread both amuses and intrigues. Silver walks the line between ridiculously stubborn and proud and fully aware that a Black Jewel could dissolve her into mist.

Thread Title: The worse you do the better it gets
Thread Link: Link
Reason: I adore Alesky and read every thread, but this one where she ties Voda in knotts is particularly amusing. Alternately heartwarming and terrifying, it exemplifies Alesky at her baffling, intriguing best.

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Re: September otM Nominations
« Reply #4 on: Oct 03, 17, 07:38:23 PM »
Thread title: With those who favor
Thread link:
Reason: The meeting of Lionel and the Black Widow Healer he's clearly meant to serve is both sweet and heart rending. Both Lionel and Aleksy have experienced such deep trauma, and Reid and Em offer us what feels like a stolen glimpse into something so sacred and private as these two characters come together. I love Aleksy, and this is by far one of my favorites with her. I'm so excited to see how things play out with them.

Character nominated: Sebastian Bane
Reason: I don't quite know how it happened, but Sebastian Bane is one of Reid's funniest characters, if not the funniest. The soft spoken Jack who got pulled from his bed in the middle of the night to be told he was now the Master of the Jacks Guild and the new Master of the Guard, has been having an intense introduction to his new life. This month, we have seen him bond to his Queen (a half Eyrien Ebon Gray Queen, at that), navigate Riley's fury when he would much rather just slip away, learn that one of the Triangle he now is a part of is Myos, and had Sway magically appear in his office after dropping in from his ceiling. The fact that the man has not yet had a heart attack is amazing, and Reid's writing of him is consistently witty and fun. You almost feel bad for how beleaguered he is. Almost.
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Re: September otM Nominations
« Reply #5 on: Oct 05, 17, 04:52:11 PM »
Character nominated: Lenore Noir
Reason: I think this month we’ve gotten to see a brand new side of Lenore, and it’s one that should be acknowledged. In many of her threads prior to September Lenore has been all in control, but in her threads with Basile and Jean-Isidore we can see her brutally shaken by Jean-Baptiste’s attack and straining to cope. I think her decision to try to help Jean-Baptiste rather than having him (rightfully) castrated, Broken, or executed is remarkable and that’s why Lenore should be Character of the Month.

Character nominated: Jeremiah Mercer
Reason: Similar to Lenore, Jeremiah is a character who has been tossed out of his element in the month of September. After enduring a senseless attack of his own, Jeremiah’s methods of controlling himself—as he is a very well-controlled Warlord Prince—are fracturing and flailing. I think it’ll be interesting to see what happens with him in the coming month, but I am nominating him this month as well because I think this is a stellar example of the writing of one of our newest creators. :3

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Re: September otM Nominations
« Reply #6 on: Oct 05, 17, 06:59:56 PM »
First post updated to include eligible characters and threads!

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Re: September otM Nominations
« Reply #7 on: Oct 05, 17, 10:22:08 PM »
Character nominated: Claudia Genadie
Reason: This past month we have seen just how far Claudia will go for her Queen and just how far that can cause her to fall as well. After mentally attacking one of Riley's males, she goes to tell her of the crime that she has committed. It's there that we see a different side of Claudia, one many haven't seen, as she meets whatever decision Riley makes about what is to happened to her. Reid writes Claudia so well. He lets you see into her head to understand why she did what she did but also lets you see how much what she's done damages her in turn, as well as her willingness to face the music because she can't run from her Queen.

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Re: September otM Nominations
« Reply #8 on: Oct 10, 17, 08:16:50 AM »
Voting is open!

Cast your votes for the Character and Thread of the Month for September!

Voting will remain open until Sunday, October 15th.